Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Lessons of Ipswich

What can we learn about British society from the recent events in Ipswich?

That all men hate all women (as Germaine Greer said in the Female Eunuch)? That women are the cowering victims of a vicious Patriarchy? If you think so, then let me ask you this:

Why do all those male police officers even bother to do anything at all? On learning that a male serial killer is murdering females, why doesn’t the Patriarchy’s Police just shrug its collective shoulders, go home and watch the football? Or beat their wives up, or whatever it is that heterosexual men are supposed to do. Why doesn’t the police commander order his men to ignore this trivial issue, and instead concentrate on pursuing women who haven’t paid their parking tickets? Why doesn’t the government offer to give the guy a knighthood for services rendered to the Patriarchy? Why don’t working class men stand in the pub, beer in hand, and talk about what a great guy he is? Once he is caught and imprisoned, the other prisoners will attack him on a daily basis. How do you explain that? Surely, they will all want to walk up and shake his hand in the lunch queue, congratulate him for being such a cool guy, maybe even ask for his autograph?

When it comes down to it, if this country is such a misogynist Patriarchy, as we are constantly being told, why is it even illegal to kill women? Surely, if all men hate all women, as the Demented Antipodean maintains, and if men run society for their own benefit, as feminists are always saying, then surely most of us would see killing a woman as a bit like killing a rat. Not even worthy of police attention.

That’s what the feminist model would tend to predict. Instead, we have the entire nation, men and women alike, expressing their outrage, with no discernible gender difference.

One of the things we can learn from the case of the Ipswich Strangler is that the UK is not really all that much of a Patriarchy after all. Bad luck, feminists. Let me tell you this, girls: If you think this is a Patriarchy, you’ve got no imagination. It could be Oh-so-much worse.

But that is really incidental. I’m just taking the opportunity to satirise feminism.

The real lessons to be learned in Ipswich are these:
(1) The War on Drugs is not working.
(2) Our prostitution laws do not work.

The fact that so many of our young people become addicted to drugs is an aspect of the widespread social breakdown we are experiencing in this country. All the academic evidence shows that growing up in a broken home with out a father is the single biggest indicator of delinquency, even more than poverty or ethnic group. By implementing their policy of ‘Divorce-As-Revolution’ for the last forty years, feminists have done a great deal to contribute to this youth delinquency and social breakdown. Feminism is, in fact, probably the single biggest factor.

So, we have a lot of young people from poor homes with heroin addictions. Treatment for young addicts is pathetically inadequate. The State is not going to do much to help them, except maybe criminalise them, so they tend to avoid the police. They need to make money to fund their expensive habits, so they turn to crime. In the case of boys, that may be mugging, theft and burglary. In the case of some girls, prostitution is the easiest option.

Prostitution is illegal in this country, and so young women cannot work in safe, regulated brothels. They are harassed by the police and the local community, apparently in the belief that if the job becomes sufficiently difficult, they will give it up and do something else. It doesn’t work that way. They are simply driven to the worst parts of town, and taught not to trust the authorities. In other words, they are painfully vulnerable.

Approximately one percent of the population suffers from a psychopathic personality disorder. Reference. Or more usually, everyone else suffers from it. Psychopaths have no ability to empathise with others. They often regard themselves as superior to everyone else. They are not immoral. They have no sense of morality at all. They are amoral. They regard other people in the same way as objects. You can meet white collar psychopaths at work. They inhabit all walks of life. A lot of psychopaths are not physically violent. The Ipswich Strangler is almost certainly a psychopath. People like him are, thankfully, very rare.

We have put these young women into harm’s way as a result of our ridiculous social policies. Why does this man kill them? Simple. Just because he can.

I have no doubt that this person will be caught before long. However, if we want to make sure this doesn't happen again, we need to learn some hard lessons.

Hysterical screaming isn't going to help. I'm sure that the feminist movement has already begun to make misandrist hay with this case. Demonising all men as monsters, and trying to marginalise them to the fringes of society is going to make matters worse. If you remove men from their families, isolate them, strip them of their rights, possessions and dignity, you will create more women-killers. If they find themselves constantly characterised as women-hating monsters, some men will eventually say, 'So be it'.

The lessons we need to learn from this case are several. The only way to make life safer for prostitutes is to legalise and regulate the trade. We need to fundamentally re-think the 'War on Drugs' fiasco. We should learn from the US Prohibition experience, and consider how it applies to our own situation. Most of all, we need to reverse the process of massive social breakdown which contributes to all of these problems. Stop the war against heterosexuality, marriage, the family, men and fatherhood, which the feminist movement and the academic Left have been waging for forty years. We need to leave both Karl Marx and Victorian morality back in the Nineteenth Century where they belong.

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