Sunday, July 09, 2006

Female Paedophile Set Free by Judge

A story in The Sun (Sat Jul 8, 2006, p4) describes how 45-year-old Julie Lowe, a railway worker from Lutterworth in Leicestershire, was convicted of possessing child pornography. The story states that the images and videos featured children "as young as scenes of bondage sex and sado-masochism". She said she had downloaded the images out of curiosity, but in fact they were downloaded over a 2-year period. This was not an accident.

Astonishingly, Judge Christopher Plunkett at Leicester Crown Court decided not to jail her, but instead gave her a three-year community rehabilitation order, 100 hours community service, and ordered her to attend a sex offenders' treatment program. The leniency of this sentence is incomprehensible. What would a man have got in the same position? Jail-time for sure. Plunkett must have let her off because she is a woman. What other possible rationale is there? The article did not call her a paedophile either. I have not been able to find this story listed online anywhere.

I did google on Plunkett's name to see if he has a history of this kind of leniency, and I found that he did in fact jail Anita Debnath, the 'One Night Stand Stalker' for 4 years. This piece of work had a one night stand with an ex-colleague in 2001 and then proceeded to stalk and harass him over a 4 year period. She tried to take out £400,000 in loans in his name and that of his fiance. She apparently followed the couple on holiday to Venezuela. She also asked other people to intimidate the pair and their relatives. She paid hackers to break into his computer and spread vicious rumours by e-mail. She also registered her victim on websites without him knowing - including a link with gay prisoners that resulted in him receiving a pornographic letter from an inmate in the United States.

This one is obviously a danger to the public, particularly men, and deserves to be behind bars. Shame Plunkett didn't feel the same way about Julie Lowe.

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Anonymous said...

This is happening with male pedophiles too

The legal system is truly like taking a spin on the mystery wheel. You never know what will come up.