Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Wonders of Technology

Have you watched this video yet? It's powerful stuff, but not always pretty. It's an attempt to expose and examine violence committed by females, against each other, and against men and children, and about society's refusal to recognise or condemn it. My one criticism is that it lapses into sentimentality in parts, but, nevertheless, we need more like it.

Here are a couple more videos I came across.

In this one, we see hidden CCTV camera footage of a woman abusing her children.

In this one, a New Zealand doctor discusses male depression and suicide following family breakdown.

Technology is the men's movement's best weapon. The mainstream media refuses to report our ideas, and the internet has been our most successful tool in getting around the Lace Curtain of feminist censorship. We need to do more to capitalise on the potential of technology.

Back in the Sixties and Seventies, feminists started their own publishing houses to get their ideas into print. We need to do the same, but luckily for us, it is much easier in a 21st Century context. Technology is men's natural habitat; tech savvy women are pretty thin on the ground. Let's play to our strengths.

The men's movement is largely internet based. It has done a lot with blogs, and chat forums, and conventional websites. It's time to take it to the next level. We need more amateur film-makers producing videos like the ones above. Most guys can now get access to a digital video camera, and video editing software is easy to come by. Make a movie and post it on YouTube, then distribute the link through the online men's community, and email good links to your friends, or even to the mainstream media. This is a valuable way of getting our arguments to a wider audience. It's called viral marketing.

The guys from Bull(shit) Busters, who made the first video listed above, taped footage from the TV, incorporated it into their film, and just added some simple titles. The doctor just stood in front of a camera and gave a lecture. It's that easy. Videos like these are the early pioneers. Let's create our own Hollywood.

Let's not forget audio files, multimedia presentations like PowerPoint, and Macromedia Flash. The works we produce can be easily emailed. How often do you get email jokes around your office? It can all be done with the skills a lot of us already have.

It's not just about putting our case forward. Technology has other practical benefits too. This is another useful site, Don't Make Her, explaining how to use technology to protect yourself from false allegations, mainly by covert electronic surveillance.

If you have any more ideas about how we can use technology to our advantage, please post a comment here.


Anonymous said...

Consider the possibility of using public access TV. Online video is good, but public access TV reaches people who might not otherwise see the video and it can be more closely targeted to specific audiences. Take advantage of regional interests and concerns, pick up on regional stories.

Videos shared between public access groups might expand the contact interface between MRAs as well expanding the exposure of the MRA messages.

It's old technology, to be sure, but it is a medium that people who are uncomfortable with computers are open to.

mish said...

Well your antagonists got in there first judging by the headline piece on Fri 17 Nov in the Guardian: "Single mothers to be offered paedophile check on partners". Red rag, heretic...

jbgood2 said...

Watching the first video I am reminded of images of Jews being illtreated by Nazis while being denied protection by the police. It's bad enough when it's adult males on the recieving end but children too! Feminism has alot to answer for and vids like these should be the forunner of more in depth and better funded documentaries on the evil ideology called feminism.

Anonymous said...

You indicated that YouTube would be a great place to host your videos. I disagree. YouTube places strict limits on the file size and time duration of the films posted there. Plus, as MRAs we can never be sure if our message will be censored; Google already removes politically incorrect listings from the top of their search results. And guess who now owns YouTube?

The best solution, I believe, is to host your own videos in the same format as YouTube uses. For this, I recommend the following Web site, where for $39.95 you can buy software that lets you convert any movie into Flash format (the kind that YouTube uses, and 98% of the Web browsing public is equipped to view). Best of all, there are no file size or time duration limits when you host the videos themselves.

Anyway, the site is called

John Dias