Sunday, September 10, 2006

Where to, guv?

I went to a party last night, and I took a cab home in the small hours of the morning. As we were speeding through the darkened streets of London, I got talking to the driver. He was a middle-aged man from Cyprus. He'd been an office worker all his life, but as he got older and work became harder to find, he'd turned to cab-driving. He was divorced, and his family lives nearly 200 miles away in Manchester. If he wants to see them he has to take time off work. He works the night shift all the time now, because there is less traffic around at that time, and he has no-one to go home to.

As I looked out at the apparently empty streets, I thought about the small armies of workers who were wide awake. Columns of orange-dressed men spend their waking hours marching along black, rat-infested tunnels beneath the streets, so that in the morning, office workers like me can ride the tube to work. In those same office blocks, now deserted, solitary security guards spend the night pacing the corridors, or slumped in front of monitors as the hours crawl by. They make minimum wage, in exchange for which - if the chips are down - they are expected to confront armed criminals, putting their lives on the line to protect property they can never hope to own. The armies of truck drivers collecting garbage, delivering bread, milk, newspapers, mail and food. The cops cruising the city night, keeping a protective eye on things as we sleep, the firemen playing cards as they wait for the call. The ambulance men probably don't have much time for card-games, picking up one abusive drunk or traumatised crash victim after another. These armies of faceless working men are the life-blood of this great city, its immune system. Without them the city would quickly die.

My driver tells me that his cab company has a contract with the education authorities to take kids to school every day. It's awkward because they have to have a female escort, and it can be hard to find one.

"Why do they have to have a female escort?" I ask him.

He shrugs. "Those are the rules. A lot of these kids have behavioural problems and they have to have a female escort".

My ears have pricked up. "Why can't they have a male escort?".

"Well in fact a few of them do. Some of the older ones, 12 and 13 year olds, are quite violent towards their escorts, and they give those ones to men".

"So they always have to have a female escort unless they're violent, in which case they are given a male escort?"

"Yeah, that's right".

I shake my head in grim amusement at this. If men are able to deal with the worst of these kids, then there is no reason why they shouldn't be able deal with the easiest ones too. This policy makes absolutely no sense from a logical point of view. If the policy was that children had to have a same-sex escort, that might at least make more sense. What risks are these men exposed to? How exactly are they supposed to restrain a violent, disturbed, verbally-abusive teenager, especially a girl, without leaving themselves open to accusations of abuse?

The middle-class feminists in the local authorities have pulled another nice little trick. They have got themselves a monopoly on caring for children. Only they can do it. Men are not good enough. Guaranteed cushy jobs for the girls. Except when it gets too hard for them of course, and then they give up and go crawling to men for help. Or looking at it another way, they keep all the easy, safe work for themselves, and hand all the shitty, dangerous work over to men to do.

I'm reminded of the policy of British Airways, Quantas and Air New Zealand. They will not allow an unaccompanied minor to sit next to a man. After loading, they will ask the man to change seats with a woman. It's very likely that other airlines operate the same disgraceful policy. I tell my driver about it. He agrees with me.

"There are six billion people in the world", he says. "That means three billion of them are men. We hear all this stuff about paedophiles on the news, but they don't take into account the mass of decent, ordinary men".

"And even if you were a paedophile, what could you possibly do on a crowded plane full of people?"

Quite so. But is is not about child protection. It has nothing to do with that. It is by subtle, largely unpublicised, passive-aggressive methods such as this, that the cultural demonisation of men has been achieved. And that is the real agenda.

My driver drops me near my apartment. I thank him, and as I walk through the pre-dawn quiet, thinking only of the comfortable bed that awaits me, I pass a man lying unconscious in the gutter. From his long hair and beard I can tell he is homeless, and has been for some time. I wonder what he was like as a kid at school, mischevous and full of hope for the future. Somewhere, some time, he fell off the ladder, or was pushed off, and now has nothing left except to beg for money for cheap booze to keep out the cold and the pain. A living death. If I lost my job, I could find myself down there all too easily. There, but for the grace of my friends, go I.

People in that position are almost always men, have you noticed that? If you're a woman, and you lose your footing, there are plenty of branches to grab on to on the way down. You can attach yourself to some man, and live off him. You can seek help from Christian or feminist charities. You can even make a living as a prostitute if you have to. If you are a man, and you stumble, it's easy to go all the way down. There is just nothing in the way to stop you.

For all our wealth, technology and sophistication, this is still a deeply sick society. Feminism is one of the main sources of the sickness.

But even despite all of this, thanks to those armies of faceless working men, and their tireless efforts, this is still a great city.


pjanus said...

I liked this post. It was a profound analysis of men and demonstrates how they make society to thrive. It also shows how society places little on no value on men.

cdfreelancer said...

An excellent read! If one takes a deep breath and has an honest, objective look at society I can't see how anyone can assert that women are oppressed. In truth, men are 2nd class citizens in almost every area of life.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant well written and too true!!!I had a similar conversation with a cabbie and we talked about how we believed this goes very high up.MEN are slaves serfs in this corrupt society...
Best Wishes
Brad Masculisto from antimisandry

the sad geek said...

A very fine post. One always gets a better outlook on reality when seeing it from the bottom.

I'm glad to see awareness among men is growing.

Anonymous said...

To true, no really to true,mabey 400 years ago life was morew uncomfatable but at least you were aknowledged and could feel proud for it now, this femisnist bs creeps into your head and you can observe feelings of guilt for even thinking these thoughts! Feminists can say whatever comes into there small little heads and it gets posted on all teh newspapers and everywhere but if a man trys to say the truth he gets his head chopped off, amkes me sick, well at least it's true what you say even if most people refuse to hear it.

Lew354 said...

An excellent piece.

But the problem to overcome is gargantuan: two of the most powerful institutions, the government and the media, are rabidly pro-feminist.

I recall that last year, former BBC newscaster Michael Buerk made the news himself by being critical of the media's depiction of men. He made a comment that the role of men in (British) society seemed to have been reduced to sperm donor for women.

The response by the media was dismissive. An "analysis" was made by inviting a feminist to a BBC studio interview. But her argument consisted of little other than patronising remarks. Moreover, no one, male or female, was invited to support Mr. Buerk's view.

And this was on the BBC, an organisation claiming to be impartial!

The media clearly have as much interest in men's issues and problems as they have shown in men's achievements.

Not until there are significant changes at the top, in the media and in government, will there be any progress made. There is as yet no sign of this happening.

Fidelbogen said...

The cab driver in your story sounded like a very thoughtful, intelligent man. This makes me think of something that sounds almost encouraging in a strange way, namely that as the societal war against men grinds on, we can expect to see more and more thoughtful, intelligent men (self-educated men!) in places where you might not expect to find such men -- but there they'll be, all right.

Right down in the trenches, where they'll be building up critical mass and....ripe for mischief as it were!

Oh yes! The future will be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Just my 2 cents. There are equal number of pedophiles in both sexes. It's just that women get away with it.

Lew354 said...

I recall with anger the paragraph about certain airlines (British Airways, Quantas and Air New Zealand) operating a policy of demanding that male passengers move seats if they are placed next to a kid.

This is more than just political correctness reaching stupid peaks.

It's a publicity stunt designed to make money. These airlines are cashing in on the fear stirred up by the media. Their hope is to attract passengers, by appearing "safer" than other airlines that don't operate such a policy.

And by so doing, they reinforce the notion that single men are unstable and dangerous.

It's really, really galling.

Ronin said...

The state of current affairs in westernized societies, feminization of the cultures, will continue. There is but a very slim chance of changing it. Either the societies must crash completely down to a chaotic, post nuclear, band of people where men again act as men and brothers to their people in rebuilding or men must stand up to oppression, political correctness, and the women who want to make us their pawns, and be brothers, mentors, and rulers in their communities.

It will take us all to free ourselves or none of us will be. Remember women have dick envy. The want the perceived power, prestige, and responsibility of men but they will never accept accountability for their actions. Our societies cannot survive with the current feminist status quo.

This may be a huge reason the jihadists are fighting us so hard.

Remember this definition of a "Bitch" and you will see the true hatred and essence of a woman... "To Dominate, Control, and Destroy a Man's Finances, Mental Health, Self Esteem, and Any Hope for Happiness.