Saturday, November 18, 2006

Diluted Megan's Law on the Way.

"Single mothers will be able to ask the police to check the background of a new partner to find out whether he is a sex offender under moves being considered by the Home Office", according to The Guardian.

It seems that the same courtesy is not being extended to single fathers. And there was me thinking that feminists were opposed to gender-specific legislation.

"The proposals...are seen as an attempt by the government to respond to demands for greater disclosure of the whereabouts of paedophiles, triggered by a number of high profile cases such as the murder of eight-year-old Sarah Payne."

Still no acknowledgement of the fact that there are female child sex offenders (Reference). This is due to lack of public awareness, and good old fashioned prejudice. Eighty-six percent of young people who claim they have been sexually abused by a female are not believed (Reference).

Women who sexually-abuse children are better able to disguise it as care-giving (Reference).

This combination of the naive Victorian belief that "women just don't do things like that", combined with women's ability to cover their tracks, and a relentless and virulent campaign of feminist propaganda against males, means that female paedophiles literally pass unnoticed.

In the Guardian report of the proposed new law, there is still no mention of the fact that, excluding sexual abuse, most of the child abuse (Reference) and child murder (Reference) is committed by women.

Still no mention of false accusations. Still no sign of a False Accusers' Register. Still no sign of a Warren's Law to tell us if a known malicious false accuser is living in the neighbourhood. Still no removal of the right to anonymity for false accusers.

We still have a mountain to climb.


khankrumthebulgar said...

As virulent as our FemNags are here in the US. What our brothers in the UK and Canada have to put up with amazes me. Why British Men tolerate the absolute level of Crap to deal with Women there amazes me. I feel for you brothers.

I had a talk with my wife last night about Feminism. I treated her with a day of beauty and pampering at a high end Spa today. My treat to her. It cost about $500 US. She works hard and this is something she really wanted. My treat to her.

She told me she appreciates how well she is protected, cherished, and treated. And that most of the Women she knows are against Feminism. The culture is turning against the FemNags here. Women are seeing what is happening. Another Mother in Indiana murdered 4 of her children. We are now hearing these stories here at least once a Month. Serial Murders of children by their Mothers.

Anonymous said...

I doubt the tide is turning Khan, more likely women in their typical lying treachery are simply telling men what they want to hear in order to avoid the backlash. they were all big and tough when they thought they were going to win but now that its evident that they're not, they are putting on the its all feminists fault and I’m not one act. This spouting of MRA’s issues by women is nothing more than accountability dodging; they don’t believe what they are saying! Some women really are against feminism. But they have always been against feminism. You don’t go from “it’s all about me you are a faceless slave who (along with the facts) doesn’t matter” to “men are important and have rights” it just doesn’t work like that!

Also do we really want these women back?? They seem to believe (if you disagree with my point above and think they really can change. LMAO!!) That a simple change of opinion is sufficient to make up for the crimes they have done to men. Ask your wife if she thinks women need to be punished for their actions? This is different from “they should make up for them” by the way, as they need to do both. This is a good question for getting into women’s heads, as it will show you weather or not a woman feels feminism was wrong or is just simply not working. If all she wants to do is change then that shows you the only reason her views are now different is because feminism is no longer the great provider.

I for one, will only associate with women (non family members) who satisfactorily complete this sentence:

A woman who accepted feminism must redeem herself by……

Then she either fits into two categories either she was a feminist (or followed the philosophy) and has lived that last sentence or she can demonstrably show she was against feminism. NOTE… there is no area in the above statement to allow for women who claim to be “neutral” or “not involved” this is because the passive acceptance of feminism is the catalyst that aloud it all to take place and rates in my book as one of the worst offences. Hiding in the faceless masses does not dissolve personal responsibility!