Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Observer's Guide to Kerb-Crawling

The reason I've been inspired to blog so much about prostitution lately is because I have just received a comment on my article, Legalise Prostitution from the Observer journalist Anushka Asthana asking about kerb-crawling.

Here is the text of Ms. Asthana's query:

"I don't suppose anyone on this blog could help me. I am a reporter for the Observer and we are tring (sic) to find someone who has been a kerb crawler to talk to us completely anonymously about why they do it, what the risks are etc. Nothing on this blog suggests any of you are kerb crawlers but I am just trying everyone I can. If you can help I would really appreciate it.
I can be contacted on or (+44)02077134238.
Best wishes,

Here is my response:

Dear Anushka,
Thank you for your query. You say "Nothing on this blog suggests any of you are kerb crawlers". Thank you for noticing. I specifically said in my article that I am completely opposed to kerb-crawling. I didn't say I was opposed to prostitution though. If Belle de Jour decides to give up her boring job in the city and become a thousand-pound-a-night call girl, good luck to her, I say. There is prostitution, and then there is prostitution.

You say you are trying everyone. Have you tried the Lehman Brothers Centre for Women in Business? I understand that male escort services are exploding this year due to "Demand driven mainly by career oriented women who do not have the time for relationships but have the money and desire for Male Escorts!".

Perhaps they might be able to help you.

Best Wishes,

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