Thursday, December 21, 2006

No Mention of Rent 'Boys'

In the current orgy of breast-beating over prostitution, one unspoken message emerges. Prostitution is perfectly acceptable as long as men do it. I did a quick internet search for male escorts in London and got the usual wealth of results. This is a typical example: "This year has seen explosive growth in the Male Escort industry. Demand driven mainly by career oriented women who do not have the time for relationships but have the money and desire for Male Escorts!"

I wonder if Nanny Harman is keen to prosecute these women. Somehow I doubt it.

I suspect the escorts listed here are rather expensive and high class. However, there are also males working at the other, undeniably sordid, end of the market, just as the five victims in Suffolk were. Most of these will be catering to the gay community rather than straight women, but as Dennis Nilsen demonstrated, they are no less vulnerable for being male, or being gay. A quick perusal of this list of his victims shows that most were either male prostitutes or were homeless.

The same logic applies to male prostitutes as female ones, although you would never know that by reading the newspapers. The trouble is that the debate is controlled by feminist ideas. Paying for sex is one of the bad things that men do to women. Violence is something that men do to women.

These feminist ideas are gross misrepresentations of the facts. Until we, as a nation, wake up and start telling the truth about prostitution, these deaths are going to continue.

However, as long as Harman and her feminist friends remain in power, that is not likely to happen.

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BrusselsLout said...

And look at what a positive light "career" women are put in for using rent boys!

It doesn't just stop at being merely unfair.