Tuesday, October 24, 2006

'Miss A' named by peer

The psychopathic liar known only as 'Miss A' has been named. She was the liar responsible for falsely accusing husband and father of two Warren Blackwell of rape, causing him to spend three years and four months in prison for a sexual offence he didn't commit. Even after the truth was exposed, she continued to enjoy anonymity, as if she was a real rape victim.

Lord Campbell-Savours used his Parliamentary immunity to name her, in a bold move designed to protect the public. Good for him. Her name is Shannon Taylor. That's the first hurdle crossed. Now we just need to cage the psycho bitch. Let's hope Northamptonshire Police learn to tell their arses from their elbows before too long.

Why not write to Lord Campbell-Savours and thank him, and suggest to him that we need a False Accuser's Register, and Taylor's name needs to be on it. We need a 'Warren's Law'; people need to know if a serial false accuser is living in their neighbourhood.


per said...

I am always a little bit careful about tabloid journalism. However, the judgement is available from:

looks pretty convincing.
cheers !

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. Treat the liars as rapists, because that's what they are.