Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mad Female Child Killer Gets Locked Up (for once)

A mother drowned her 7 year old daughter in a river in order to protect her from paedophiles. Heather Vinkenbrink developed paranoid schizophrenia, and became convinced that her family was being persecuted. After killing her daughter, Vinkenbrink told the police, "Now she'll be safe from the paedophile ring in the day nursery" Reference

Another casualty of the feminist-led paedophile witch-hunt. Given the media furore over imaginary paedophiles for the last twenty years, who can blame her?

The abuse industry in the UK has grown into a ravenous monster in the last two decades. There is good money to be made, and moral authority to be had, and it fits in well with the feminist agenda to demonise men.

We have all sat and watched serious items on prime-time BBC news, informing us about rings of devil-worshippers sacrificing children behind every suburban curtain. The most bizarre thing of all is that we didn't burst out laughing. We actually thought it might be true. We shake our heads patronisingly at those hill-billies back in the 1930s who thought that Orson Welles' 'War of the Worlds' radio play was a serious news broadcast, but we are scarcely any less gullible ourselves.

What followed was Orkney, Lewis, Rochdale, Cleveland, Shieldfield, to name just a few. Families were torn apart. Children were harmed instead of helped. And as far as I am aware, not one person in the abuse industry has even been fired, let alone prosecuted. All these so-called experts, like Liz Maclean of Orkney fame, have quietly disappeared like cockroaches into the woodwork. Yet the feminist-led moral panic about imaginary paedophiles continues unabated.

It seems that paedophiles have given up worshipping the devil now though. They prefer to hang out in internet chat-rooms instead.

In this climate, Heather Vinkenbrink happened to develop schizophrenia. She became convinced her daughter was in danger, and killed her in order to protect her from a fate worse than death. The court has placed her in a secure psychiatric unit, and I hope she receives the treatment she needs.

There never was a paedophile ring in the day nursery. The lesbian feminists who told us these lies for political ends, like Beatrix Campbell, have got a lot to answer for. They are the ones who should be held to account.


Anonymous said...

I have to say that the problem of pedophilia is a major one,not just caused by lesbian feminists. It is a fact that most sexual predators are male and that it is important that children be protected. I am not conservative or religous in any manner but I believe that family relationships need to be strengthened so that all people involved with children can make sure that the child is safe. This included dads, moms, and extended families. thanks for listening.

Heretic said...

Thank you for your comment. I know that child sexual abuse does exist, no-one is disputing that. However, it does not take place to anything like the extent that we are being told. Most child abuse is non-sexual, and the person most likely to abuse a child is its mother. Reference

We are in the grip of a with-hunt about paedophiles, which has nothing to do with reality, or protecting children, and has everything to do with politics.

The idea that most child sexual predators are men is also highly questionable. There is considerable evidence that women commit this crime a lot, but that it is simply not reported, and when it is, it is disbelieved or treated as a joke. Reference.

For a list of general links on the subject, click here.

Anonymous said...

Although it is your opinion of the situation you don't know all the facts. Heather never mentioned it being just men, I heard this first hand a couple of years before this all manifested deeply, although I cannot comment further as none of this was brought up in court. I suggest that you don't write your opinions on things which hurt the child's closest family, it is a hard enough situation to deal with. Thank-you. (Close family member of the child)

Anonymous said...

i would like 2 say that i knew and both her children. they seemed 2 b a loving family. we all have problems in life, some people find it harder to cope than others. i think heather did what she thought was right at the time. that does not mean i agree with it, only that i understand (being a mother myself). her son lost his sister and his mother that day, and i find this very sad. he is such a lovely boy. i wish him all the best 4 the future.