Wednesday, January 31, 2007

False Accusations: A Policeman's View

I received this comment on my blog the other week, and I thought it was worth highlighting:

I am aware of women who have falsely complained of rape being given £80 fixed penalty tickets for the offence of wasting police time. I am aware of others who have not even been given that. One case i dealt with ended after an experienced policewoman advised the lady that if she proceeded any further, she would be prosecuted. The complainant then admitted she made it up to get the sympathy of her boyfriend who had just finished with her. Men are responsible for their actions, women are not. Get used to it.

As of 31st March 2006, there were 143,271 police officers (full-time equivalent) in England and Wales. Reference

If this man is an average police officer, and the average police officer routinely comes across false rape accusations, this should give you an idea of just how widespread they really are.

If the government wants to review the laws on rape, it needs to start being honest about false accusations.

False rape accusations are grossly underestimated and grossly underpunished. An £80 on-the-spot fine (similar to a parking ticket) is not a sufficient punishment for trying to destroy another person's life.

The conviction rate for rape is currently around 5%. If you want to know the why, ask a policeman.

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