Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sun Promotes Rape Myths

In its new campaign against rape, the Sun newspaper promotes the usual hate-filled feminist myths.

  • They complain about the low percentge of convictions, but they mention nothing about false allegations. Check out this story. An innocent man spent time inside, and the false accuser remains anonymous.
  • They ask their readers to 'spot the rapist' from a line-up of male models. This is a disgrace. Let's have a line-up of female models and ask us to 'spot the serial false accuser'.
  • They have stories such as 'Trafficked to be teen sex-slave' even though the UN has stated that men are the people most likely to be trafficked for forced labour.
  • They say "As part of the campaign we are calling for a dedicated 24-hour helpline for victims and more special centres which victims can attend after attacks" We already have such a telephone line. The number is 999. As for 'special centres', what is wrong with police stations and hospitals? How many 'special centres' are enough? This is an attempt to privatise the emergency services by the back door, and deliver them into the hands of a cadre of self-appointed professional feminist activists. This has to be stopped.
  • Since taking over as editor of the Sun, Rebekah Wade has constantly filled her paper with campaigns against domestic violence and rape. The ironic thing is that she was arrested for committing domestic violence against her husband.
  • As editor of the News of the World, Wade was the one responsible for publishing mug-shots of alleged paedophiles (all male, of course), which led to public disorder, and drove offenders underground, making them more difficult to monitor.

Tell The Sun what you think. Sign the on-line petition.



Paul Parmenter said...

Done it, several times, and with several variations. I really hope that nobody checks the petition (and therefore doesn't notice the bogus entries) until it gets published or handed over to some authority, and only then does our message get spotted. It would be great to see Wade have raw egg splashed over her face.

However I doubt if the petition will be used in that way. More likely it will just be used by the Sun to say something like "10,000 people have signed our petition..." in which case at that point we need to tell them to look more closely at the names...

T O N Y said...

Added my own list of names; mostly women who have been arrested for murder or statutory rape

jbgood2 said...

Done it with:-

Wade. Stop your misandry now.
It's your husband I feel sorry for lol!