Wednesday, January 31, 2007

War Against Men Continues Unabated

Today's headline news story is about a new government report outlining ways to increase rape conviction rates.

Note the emotive way in which this story is presented.

"[The] report says too many rape claims are wrongly dismissed as unfounded, and some cases are dropped prematurely. Only 5% of reported rapes results in a conviction. The director of public prosecutions says he is "determined" to improve the way rape cases are handled" (My emphasis).

"It said the scale of false allegations was being over-estimated, and subjective judgments were being made about victim credibility. The document recommends that police and prosecutors make better use of evidence which shows a defendant's previous "bad character", as it can now be used in court against them"

So, after years of campaigning to stop bad character evidence being used against women in rape cases, feminists are now trying to introduce it for men.

It seems that the issue of false accusations has finally appeared on the governments' radar too, but as an idea which needs to be discredited. Yet Shannon Taylor, the woman who put Warren Blackwell in prison for a rape that never happened, continues to walk free.

The judicial system in the UK is heavily biased against men, and getting worse. It seems that men are entitled to no rights at all.

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