Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Pay Gap is a Myth

The pay gap is a myth. Once you control for the fact that men work longer hours, and don't take career breaks to have children, you find that men and women earn the same amount.

The feminist analysis rarely takes into account the fact that men and women have different priorities and make different life-choices. Instead, they describe everything in terms of this simplistic conspiracy theory in which poor little women are oppressed by evil nasty men. It might make you feel better, but the world just isn't like that. It's about time we all grew up and started taking responsibility for ourselves. If women are happy with the choices they make, what's the problem? The fact is, feminists are not happy with the choices that women make.

Feminism does not acknowledge the fact that men have much greater cultural and psychological incentives to pursue high wages than do women. Women have many choices in life; men have only one - work or face complete social exclusion.

That's why we do all the more dangerous, boring and thankless jobs, and suffer the most industrial deaths. The Feminist theory of the pay gap does not acknowledge the fact that women have access to other socially-acceptable ways of acquiring money, other than working for it, such as living off a man. Feminists seem to think that women can have children any time they like, consequence-free, and everyone else will pay for them. During the time you were off on maternity the man next to you got promoted, and you seem to think you should be able to go back in at the same level as him. You chose to have the children - you take responsibility for them.

Once these factors like career choice, longer hours and maternity leave are taken into account, there is no pay gap. It's a spurious feminist cause celebre. It is illegal to pay two workers differently for the same job purely on the grounds of sex, yet feminists claim that this is what is happening. So where are all the court cases? If it is really happening as you say, then rather than embark upon these elaborate, quasi-Marxist cultural theories, why not just sue your employer?
You disagree? Answer this simple question:

If women are cheaper to employ than men, then why do employers ever hire men at all? Why don’t they just hire women, who are just as good, if not better, thus saving money?

Until feminists can provide a plausible answer to this question, I will never take their pay gap complaints seriously.

Notice also that feminists never bother to mention the 'workplace death gap'. Over 90% of industrial deaths are suffered by men, but, hey, who cares?


FredXblog said...

Hi Heretic

The 'Gender Pay Gap' is an outright lie, and the sooner society start to realise that- the better

I wrote about this in one of my first articles, when I started my blog some months ago-

Anyway- keep up the good work and the spreading of truth


crankshaft said...

Oh, don't be silly. Once you start nitpicking everything apart, it's fair play for women to do the same.

Firstly, there are women who work longer hours than men.

Secondly, not all women have children.

Thirdly, the value of the employee should be based on the contribution of the individual to the company, not the gender.

And quit playing up the chicken and egg paradox with the 'men doing all the more dangerous, boring and thankless jobs, and suffering the most industrial deaths'.

If they are, it's because MEN are employing OTHER MEN to do it. Period.

Heretic said...

Oh dear Crankshaft. You really are a very hostile person.

Firstly, it was women (who call themselves feminists) who started off the 'nit-picking'.

I agree with each of your three points, although in themselves they do not constitute a rebuttal of my argument.

I have to admit I don't understand your reference to a 'chicken and egg paradox' at all.

Your final sentence just seems petulant, and doesnt make much sense. Firstly, are you saying that women never own and operate businesses which engage men in dangerous jobs? How could you know that? Secondly, why don't businesses employ women to do this kind of work? You really haven't thought this through at all, have you? And yet you are stamping your foot and shouting. Empty vessels make the most noise.

byrdeye said...

You got this right!