Friday, October 20, 2006

Up Against The Wall

I received this email today:

AgainsTTheWall has left a new comment on your post "Amnesty Still Telling Lies":

AI have point-blank refused to interest themselves in the cases of Ernst Zundel and Germar Rudolf - both kidnapped and sent from the USA to Germany where they are currently incarcerated for their works on modern history.

AI is a cowardly PC organisation of the worst stripe.

Publish this comment.

Reject this comment.

Having never heard of the two gentlemen in question – but having my suspicions - I did a quick Google search. Lo and behold, I was right. They are Holocaust Deniers and Nazi sympathisers.

I did consider rejecting the comment and forgetting it. After all, my blog is not a forum for lying, Hitler-worshipping morons. I decided in the end that it would be better to respond. It’s important for the Men’s Movement to stamp out any emerging Dworkin Tendency before it takes root. We don’t want to leave these guys unchallenged and then find ourselves twenty years later teaching their deluded bile in universities as if it’s the truth. That’s what the feminists did with Dworkin, Solanas, MacKinnon and Daly, and the other hate-spitting neo-fascist harridans, yet another reason why I will never give the feminist movement any respect or credibility whatsoever. We need to make sure we don’t make the same mistake.

It also occurred to me that 'AgainsTTheWall' might be a feminist who is trying to fool me into posting pro-Nazi propaganda on my blog, in an effort to discredit me. I don’t know. But I can safely say it’s a deeply unpleasant moron of some description.

Let’s make this clear once and for all. I harbour a deep-seated loathing of totalitarianism in every form, and I regard this as one of my best character traits. The feminist movement is the last surviving, largely unchallenged, bastion of Twentieth century totalitarian ideology. That's another reason I oppose it so vigorously. Don’t expect me to have any sympathy with your right-wing causes. I don’t. Your flavour of totalitarianism is still totalitarianism.

One of the hall-marks of totalitarianism is the refusal to tolerate free enquiry. I frequently lambaste the feminist movement for jumping to false conclusions on the basis of fabricated evidence. Why on earth this person thinks I am going to give a moment’s credence to Holocaust denial is beyond me.

Dear AgainsTTheWall,

As an organisation, Amnesty International concerns itself with the plight of political prisoners (*). Political prisoners are typically:-

(1) Incarcerated for criticising the prevailing political authorities
(2) Denied due legal process.

Neither of these criteria applies to the two gentlemen that you mention. They were not imprisoned for criticising the German authorities. They were charged with breaking German laws, for which they were given a fair trial in a German court. When you use the word ‘kidnapped’, you mean extradited, under a treaty between two democratically elected governments. In short, these gentlemen are not political prisoners; they are simply prisoners. As such, I believe that Amnesty International was correct in refusing any involvement in their cases.

If you and your little jack-booted friends came to power, I wonder how many political opponents you would be ‘kidnapping’, and how much regard you would have for their human rights. As an apparent Nazi sympathiser, your supposed concern with human rights is a hypocritical sham.



(*)Or at least it did until it was taken over by feminists. Nowadays it mainly concerns itself with the lives of women in Third-world countries. However, let us assume for the sake of argument that it is still concerned with political prisoners.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Amnesty Still Telling Lies

This is part of something that fell out of my copy of the Observer today. Amnesty International's latest campaign is against the trafficking of women for prostitution. If you have read my recent posts, such as Traffic Noise and Legalise Prostitution, you will know that:

  • The current moral panic over the 'traffic in female sex-slaves' is the latest incarnation of the Victorian moral panic over the supposed 'white slave trade'. Historians have debunked this myth already.
  • Most prostitutes are not trafficked.
  • Most people who are trafficked are not prostitutes. Most of them are in fact men.
  • Traffickees are trafficked voluntarily, and pay for the privilege. Abductions are rare.
  • Most prostitutes who are trafficked fully intend to work as prostitutes, but they are often lied to about their working conditions.
  • The only way to significantly improve conditions for prostitutes - and to eliminate coercion - is to legalise the industry.

Amnesty is clearly jumping on the latest moral bandwagon in an attempt, either dishonest or naive, to attract funding from middle-class feminists, the kind of people who read the Observer.
I will start supporting Amnesty when:-

  • They start admitting that most political prisoners are men.
  • They start admitting that most torture victims are men.
  • They start admitting that most executed prisoners are men.
  • They concern themselves with male military conscription, especially that of boys.
  • They concern themselves with male genital mutilation as well as female.
  • They concern themselves with male industrial deaths.
  • They concern themselves with the neglect of male health problems by governments.

Better still, they should not concern themselves with 'gender issues' at all, and instead stick to their original, very noble, agenda, of ending torture and execution.

I am not saying they should ignore human rights abuses against women, but they should tell the truth. Their current feminist-dominated agenda is a gross misrepresentation of the facts. I advocate that you should not support Amnesty International as long as it continues to act as a gender-feminist mouthpiece.