Thursday, February 08, 2007

CPS Not Fit For Purpose

Dear CPS,

Can you confirm that Mr Warren Blackwell's name has now been removed from the Sex Offenders' Register?

Can you also explain your reasoning in deciding not to prosecute his accuser?

I look forward to your timely response.



Grace Ononiwu
Chief Crown Prosecutor

Northampton South
Level 3
Beaumont House
Northampton NN1 5BE

Switchboard Facsimile:
DX No: 01604 823600
01604 823611
DX No: 18512 Northampton
Direct Line: 01604 235817
Our Reference: LE/SJJ
Your Reference:

Mr H Liberal
email –

8 February 2007

Dear Mr Liberal


I am in receipt of your email correspondence of 23 January which has been passed to Northamptonshire CPS, as we were the area which dealt with Mr Blackwell’s case.

In responding to your complaint, it may assist if I explain the basis on which Prosecutors decide whether or not to bring a case against a suspect. There must be enough evidence to provide a ‘realistic prospect of conviction against the defendant’. A realistic prospect of conviction is an objective test. It means that a jury properly directed, according to the law, is more likely than not to convict the defendant of the alleged charge. This is a separate test from the one that the criminal courts must apply - a jury should only convict a defendant if they are sure that he/she is guilty.

When deciding whether there is enough evidence to prosecute, Crown Prosecutors must consider whether the evidence can be used in Court and is reliable. This means that they must assess the quality of the evidence from all witnesses before reaching a decision.

If there is not a realistic prospect of conviction the case must not go ahead, no matter how important or serious it may be. If there is a realistic prospect of conviction, the Prosecutor will then consider whether it is in the public interest for the CPS to bring the case to court.

There is no direct evidence that the complainant fabricated the allegation against Mr Blackwell. False allegations made by her after the conviction of Mr Blackwell subsequently cast doubt on the reliability of her evidence against him. Whilst it remains a clear possibility that she fabricated the allegation against Mr Blackwell, it is no more than that, and falls significantly short of the required evidential test as outlined above, in terms of whether there is sufficient evidence to prosecute her.

Mr Blackwell has been removed from the Sex Offenders Register

Yours sincerely

Lawrence English
Unit Head, South Team

This response from the CPS is a pathetic whitewash. There apparently isn't enough evidence against Taylor to secure a conviction! There is a mountain of evidence against her, enough to bring multiple charges.

The full story is here, but here are a few highlights:

  • She has a history of psychiatric problems, including allegations of sexual and physical abuse against a string of other men.
  • Detectives also knew she had used at least four aliases and had convictions for dishonesty.
  • In fact "She changed her name at least eight times and moved between addresses in three counties in an attempt to cover her tracks".
  • Taylor perjured herself in court. At one point she even fainted, which we now know was all an act.
  • She has a guilty demeanour. She "remained in the area for two weeks after the 'attack' - even going back to the social club one night for a game of bingo."
  • While Mr Blackwell was in prison she made another wild allegation of having been assaulted by another man, this time with a knife.
  • "She accused one of her own first boyfriends of rape; her father of sexual abuse; her own son of beating her up. At various other times over the past few years she claims to have been assaulted in toilets, punched in the face as she walked home and had a gun held to her head."
  • She has also claimed to be disabled, to have cancer and a brain tumour, so that she could illegally claim state benefits.
  • She left her second husband after five months, leaving him with thousands of pounds in debt after running up bills on his credit card.

The CPS say that they have no evidence against her! This is a joke!

This woman is a clear and present danger to the public, and needs to taken out of circulation. If they can't convict her for the Blackwell case, there is enough other material to keep a team of lawyers busy for a year.

There is a lot more evidence against Taylor than there ever was against Blackwell!

She accused Warren Blackwell of rape, and yet forensic tests showed that no rape had taken place. This evidence was withheld from the defence, and the charge changed to sexual assault!

His conviction rested solely on her picking him out at an ID parade which was carried out in breach of PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence Act) procedures. She didn't name Mr Blackwell until nineteen days after the attack, after having already named five other men!

Despite this clear miscarriage of justice against an innocent law-abiding father, the letter above continues to blacken Mr Blackwell's name. "There is no direct evidence that the complainant fabricated the allegation against Mr Blackwell."

So the CPS still thinks he did it! But here is the thing I don't understand: If they still think he did it, why have they removed him from the Sex Offenders' Register?

This would be a farce if it wasn't so serious. The fact is, the police and the CPS are desperate to convict men of sexual offences for purely political reasons, in order to please the feminists and make their statistics look good. Every conviction is treasured for its statistical value. It has nothing to do with serving justice or protecting the public.


Anonymous said...

I'm from the United States and am completely clueless about whether this is even possible in the UK but couldn't Warren Blackwell pursue the equivalent of a civil suit by suing the accuser for damages (lost wages from being falsely imprisoned, emotional torment etc...)? This could also bring much needed media attention to this very important issue. Someone needs to light a fire under CPS' ass.

Warren Blackwell said...

"There is no direct evidence that the complainant fabricated the allegation against Mr Blackwell" - when the complaint to the police has finally been dealt with I will show ALL the evidence in my case, everything.

The CPS seem to be discounting the CCRC's investigation and that of DCI Glover of the West Midlands Police Force, which details clear evidence of fabrication prior to the allegation she made against me. This includes evidence from her own daughter witnessing her mother hitting herself in the face in the cubicle of a toilet, and then making a complaint that someone had assaulted her.

There is also evidence in the reports of witnesses placing me inside the club at the material time when the 'alleged' assault took place, as well as detailed witness evidence which showed that I had a football injury and was not able to run at all, never mind the THREE times round the the club premises (a distance of approx one mile all told!) where it was alleged I revisited the seen several times. All of which by the way, was missed by all the witnesses at the scene??

There is a lot more, which the CPS are aware of - too much to detail here but I promise I will publish everything when things have finally come to an end with the police.

But to put it mildly... according to the CPS then - am I the only person EVER to be able to have committed a crime and leave no forensic evidence whatsoever.. not even a trace?

What a load of total rubbish - this is the CPS's way of denying any wrong doing and refusing to persue a case against Taylor simple to save their own embarrassment.

Spineless, cowardly morons... when I get my compensation I will be seeking legal advice to bring a private prosecution which seems to be what all these idiots want.

I am disgusted at what they are suggesting here and hope it happens to them or someone they love.

Warren Blackwell said...

Oh, and another thing which has not made the public domain - yet......
I must also be the only alleged rapist that paid forensic experts to carry out further tests on exhibits to prove I had no contact at all. How many 'guilty' people would do that then? To commission tests that could possibly prove contact as well as disprove it? You might have guessed that this response from the CPS has angered me just a little.

I want a civil case - why don't Women Against Rape and Shannon Bloody Taylor ake me to court? Come on I dare you - I want a retrial, do you? I'm up for it

BrusselsLout said...

When you consider that all it took was a speck of irrelevant non-evidence, not only to prosecute Warren, but to convict him as well, it does fill you with anger.

And then look at the heaps of rubbish put forward against Barry George and Sion Jenkins.

But then there's a pattern here. These are all men.

Julian said...

Maybe I have misread but it appears to me that the CPS work on the basis of balance of probabilities and in Warren's case appear to have witheld ie forensic evidence and other information that led to his imprisonment. Now the situation is reversed no amount of evidence will encourage the CPS to prosecute.

Here's another incident from my neck of the woods where the CPS dropped charges:

Heretic said...

I think you read it right. The CPS works on probabilities, but they manipulated these probabilities by witholding evidence, in order to get the result that they wanted. This, in itself, is tantamount to corruption. The indisputable enormity of Taylor's compulsive lying means that the CPS was then caught with its pants down. They cannot admit that Taylor was lying or that Blackwell was innocent, because that will mean ruffling feminist feathers, and we can't have that. They cannot possibly back down now, so they are hoping the whole nasty business will go away.

This is what the feminist movement has done to our legal system - turned it into a machine for jailing innocent men on trumped up rape charges. That is what they want.

Of course there was judicial corruption around before feminism, but the point is that they represent themselves as a force for good, ostensibly promoting social justice. This is a joke. Groups such as 'women against rape' are actively promoting judicial corruption and manufacturing miscarriages of justice. The CPS doesn't have the guts to stand up to them, and this is the result.

Warren Blackwell said...

But again, groups such as Women Againt Rape are actively critisizing the Police, CPS, Judicial System - unless it goes thier way? Then everything is fine and dandy! Just goes to prove how two-faced they are.

They are not happy unless it results in a conviction against the man. Even when, as in I don't know how many cases since my aquittal, the woman actually admits she made it up? They still say it is wrong to lock them up. Unbelieveable!

And just look at the sentences that get handed down - six odd months!!! Jesus! [pardon my blaspheming]

Now how do you think the 'wimmin' (to use Heretic's word ;)) would react if a man was aquitted of rape/ sexual assault, admitted it then was given six months for lying???

Does that really require an answer?

And they speak of prejudice!!!

Julian said...

Is there an article somewhere that stated that the reason the CPS didn't pursue the case against her was because of her mental health?

Julian said...

Oh and I forgot to say but I wonder what all her other names have been.

Richard said...

Warren, I really would be looking into the possibility of a civil action against this woman (so called). Possibly the police and (ideally) Women Against Rape- who do their best to prejudice trials.

Make some money off them mate.

Field Marshall Watkins said...

She lied in court. There are witness statements proving her crimes.
That isn't enough evidence on its own?

Not even including the VAST amount of evidence against her. The CPS obviously has an anti-male mandate. This should be front page news, not Anna Nicole Smith or some other crap.

Heretic said...

Julian said:

"Is there an article somewhere that stated that the reason the CPS didn't pursue the case against her was because of her mental health?"

Julian, yes, in his interview, Warren told me:

"When asked why they were not considering bringing a prosecution against Shannon Taylor for perverting the course of justice, they cited her mental background as being a barrier. Well they knew about that before but didn’t think it a barrier in bringing a prosecution against me!!"

Julian said...

Ah yes thanks for finding it for me and I think Warren's retort was spot on. The reason I asked about it was I didn't notice the response from the CPS made any mention of mental health issues and asked myself why should it be a problem?

having googled I found statistics stating that 90% of prisoners in the UK suffer from mental health problems so why this accomplished liar gets preferential treatment by the CPS God only knows.

If you haven't already done so Warren, have you considered the judicial review route with the CPS?

Warren Blackwell said...

Julian & Richard... I have contacted my solicitor and asked that he confer with my Barrister about seeking a civil case against Shannon, as this is the only way these Women Against Rape and their ilk seem to see as a way of proving the so called 'crime' never took place. So if they seek a witch hunt against me for doing so, then they only have themselves to blame.

I will keep all posted on the outcome of my legal teams advice. The fact it was the Northamptonshire CPS division that answered Heretic's email says it all - they are hardly going to go after Shannon because that would mean them having to admit their own failings.

If they are to say they were not aware of her previous convictions for dishonesty and theft, as well as her medical history then they are lying... and I CAN prove that. They have witness statements from her own mother and daughter about her making false allegations prior to the one she made against me.

Fact is they have a wealth of evidence against her, they are just blinded by their own self importance and self preservation. They cannot bring themselves to say “we were wrong, but we are going to make sure this woman cannot continue to make further false allegations and make her pay for her crimes.”

We are currently in the process of having our complaint dealt with regarding the Northants Police force, by the IPCC. I cannot progress things that much further until that has come to an end, whichever way it goes.

As soon as any and all legal actions have come to a conclusion, be that against the police or Shannon Taylor in any civil action (if it happens), then I will publish this case and ALL the evidence, a great deal of which has not been put into the public domain.

Anyone, and I mean anyone who may take it upon themselves to challenge what I will publish is welcome to do so, and I will not be afraid of anyone trying to threaten me with court action - bring it on, anything I say I CAN back up with evidence.

Why do you think no one has tried to take me to task when I say DC Bell deliberately contaminated the ID parade - because they know I can prove it... and it does not end there.

Anonymous said...

Well best of luck to you Warren and I do hope you that after all you have been through you are able to visualise where you want to be and get there.

For what it's worth, I'm going through a CCRC application myself, done all the complaints thing and have some understanding of how it feels to be living in the twilight world.

With my case medical issues were not considered by the CPS when deciding to prosecute.


Warren Blackwell said...


Are you still legally represented, or are you making your application to the CCRC yourself? I'd be interested to know where you are with that - have they accepted and agreed to look into your case? If it helps - I waited almost a year (if memory serves me correctly), then I wrote to the CCRC again to enquire when they were likely to begin their investigation. I was invited to make a further application citing reasons why my case should be brought forward. I went into even more detail about the police officer's conduct in my case and they accepted that application and began inestigating immediately.

Be patient with them, but not too patient. You will be left to languish at the bottom of a waiting list if you don't give them a little nudge now and again ;)

Julian said...

Hi Warren

Yes I am legally represented with regards the CCRC application and started the process off when I applied around April 2004. Just after last Christmas I got back an unfavourable decision.

It took a hell of wait for them to finally start looking at my case but luckily that has allowed me to conclude a civil case related to this matter, receive compensation, an apology and most importantly lots of fresh evidence which they weren’t aware of.

My case wasn’t so serious as your own (only 2 months served) but the delay has allowed me to build a much stronger case now.

Where I am at the moment is after meeting with my Solicitor we have now responded to the provisional decision the CCRC made and just waiting to hear back from them. Fingers crossed but there’s hopefully enough new information for them to consider reversing their decision. My Solicitor has also advised me to go for a Judicial Review if they don’t.

Warren Blackwell said...

Hi Julian,

Sorry - been away with work most of the week. Presumably the CCRC turned down your application having made a preliminary investigation? I cannot stress this enough, but when you renew your application you must include ALL the evidence you have so they are compelled to make a full, in-depth investigation.

Without knowing anything about your case I can't really offer any advice which you don't already know. I'm not suggesting you post anything here, but if you wish you can contact me on my hotmail account,

Entirely up to you - and incidently Julian... it does not matter how long you spent inside, any innocent person losing their liberty is a trevesty, time doesn't come into it ;)

Julian said...

Hi Warren

Thanks for the advice and the offer of further advice.

I don't think they have carried out an investigation so far Warren just looked at the original information that was sent in some 3 years ago and based their conclusions on this alone. Now that they have made a provisional decision my Solicitor has got back onto the case and should have handed over all the new stuff.

Personally I didn't think the decision was that bad as it appeared to me that what the CCRC were doing was advising us on what needs to be shown for them to reconsider their position.

So in effect they are guiding us rather than appearing to be a hindrance.

It's been about 3 weeks since our response went in so early days yet.

Warren Blackwell said...

Hi Julian,

I hope you are successful in renewing your application and they do decide to investigate, especially given you have further new evidence.

Keep us posted and if you have any queries don't hesitate to ask.

BrusselsLout said...

Gentlemen -- Julian and Warren -- first of all let me wish you both the best of luck in your efforts to gain the compensation you both deserve and should have won a long time ago.

Warren -- it would seem that the police, because of the corrupt way in which they handled the case, should be the ones to pay. Shannon Taylor nearly destroyed your life, and the police were complicit. The police at least knew what they were doing, even if Taylor is nothing more than a malicious-minded idiot.

I'm also delighted your boss has given you your job back. I'd say he's a rare individual.

And I say that because I've spoken to a few people from the UK who have some familiarity with your case from the news, and, believe it or not, they still think you're guilty. Why? Because the police would never have arrested you if you weren't! After pointing out to them the corrupt way in which the police handled the case (by withholding from you vital information proving Taylor's slippery character) their response is that the police were only using whatever means they had at their disposal because they "knew you did it".

And it's much the same story with other men who have served (or are still serving) time for crimes they had nothing to do with.

I'm a British man living on the continent, where I haven't seen or felt any misandry around me in any of the 4 countries I have lived in. I feel a great sense of relief I've left the UK. I really think that if there wasn't such a general hatred towards men there, a hatred that is driven by both government seeking votes and media trying to make money, I doubt if you would ever have been convicted in the first place.