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Unholy Alliances

Freethinker wrote:
You wrote: "The rape and child abuse scandals which fill our newspapers, the imaginary paedophiles lurking in every kindergarten, are part of an on-going cultural and political war against men. Protecting the innocent, or serving justice, doesn't enter into it."

True to a point, but let's not exaggerate the case. Especially in re the media (news reports and fictional drama) one must always remember the truism that "if it bleeds, it leads." People are interested in sex and violence--sometimes to the point of obsession--and the media conglomerates know that all too well and exploit that commonly accepted fact of life. Thus, stories of sex scandals or perceived "immoral" behavior, or sex crimes, along with other violent crimes, take pride of place in news reoprts (sic) and in entertainment dramas, as that is what the public craves. It certainly is not evidence of a vast, feminist-inspired, misandric conspiracy among news producers, journalists, entertainment executives, and the like.

You have a valid point to argue, but you weaken it by pushing it to an extreme. Isn't that one of your oft-stated criticisms of feminists?

Dear Freethinker,
Thank you for your comment. If you have read much of my blog, and perhaps particularly my article ‘On Conspiracy Theories’, you should be aware of my scepticism on the subject. But I did also say that if the evidence points to a conspiracy, then there probably is one.

You are quite correct that the media exists to make money, and it will publish anything that will help it to that end. Sex and violence sell newspapers. All true.

However, the media are very often guilty of pouring petrol onto an existing small fire. Obviously it is in their interest to do this. What is more, their tendency to do this can be manipulated. In addition, media outlets generally promote the views of their proprietors and editors. To think that the media is unbiased, or that it always tells the truth, or that it always has society’s best interests at heart, is deeply na├»ve.

I believe that feminists, and other cultural Marxists, have made it their mission to penetrate the media (not to mention academia, government and the charity/NGO sector) in the last few decades, in order to turn these organisations to the task of promoting their agenda. They have been largely successful in this. The so-called 'liberal' media of today largely reflects this agenda, and consequently promotes a significant anti-male bias.

These issues are explored in Spin Sisters: How the Women of the Media Sell Unhappiness - and Liberalism - to the Women of America, by Myrna Blyth.

Media coverage of issues such as rape, child abuse and domestic violence also bear out my analysis. Look at The Sun’s disgraceful feature on rape, designed to provoke hatred and distrust of all men, and calls for increased taxpayer-funding for feminist causes, while saying nothing about false accusations, or of violence committed by women.

The media’s account of domestic violence is simply the radical feminist one; that domestic violence is one of the bad things that heterosexual men do to heterosexual women. The scientific evidence shows very clearly that this is a gross misrepresentation of the facts. You will simply never hear the truth about domestic violence from the mainstream media.

The Satanic Child Abuse panic of the 1990s is a good example of the symbiotic relationship between man-hating radical feminists and the media. Tales about devil-worshippers abusing children behind every suburban net curtain originated in the US among Christian fundamentalist groups. They were quickly seized upon by feminists for political ends, and taken up by the tabloid media.

“Some elements of the witch hunts of the 1600s and the red scare of the 1950s have parallels in the sex abuse hysteria… Those who oppose the hunt are then themselves accused, or those that are accused must name others involved to be given leniency. Some experts note that the anxiety over leaving young children with strangers, paired with the creation of large numbers of day care centers and more mothers taking jobs created a climate of guilt.” Reference

According to this article, middle class women assuaged their guilt and anxiety over putting their children in day care by manufacturing false allegations of child abuse.

In this climate, radical feminists in Social Services departments saw that their moment of glory had arrived. We saw police and Social Services raids on communities around the UK, seizing children from their distraught parents, so that they could be interrogated for hours by feminist social workers, who offered them food and sweets if they would make incriminating statements against their fathers. This did not just happen once. There was Shieldfield, Orkney, Lewis, Rochdale, Cleveland, to name just a few. In case after case, no evidence of any abuse was ever found. The lives of those caught up in this have been seriously affected in many cases. None of those responsible have ever been charged, or even fired. Many, many innocent men went to prison for crimes that never happened.

Two examples are the cases of Bernard Baran and Peter Ellis.

The News of the World published photos of some alleged paedophiles – all male of course – which led to public order offences and drove the offenders underground, making them more difficult to monitor. At that time Rebekkah Wade was the editor, and she took the decision not in the public interest, or in the interests of children, but to promote her own career.

It was as though the UK was in the grip of a collective madness at this time, and this situation was created by the unholy alliance between radical feminism and tabloid journalism. The sexual bias of the witch-hunt is clear. Almost all of the falsely accused were men. Although radical feminism and tabloid journalism could hardly be said to be natural allies, they sometimes find they have common interests. The Satanic Panic was one such time.

Once the game was rumbled, the Satanic Panic was over just as quickly as it had begun. The very same people who had previously had an interest in promoting the witch-hunt – tabloid editors, feminist social workers – now had a vested interest in burying it, in case any blame attached to them.

It seems that paedophiles have stopped worshipping Satan now. They prefer to hang around in internet chat-rooms instead. They are still male though. Oh yes, all paedophiles are male, everyone knows that.

An important political factor to consider is the concern of governments about an unrestricted internet. The panic about child pornography, paedophiles lurking in chat-rooms, and to a lesser extent, terrorism, have been used to justify government monitoring of private internet usage.

Before 1985, no-one outside the psychiatric profession had ever heard the word ‘paedophile’. Now, paedophiles have become the monster under everyone’s bed. How did this happen?

The paedophile panic, as I have tried to show, resulted from a complex mixture of different political and economic vested interests.

The virus that produced the Satanic Panic has not gone away. It is just in remission for now.

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Paragon said...

I agree, except for your conclusion. I don't think is is in remission. I think it's worse then ever.

The satanic panic was just a spark and now we are in the middle of the inferno.

The difference is now it's not a panic but a constant unending state of anxiety that we have come to accept as simply the way it is. We don't even notice it anymore. We are accustomed to it and we are no longer really doing anything to fight it off. The disease has set in, and it's spreading, it's not in remission.

Instead of a small outbreak we have a worldwide epidemic of fear the likes of which history has never known

False accusations are now not rare, but an every day occurrence. So common that we don't even notice them anymore. There is no big cases revealed as scandals, just millions of innocents quietly brushed away from society without a word.

People are judging everything with a suspicious eye and are extremely quick to accuse.

Satanic panic couldn't last. No one buys that stain worshipers are everywhere - some don't even believe they exist. But everyone believe s paedophiles exist.

Not only that, they believe paedophiles are the main cause of trauma in childhood and the main moral void in society.

Paedophiles are no longer worshipers of satan, they have become the worlds new satans.

The disease of fear and panic hasn't gone into remission... it's set in

The witch hunt is not regional now, it's Global.

We are right smack dab in the middle of the largest witch hunts in human history. Between paedo's and terrorists, there have never, ever been as broad sweeping epidemics of fear and witch hunting ever in history. All others added together may not equal the scale of the witch hunts we are in today. All of histories innocent victims of fear and witch hunts may not equal the victims that have already fallen to the two biggest witch hunts today and we are nowhere near the end of these witch hunts yet.

Paragon said...

I should clarify one thing regarding my comment above.

When I am talking about the fear and panic over paedophiles I include in the term all those people who belong to the class known as sex offenders.

I know full well that less then 5% of sexual offenders are paedophiles, but that doesn't matter because more or less society has deemed them all such and once assigned (also known as convicted) to the class known as sex offender you may as well be a paedophile in the eyes of the general public. Oh, so you ended up on the list of the damned (AKA sex offender registry) for public urination? Oh, well, you might be a paedophile so you are subject to the exact same restrictions and judgments.

The undeserved destruction of you life is justified because even though we can't prove it, we just know that there's more paedo's out there getting away with it so we're punishing you for their crimes that may or may not have occurred.

Burn the witch. 'Burn them all!' is the mindset.

That's the nature of witch hunts. The truth doesn't factor into it.

Sex offender registries are paedophile panic. There is no other purpose. No member of the general public expresses their approval of the existence of sex offender registries by saying "I am worried about people peeing on my bushes so I want to know where ill manured people live" They don't even say "I want to protect myself or my wife. No, they say "I want to protect my children"

Regardless of how they were sold on the public, the public sees them exclusively as a list of paedophiles.

So, once again, I know it's unfair to include all sex offenders under the term 'paedophile' because less then 5 out of every hundred are anything close to a paedophile, but lets face it, not very many of the people burned in at the stake between the middle ages and the 18th century were witches either. That's why they coined the phrase witch hunt.

Oh, and the reason for saying there is more victims today then there ever has been in the past is two fold. Today the world is orders of magnitude larger in population then it was throughout most of human existence. There are billions more people today then there were 200 years ago. So allot more people can fall victim to the witch hunts of today then historically before anyone really notices.

The second reason is there has never been a Global Witch hunt before. This is the first time. The Spanish inquisition, the crusades, the Salem Witch hunts, and all the others were regional. This new witch hunt reaches from brothels in Thailand, to deserts in Africa, to office buildings in London, to preschools in Alaska. Nothing from history compares in scope.

The only other parallel to history is that most people don't think it will effect them and don't even really know it's happening, and most people think that the very things feeding the flames of hate and fear that create the witch hunt are morally the right thing to do.

angryharry said...

Sorry Freethinker, but you are just plain wrong.

I have only time to give you one example - the interference with program makers when their programmes are concerned with false allegations.

In the UK, the producers of soaps have been lobbied ceaselessly by various groups to refrain from airing FICTIONAL plots wherein accusers of sexual assaults are shown to have been lying.

And the producers have backed down on numerous occasions as a result.

Those who make allegations of 'abuse' must always be shown to be telling the truth! - even in fiction.

This, effectively, is the media conspiring with certain groups to cover up the fact that many of those who are accused of abuse are, in fact, innocent.

In other words, the lurid stories which attract the public are heavily prejudiced against men as a result of the activities of many feminist-inspired pressure groups.

Furthermore, anyone who has investigated the matter properly will see an unending stream of falsehoods emanating from those concerned to pursue the feminist agenda - one example being the lies from the UK's Equal Opprtunities Commission concerning the reasons why women do not climb as high as men in their careers. They make no mention **AT ALL** of how it is that women's own choices have some considerable bearing on their career prospects.

Do you really think that this is an oversight by the EOC? An accident?

No. It is a ***conspiracy*** to deceive.

Wake up, Freethinker.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Harry.