Sunday, November 26, 2006

Flying in the Face of Common Sense.

British Airways, Air New Zealand and Quantas operate an outrageous anti-male policy. They will not allow an unaccompanied minor to sit next to a man. After loading, if such a situation has occurred, the cabin crew will ask the man to change seats with a woman. He has no choice in the matter. Reference

It is impossible to know how many other airlines operate a similar policy, as such things are rarely made public. It is a policy which can be operated in secret during the booking process, and no-one need ever know. It has only come to light because men have protested about it.

I advocate that everyone should boycott these airlines until this policy is abandoned. If you call an airline to make a booking, ask them whether they operate a similar policy, and if they do, take your business elsewhere, and tell them why you are doing so.

If you find yourself being asked to change seats, refuse to do so. This is surely a breach of your human rights. Challenge them to have you arrested. Go to the newspapers and have a field day. Sue them through every court in the land. Picket their offices. Do your best to humiliate them in public.

This policy is part of a wider cultural and political war against men. We need to fight on every front.


Field Marshall Watkins said...

Charming isn't it. Now men are child molestors by default. Couple that with that other piece of sh*t regarding single mothers being able to check if future men have been on the sex register, because sex offenders are SO common in the population.
I know what, why don't they just tag all newborn boys are sex offenders and be done with it.

NoNames said...

"If you call an airline to make a booking, ask them whether they operate a similar policy, and if they do, take your business elsewhere, and tell them why you are doing so."

Better, get a trusted female to do it for you and listen in. Remember: companies look only at the bottom line which makes them easy to control. The key is to raise the cost to the airline of doing business with kids, while minimising any negative impact on guys, so for example the longer you can keep them talking and the more child related complications and difficulties you can make for them, the more likely they are to stop this bigotry. Just remember to do this WITHOUT giving away who you are.

An alternative, perhaps complementary strategy would be buy the minimum number of shares required to be able to attend the AGM and then ask the CEO wtf he thinks he's doing.

Finally, and again along the lines of raising costs, men's groups need to start suing to address this type of thing. Not only will that create huge publicity, both negative for the policy and the company and, as with anyone fighting bigotry, positive for the men's group, but mounting a solid legal defence is horribly expensive and pressure from shareholders will force airlines to back off if there's any chance they will lose.

khankrumthebulgar said...

The Fact is that this is simply another example of Feminist Scare Tactics against Men. What is the actual percentages of Men who are Molesters? This presumes All Men cannot be trusted around children. It is discrimination and Bigotry. It should be seen as such.

Anonymous said...

This policy is a hate crime. Please get everyone to report it to the police. This is discrimination on the basis of gender.