Sunday, January 14, 2007

The CPS - Who are these people?

Apparently, the Crown Prosecution Service has decided not to prosecute Shannon Taylor. She is the serial false accuser who sent Warren Blackwell to prison for three years and four months for a rape that never happened. Apparently "She changed her name at least eight times and moved between addresses in three counties in an attempt to cover her tracks". She has accused at least seven or eight men of attacking her, including both of her two husbands, her father and her son. She has a history of psychiatric problems and convictions for dishonesty. She has also claimed to be disabled, to have cancer and a brain tumour, so that she could claim state benefits. While Mr Blackwell was in prison, she had made another wild allegation of having been assaulted by another man, this time with a knife.

This woman is a clear and present danger to the public. The authorities now know all about her activities, stretching back years. And yet they refuse to do anything. What on earth is going on?

Apparently, the poor lamb didn't like it when Lord Campbell-Savours named her in Parliament. Apparently, doing anything to stop her rampage of lies would be creating a 'Setback' for all women who suffer sexual assault. But Shannon Taylor has never suffered a sexual assault.

"Lisa Longstaff of Women against Rape said: "We are appalled that Lord Campbell-Savours used parliamentary privilege in the House of Lords to aggravate the character assassination of this woman who reported rape. His naming her is extremely dangerous not only for her but also for all women faced with the decision of whether to report rape.

"We're seeing a backlash against everything women have been fighting for for years. The government and police are encouraging women to report - but when we do we risk being put on trial ourselves - and now being jailed or hounded in the House of Lords."

Why isn't Ms Longstaff concerned that false accusations damage the credibility of rape victims? The truth is that these feminist groups are not really concerned about women's welfare at all. They are only concerned about their own power and their generous budgets.

What about the rights of Warren Blackwell? They count for nothing. Why is he subject to character assassination? Why does she not see his defamation as a problem? There are larger political issues at stake here. A woman's right to lie with impunity. A feminist's right to destroy a man's life on a whim.

If Taylor commits these actions because of a mental illness, she needs to be sectioned on the grounds that she is a danger to others. If she is sane, and does it out of malice, she should be in prison. However, the Crown Prosecution Service has left her to walk the streets.

Nanny Harman, the justice minister, is more concerned about prosecuting men who pay for sex. The feminist agenda is at work. Prosecute men and imprison them, even on trumped up charges. Turn a blind eye to the appalling abusive behaviour of women. Apparently, that's how you undermine something called 'The Patriarchy'. Shannon Taylor still enjoys legal anonymity - officially at least.

Listen to Warren's interview on BBC Radio 4 here (RealPlayer format). Original page here.


Anonymous said...

Way back in 1985, I concluded any man who married under the US laws was nuts. Later, I decided to Get The H**l Out. I am in the Third World. In my opinion, that is where every man should be who can find a way to do it.

Warren Blackwell said...

Women Against Rape keep bleating on about the dangers of lifting anonymity for women that report rape or sexual assault, but the fact is what we are talking about is lifting anonymity for women who have been proven to have lied about the asault.

How this can deter women from coming forward is beyond me? What it WILL do is deter the false accusers from coming forward. Anonymity will still remain for GENUINE victims. Anonymity laws have been in place since the 70's and there has been an increase in victims reporting, but any change in the law will not deter others from coming forward - those that choose not to are doing so even with the law in place so lifting it for false accusers is not going to prevent them coming forward because they have already made their mind up not to do so.

Heretic said...

Welcome. It's time for men to get political. We have a fight on our hands whether we like it or not. Get in touch by sending me an email.

Anonymous said...

I am aware of women who have falsely complained of rape being given £80 fixed penalty tickets for the offence of wasting police time.
I am aware of others who have not even been given that. One case i dealt with ended after an experienced policewoman advised the lady that if she proceeded any further, she would be prosecuted. The complainant then admitted she made it up to get the sympathy of her boyfriend who had just finished with her.
Men are responsible for their actions, women are not. Get used to it.

Heretic said...

Dear Anonymous, Currently, men are responsible for their actions and women are not, as you say, but I will never get used to that. The men's movement needs police officers.

Malcolm said...

Once the focus switches from proving that an assault did take place to proving that the allegation is false, the burden of proof is reversed. Women should only be named if it is proven beyond all reasonable doubt that they lied. In the "he said, she said" cases where it can't be proven either way, women will still be entitled to anonymity, so where's the problem?

Heretic said...

Malcolm, I agree. Anonymity should only be lifted in cases where it is clear that the allegations are fabricated. I don't see a problem with that. However, radical feminists wish to protect a woman's right to lie with impunity. The threat of being jailed for sexual offences you didn't commit helps to keep you in your place. It's a useful way intimidating, and if necessary destroying, men, and they just don't want to give it up. Do not underestimate these people.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this.

I can't find anything to say.

Nick S said...

The problem with granting women who bring rape allegations anonymity is that the same protection is not granted to men who are accused of rape. This means that people who might have evidence against the accused man are able to come forward, while people who have evidence against the complainant are prevented from doing so. This position is completely indefensible. Either women must lose their right to anonymity, or accused men must gain the right to anonymity until proven guilty.

It's clear that feminist groups support false allegations against men, and are willing to do anything to continue them.

The day that the mens movement begins demanding that men who make false accusations against women should be protected, or that criminal cases against women should be stacked in favour of the prosecution, is the day that I will call it a fascist movement.

Anonymous said...

I have one comment to make.

I hope the men on this blog think about it.

Notice how women are behaving irresponsibly once they were given freedom from men's authority.

You read all old masters of wisdom and you won't find them saying anything favourable for women. And this is true across all continents.

You will find Socrates saying the same thing and so also Confucius.

In India,there was an ancient king vikramaditya who said that 'MEN AT ALL TIMES STILL RETAIN A SENSE OF A RIGHT AND WRONG BUT WOMEN DON'T HAVE THIS SENSE'.

Perhaps thats why men are facing so many problems today. They are allowing women freedom they don't deserve.

After all freedom is suppossed to be given to those who can use it responsibly. But those who don't have a sense of right or wrong how can you expect them to act responsibly ?

Now if this seems demeaning to women , get this. Children aren't endowed with this sense either. But does that mean you are demeaning them if you acknowledge this reality ?

And also, men in older times were asked to take care of not only their children but their wives as well. This is because they are like children. The sooner we realise this the better.

When we we ignore this reality and allow women to get into positions of authority it is harmful for them as well as those around them.

Perhaps thats why before the advent of feminism , women weren't given that degree of freedom precisely to avoid the kind of problems the society is facing today.

The solution therefore lies in men recognising that they don't have to reason with women to find equality for themselves because it is the push for equality that has been the catalyst for all current problems.

Instead as all holy scriptures say, men ought to take up their responsibility as head of households. But this requires one important qualification. These men ought to have a control on their sex desires, because if not so they will continue to hanker after women and do as they want , truth be damned.

Warren Blackwell said...

Dear Malcolm,

In sexual assault cases the burden of proof is now fully with the defendant - they have to prove that they did not commit the offence. One crappy defence team and you are doomed, it is that simple.

In any other trial the burden of proof is with the prosecution - they have to prove the defendant committed the crime.

When my case went to trial, at that time it was accepted by anyone in the legal profession that it was not seen as the 'done thing' to attack the veracity of an alleged sexual assault victim. That would have been frowned upon by the trial judge and the jury.

Originally my case rested on mistaken identity, it was never contemplated that the woman hadn't actually been assaulted at all. That came to light given the extensive (and proper) investigation by the CCRC and a DCI from the West Midlands Police force. What has not yet come out in my case is not just the fact that it turned out she had a history of making false accusations, and indeed made two further allegations whilst I was in custody, but also the further forensic tests that I myself commissioned, and also tests the CCRC commissioned to try and establish evidence of another person/ persons.

Even with new advances in forensic science since the conviction - there was no other evidence, trace or otherwise on any of the samples tested. So much so I was told there was not even another mans DNA present - anywhere. This, as well as her history of self harm and false allegations led them to conclusively decide that no crime took place. She injured herself (something her own daughter has given testament to seeing her do before, and then go on to claim someone had attacked her) and made the whole thing up.

So the argument now is do we allow the law to protect a woman who is clearly a danger to men? I think not – now be careful, because you could be sitting next to her having a drink in a pub one night, or she could be your best friends next girlfriend – and he her next victim! Don’t you think he should have a right to know who he is with?

Heretic said...

Have you seen my other website?

Click here

You might find some interesting stuff on there.

Mark said...


are you aware that the UK has some of the most aggressive libel/slander laws in the world? London is known as 'a town called sue' for this very reason. If I were in your position, I would definitely sue her. Why? It seems to be a no-lose proposition: either you win and get some recompense or you lose (in court) and can highlight the iniquity in the system. The publicity the case would attract would be very good for sales were you to write a book about your experiences, and would also make it much more likely that you can find a lawyer who would take your case pro bono.

From the guys I talk to, the moment is very nearly right for such a book and high profile case such as your may well tip the balance. Were you to donate a portion of the profits to genuine rape victims and emphasize justice, it would be very difficult to criticise you.

Here's a few links to get you going. Make sure any research you do relates to UK law not US law. Good luck!

Warren Blackwell said...

Thanks for the web link Heretic, this will come in handy ;)


Thanks also for your links - an interesting read. I have aready been advised a private case against my acuser would cost an absolute fortune.

What I am aiming for is obviosuly a change in the law. If that happens then I know the media will be all over me like a rash again, and then I will shout her name(s) from the roof tops!

My official complaint against the police was submitted this week and when that can of worms is opened you'll be amazed at the lengths they went to in order to get a conviction. After my allegations against them have been proven, and trust me my evidence is very strong, I will look to sue the force. After that I think would be a time for a book. I have had a few offers from writers but have resisted for now basically because at this moment in time, the story simply isn't over yet.

Thanks for the advice, and thanks for the support Heretic. I'll keep checking this blog - if anyone has any specific questions regarding this case please feel free to ask ;)

Heretic said...

I've got a couple of questions for you Warren.
(1) Have you been offered any compensation by the State?
(2) I suggest we all write to the CPS and our MPs to protest about this case. What do you think?

Warren Blackwell said...

Hi Heretic,

A claim for compensation has been submitted to the House of Commons I believe, or whatever the appropriate body is!

One thing I keep forgetting to mention to the media, and I have just recently done another piece for a local paper, is the fact that I have still not had any confirmation from anyone that I have been removed from the sex offenders register!!

I welcome the support from anyone who wishes to write to the House of Lords or their MP's regarding this case. I have already contacted my local MP and as you may be aware, Lord Campbell-Savours "keeps me informed" ;)

I would suggest the best person to write to would actually be the Attorney General - I have a letter going off to him today. I know the campaign group Women Against Rape have written 'demanding' the law is left alone... so I am writing to counter their lesbien demands! Sorry, but I hold this particular group in contempt as they have made it perfectly clear any woman wo brings a sexual allegation MUST be telling the truth. Their arrogance will be their downfall I'm sure - you do not write to the AG and demand, you ask nice and politely don't you :)

Mark said...

@ Warren Blackwell
Thanks also for your links - an interesting read. I have aready been advised a private case against my accuser would cost an absolute fortune."

Several points:
1) I am not sure that you need to actually go through with it, because...
- if she just believes you will sue, she may settle before court (i.e. almost no cost/risk to you)
- a pre-court settlement provides you with at least some DIRECT recompense
- any publicity is good both for a possible future book and for others falsely accused

2) What about suing her via small claims? You could only win 1k, so why do this? Two reasons:
A. Huge publicity at no cost
If you gave the winnings (after costs) 50/50 to helping REAL victims and to helping exonerate the falsely accused, it would be all but impossible to criticise you and you'd gain huge and favourable publicity which would set you up very well for a future book.
B. Deterrent effect
1k is not a huge amount of money, but the threat of it will certainly focus the minds of would be false accusers. 'Brave Sir Warren, champion for justice and friend of the downtrodden!'

In summary then, if you win your case, you can give the money to highly relevant good causes and then recoup way more in additional sales of a book. On the other side, if the court rejects your claim on 'public policy' or other grounds, firstly you could escalate it up through the court system and get even more publicity and probably a pro bono (i.e. free) lawyer and secondly you get even more material for a book. Either way you win. Not many people get a opportunity like this in life to make a truly postive impact, Make the most of it. You deserve it after what you've been through. Why not call (the famous publicist) Max Clifford or someone like him? What do you have to lose?

Heretic said...

Can you provide me with better contact details for the Attorney General and Lord Campbell-Savours? Drop me a private email if you like at

BrusselsLout said...

To have laws that allow certain members of the public to walk all over you must surely be against your human rights.

So, to my mind, it's the government's fault for not having laws in place that allow us to live as free law-abiding citizens.

I would investigate the possibility of suing the government for breach of the European Convention on Human Rights. They have stacks of money, that would certainly cover the cost of the impact their inadequate laws have on our lives.

Masculist Man said...


Give the money to men's groups and those falsely accused. These groups that only help out "the victim" may be feminist fronts out to destroy men so disregard what Mark said about contributing to them as to do so would be contributing to your worst enemy.