Saturday, December 16, 2006

Judge in RobeRage Outrage

Fathers 4 Justice activist Jolly Stanesby recently spent two days on the roof of judge David Tyzack's mansion, dressed in a Santa Claus costume, to protest about his court-enforced separation from his children. The noble Lord apparently threatened Santa with a shotgun. His Lordship has a talent for doing things likely to upset children it would seem. Perhaps Judge Tyzack should attend anger management classes.

Perhaps his name should be added to RobeProbe, which bills itself as the 'World's Most Trusted Judge Rating Site'. This website names judges as the best or the worst, depending on their track record for things like racial and gender bias, intelligence, and ability to control 'RobeRage'.

This is a potentially useful site for naming and shaming the most anti-male judges in the family court, and for crediting those who apparently act without bias. Ideally, we should have an on-going court-watch program, in which we identify all family court judges, log their decisions, and give them feedback on line. This would enable F4J and others to target their campaigns more effectively. Except in this case, naughty boys and girls are the ones who do get a visit from Santa.

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Mark said...

Hmm. In the current political climate, I'm not sure it's a good idea to be highlighting the 'good' judges since they will likely come under pressure to get with the 'program'. Far better to simply expose the excesses of the worst, say, third I would have thought.