Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Justice for Warren Blackwell

Warren Blackwell spent three years and four months in prison for a sexual offence he didn't commit. He was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman following a party in a social club. His accuser, it turns out, was a serial liar with a long history of crying rape. However, she remains anonymous. She is known only as 'Miss A'.

The full story is here, but here are a few highlights:

  • She has a history of psychiatric problems, including allegations of sexual and physical abuse against a string of other men.
  • Detectives also knew she had used at least four aliases and had convictions for dishonesty. Nevertheless, police policy dictated that they should believe her. What kind of ridiculous policy is that? Why should anyone enjoy that kind of moral authority? This policy needs to be changed. It is perfectly obvious that women lie about rape all the time.
  • In fact "She changed her name at least eight times and moved between addresses in three counties in an attempt to cover her tracks".
  • Miss A perjured herself in court. At one point she even fainted, which we now know was all an act. She was a consummate actress.
  • She "remained in the area for two weeks after the 'attack' - even going back to the social club one night for a game of bingo."
  • The Court of Appeal, on an application from the Attorney General, increased Mr Blackwell's sentence to five years.
  • In the months before this latest setback, his accuser, Miss A, had made another wild allegation of having been assaulted by another man, this time with a knife.
  • "She accused one of her own first boyfriends of rape; her father of sexual abuse; her own son of beating her up. At various other times over the past few years she claims to have been assaulted in toilets, punched in the face as she walked home and had a gun held to her head."
  • She has also claimed to be disabled, to have cancer and a brain tumour, so that she could claim state benefits.
  • Miss A left her second husband after five months, leaving him with thousands of pounds in debt after running up bills on his credit card.
  • The woman we can identify only as Miss A still at large.

This woman is obviously a psychopath. She is a clear and present danger to the public, and she must be contained. The fact that she remains anonymous to offend again and again is a public outrage. She obviously will not stop until someone stops her. Her anonymity needs to be lifted. It is clearly in the public interest to let us know who this woman is.

A few years ago, following a particularly bad false accusation case, a British judge suggested that we need to establish a false accusers' register, along the same lines as the sex offenders' register. Guess who objected? Yes, feminists.

Come on feminists! Explain why it is that women like this make false accusations of rape against innocent men! Stop pretending it doesn't happen!

No anonymity for false accusers! We want a register now! How about a 'Warren's law'? People need to know if a serial false accuser is living in their neighbourhood.

Write to your MP and local police comissioner. Warren Blackwell deserves justice!

Here is Northamptonshire Police's Feedback form. Why not write and tell them what you think?