Monday, August 14, 2006

Wish you were here

I've been offline for a week or so as I've just been on holiday to Thailand. I did some great scuba-diving. If you haven't been there, then all I can say is - go. Don't argue, just go. The women are something to behold. Every day I fell in love with waitresses, airline staff, shop workers, passers-by. My heart bled from the minute I entered the country to the second I left. I walked down the main street just after breakfast, and at that time in the morning everything was closed. I passed an open-air bar, its plasma TV unprotected and untouched. A beautiful girl on a motorcycle blew me a kiss but didn't stop.

If you've never had a traditional Thai massage, then you've really missed out. I was lying there one day while a beautiful Thai girl was massaging me, thinking, this could just never happen in the West.

Thai women are not the downtrodden victims that Western feminists like to tell themselves. They like to go around on motorcycles, often with a child on their lap, and I saw them engaged in every conceivable kind of work, including house construction and highway construction. They are just not fucked-up the way so many Western women are. They are open, friendly, they like men and they are not afraid to show it. They regard their husband and children as an asset rather than a liability. The contrast became clear to me one day as I was walking along a beautiful palm-fringed beach, which Thailand has many of. If I smiled at a Thai girl she smiled back. If I smiled at a Western girl, she scowled and looked away. Yet some Western women in Thailand apparently complain that they feel ignored. Wonder why? But I think this gives us an insight into the truth of it. Western women regard Thailand as a hotbed of evil simply because Western men like it so much. They just can't compete with Thai women, and they are jealous. It's also ideological. Positive inter-sexual relations are alive and kicking in Thailand, and feminists just don't like that.

I passed a go-go bar one evening and stopped to look. There was a friendly party atmosphere. Two Thai girls were dancing on a table. Everyone seemed to be having a great time apart from two Western women in the corner, sitting stone-faced and impassive, staring at the dancers. They looked like two feminists on a fact-finding mission, come to witness the true horrors of the Patriarchy. Imagine travelling half way around the world just to disapprove of something. The dancers didn't seem to notice. They were too busy enjoying themselves and mining a rich seam of foreign tourist revenue, and good luck to them.

It isn't true to reply that the Thai women I encountered were all prostitutes looking for business. That would be an insult to the Thai people. Besides, I was with my girlfriend. One day I passed some women doing agricultural work in a coconut plantation, in traditional wide-brimmed straw hats. They called over to me, and we had a conversation. The fact that we only knew a few words of each other's language made it funny. They didn't want anything, except to be friendly.

Does the fact that Thai women work on road construction and farm labouring make them liberated, or does it make them victims? Hmm. Tough one. That's one for the priestesses to pronounce upon. The answer of course is obvious. It makes them liberated if it suits us to say so, and it makes them victims whenever that suits us better.

Many have travelled to Asia in order to learn the wisdom of the mystic Orient. I have learned it: There is another way. It doesn't have to be like this.

If you haven't been to Thailand, then all I can say is - go. The women are something to behold.

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