Tuesday, October 24, 2006

'Miss A' named by peer

The psychopathic liar known only as 'Miss A' has been named. She was the liar responsible for falsely accusing husband and father of two Warren Blackwell of rape, causing him to spend three years and four months in prison for a sexual offence he didn't commit. Even after the truth was exposed, she continued to enjoy anonymity, as if she was a real rape victim.

Lord Campbell-Savours used his Parliamentary immunity to name her, in a bold move designed to protect the public. Good for him. Her name is Shannon Taylor. That's the first hurdle crossed. Now we just need to cage the psycho bitch. Let's hope Northamptonshire Police learn to tell their arses from their elbows before too long.

Why not write to Lord Campbell-Savours and thank him, and suggest to him that we need a False Accuser's Register, and Taylor's name needs to be on it. We need a 'Warren's Law'; people need to know if a serial false accuser is living in their neighbourhood.

Mad Female Child Killer Gets Locked Up (for once)

A mother drowned her 7 year old daughter in a river in order to protect her from paedophiles. Heather Vinkenbrink developed paranoid schizophrenia, and became convinced that her family was being persecuted. After killing her daughter, Vinkenbrink told the police, "Now she'll be safe from the paedophile ring in the day nursery" Reference

Another casualty of the feminist-led paedophile witch-hunt. Given the media furore over imaginary paedophiles for the last twenty years, who can blame her?

The abuse industry in the UK has grown into a ravenous monster in the last two decades. There is good money to be made, and moral authority to be had, and it fits in well with the feminist agenda to demonise men.

We have all sat and watched serious items on prime-time BBC news, informing us about rings of devil-worshippers sacrificing children behind every suburban curtain. The most bizarre thing of all is that we didn't burst out laughing. We actually thought it might be true. We shake our heads patronisingly at those hill-billies back in the 1930s who thought that Orson Welles' 'War of the Worlds' radio play was a serious news broadcast, but we are scarcely any less gullible ourselves.

What followed was Orkney, Lewis, Rochdale, Cleveland, Shieldfield, to name just a few. Families were torn apart. Children were harmed instead of helped. And as far as I am aware, not one person in the abuse industry has even been fired, let alone prosecuted. All these so-called experts, like Liz Maclean of Orkney fame, have quietly disappeared like cockroaches into the woodwork. Yet the feminist-led moral panic about imaginary paedophiles continues unabated.

It seems that paedophiles have given up worshipping the devil now though. They prefer to hang out in internet chat-rooms instead.

In this climate, Heather Vinkenbrink happened to develop schizophrenia. She became convinced her daughter was in danger, and killed her in order to protect her from a fate worse than death. The court has placed her in a secure psychiatric unit, and I hope she receives the treatment she needs.

There never was a paedophile ring in the day nursery. The lesbian feminists who told us these lies for political ends, like Beatrix Campbell, have got a lot to answer for. They are the ones who should be held to account.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Mad Female Child Killer Walks Free (yet again)

Danielle Wails, a young mother from Newcastle, was convicted of infanticide and walked free today. If you also follow the other link on the page, 'False trail after baby fire death', you start to get the picture.

Wails was the mother of a four month old baby, Alexander. She was estranged from the baby's father, Robert Gallon, who apparently "did not live with Ms Wails, but played an active part in his son's life". Wails wanted him back. She obviously believes in the grand romantic gesture.

She set fire to her own house, apparently in an effort to gain Gallon's attention. The baby was burned alive. The BBC stated on TV that 'the 999 call, with the baby screaming in the background, was so distressing it could not be played to the court'.

What kind of kangaroo court is this? "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. There is important evidence in this case, but we're not going to play it to you in case it upsets you. We don't want you to have nightmares, you poor little things". Could it be that, had the court heard the recording, they would have locked her up? We couldn't have that now, could we?

But it gets worse. Much worse. She explained the fire by telling the police that 'two men' had broken into the house, tied her up with the telephone cord, and set the house on fire. A massive police search was launched to find the two masked intruders.

After Alexander's death, she then proceeded to bombard Gallon and his family with phone calls and texts in an effort to effect a reconciliation. Paul Sloan QC, prosecuting, said: "There were many other false claims. It would seem that the underlying purpose behind these false claims was to win back her partner's sympathies and support."

The police and fire brigade noticed early on that her story didn't add up. She was eventually charged with murder, but pleaded guilty to infanticide.

Can you imagine if the police had believed her and convicted two random local men for the murder? Do you think she would have owned up?

"An independent review into Alexander's death concluded that his mother's behaviour was unpredictable and his death could not have been prevented."

So the social workers have covered their arses then. No-one's directly to blame. However, the report's author - social care expert Catherine Weightman - found a series of shortcomings by the agencies involved with the family and has made a number of recommendations which must be implemented.

It seems these vague, ill-defined, institutional failures have provided the justification for Wails to walk: "Wails was given a three-year community order with a period of supervision".

Is it just me, or does that seem surprising to you? This woman is a child killer, an arsonist, a serial liar, and a stalker, who wasted police time, and put the human rights of local men in danger. And the court set her free because she was apparently depressed at the time. Awww, poor dear.

If she committed these actions as a result of mental illness, shouldn't she be in a secure psychiatric hospital? She is obviously a danger to herself and others. The judge has left her free to walk the streets.

Can you imagine what the outcome would have been if Gallon had done this instead of Wails? He would be in Broadmoor for life. The tabloid press would take him apart. The grieving mother would be all over the day-time chat-show circuit for months to come.

I think there is a double-standard at work here. If a man is mentally unstable, that's a reason to lock him up. If a woman is mentally unstable, that's a reason to set her free.