Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Justice for Warren Blackwell

Warren Blackwell spent three years and four months in prison for a sexual offence he didn't commit. He was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman following a party in a social club. His accuser, it turns out, was a serial liar with a long history of crying rape. However, she remains anonymous. She is known only as 'Miss A'.

The full story is here, but here are a few highlights:

  • She has a history of psychiatric problems, including allegations of sexual and physical abuse against a string of other men.
  • Detectives also knew she had used at least four aliases and had convictions for dishonesty. Nevertheless, police policy dictated that they should believe her. What kind of ridiculous policy is that? Why should anyone enjoy that kind of moral authority? This policy needs to be changed. It is perfectly obvious that women lie about rape all the time.
  • In fact "She changed her name at least eight times and moved between addresses in three counties in an attempt to cover her tracks".
  • Miss A perjured herself in court. At one point she even fainted, which we now know was all an act. She was a consummate actress.
  • She "remained in the area for two weeks after the 'attack' - even going back to the social club one night for a game of bingo."
  • The Court of Appeal, on an application from the Attorney General, increased Mr Blackwell's sentence to five years.
  • In the months before this latest setback, his accuser, Miss A, had made another wild allegation of having been assaulted by another man, this time with a knife.
  • "She accused one of her own first boyfriends of rape; her father of sexual abuse; her own son of beating her up. At various other times over the past few years she claims to have been assaulted in toilets, punched in the face as she walked home and had a gun held to her head."
  • She has also claimed to be disabled, to have cancer and a brain tumour, so that she could claim state benefits.
  • Miss A left her second husband after five months, leaving him with thousands of pounds in debt after running up bills on his credit card.
  • The woman we can identify only as Miss A still at large.

This woman is obviously a psychopath. She is a clear and present danger to the public, and she must be contained. The fact that she remains anonymous to offend again and again is a public outrage. She obviously will not stop until someone stops her. Her anonymity needs to be lifted. It is clearly in the public interest to let us know who this woman is.

A few years ago, following a particularly bad false accusation case, a British judge suggested that we need to establish a false accusers' register, along the same lines as the sex offenders' register. Guess who objected? Yes, feminists.

Come on feminists! Explain why it is that women like this make false accusations of rape against innocent men! Stop pretending it doesn't happen!

No anonymity for false accusers! We want a register now! How about a 'Warren's law'? People need to know if a serial false accuser is living in their neighbourhood.

Write to your MP and local police comissioner. Warren Blackwell deserves justice!

Here is Northamptonshire Police's Feedback form. Why not write and tell them what you think?


Anonymous said...

Are your readers aware the police hard aressted and interviewd warren blackwell in oct 2003 after a nother women reported to police he raped her?

BrusselsLout said...

Anonymous -- could you put your money where your mouth is and provide a link?

Heretic said...

Anonymous' comment is a flagrant lie, part of an on-going campaign by the feminist movement to discredit Warren Blackwell. Click here for more details. Haven't these people damaged him enough?

Danny Vice said...

Although this case exposes the outlandish miscarriage of justice towards the wrongly accused in the UK, we wish this were an isolated incident.

The fact is, even in the United States, restitution for those incarcerated is certainly not guaranteed. In fact, in many states, there are more government resources for those released on parole than there are for those who have been wrongly incarcerated and later exonerated and released.

Currently, an overwhelming number of people who have been exonerated of a crime are not compensated for the toll the incarceration took on their lives socially and economically.

Thus far, only 22 states in the US have laws in place to provide some level of compensation for those who were wrongly convicted. This means a majority of those who went back to court and proved their innocence are then required to sue for this compensation.

This process utilizes significant resources that a recently released inmate typically does not have. For those who do have the knowledge or financial ability to bring a case, the enormous cost of the additional legal wrangling involved may soak up much of the payout.

Many victims of this outrageous process are handed the more daunting challenge of simply restoring their name, let alone consideration of a lawsuit that may or may not result in restitution for the time that has been lost.

What's more, the payout often times received is meager in comparison to what is usually lost. Marty Tankleff for example was sentenced to a New York state prison after being wrongly convicted of killing his parents. Although his case was recently overturned, Marty just recently visited his parent's graves for the first time since their deaths.

Ronnie Taylor, a Houston man who was recently exonerated of a crime he didn't commit was engaged to be married before his arrest in 1993. DNA testing proved his innocence 14 years later - allowing him to finally marry his bride Jeanette Brown. (source)

The Innocence Protect, one organization established in 1992 utilizes DNA testing as a means to force new hearings for those who are wrongly accused. It's website lists hundreds of cases of wrongly convicted individuals who's cases were overturned after a conviction.

While the Weekly Vice does not subscribe to every point of view of the Project's mission statement, one has to wonder where our culture would be without such advocates. Many wrongfully accused individuals have languished in prison for decades before their faulty convictions were tossed out.

Here are a few more examples of justice gone horribly wrong:

Dennis Brown from Louisiana was convicted of a 1984 rape and spent 19 years in prison before DNA testing confirmed that he could not have been the rapist.

Marvin Anderson became the ninety-ninth person in the US to be exonerated of a crime due to post-conviction DNA testing. Even when another individual confessed to the crime Lamont was accused of, the Judge upheld the conviction until DNA evidence finally confirmed Lamont's innocence. He wasn't exonerated until 1992, nearly 20 years after his arrest.

Orlando Boquete's wrongful conviction of attempted sexual battery was vacated a staggering 24 years after his arrest back in 1982.

Robert Clark, wrongly convicted of rape, kidnapping and armed robbery in 1982, languished in prison primarily by mistaken eyewitness. Mistaken identity seems to be a common theme with the cases that later get overturned by post-conviction DNA evidence. Clark was finally vindicated 24 years later.

Luis Diaz was wrongly convicted in 1980 as the 'Bird Road Rapist', where 25 women were attacked, many of them sexually assaulted. Diaz was convicted for 8 of them. His case was overturned 25 years later in 2005.


These are only a handful of the cases you can view HERE, however they are a sampling of the many instances where our legal system goes horribly wrong to such degree that compensation for one's life cannot be calculated as a mere loss of wages as most restitution awarding states provide.

The Weekly Vice supports tough sentencing guidelines for all sexual assault cases, particularly those of minor children.

We also believe however, that states should be equally aggressive with some level of state subsidy, restitution or other adjudged compensation that is deemed appropriate for each individual case. A dismal 22 states is not a goodwill showing for a nation who prides itself on a Justice For All philosophy.

Thanks For Accepting Comment-----

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

K.McEgan said...

Seems familiar to a case at Hertfordshire University in May 2004.Female with history of "attention seeking behaviour"falsely accused stuent nurse of rape.Hertfordshire Constabulary try and fit up same.What happened to Anne-Marie Hackett of Clare Rd Stanwell?