Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Duke Lacrosse Pantomime Finally Over

All charges have finally been dropped against the three innocent students at Duke University. This is not only a triumph for justice and common sense, but it is a considerable victory for the men's movement agenda.

As Cathy Young argued in her excellent article The Waterloo of Rape-Crisis Feminism, the failure of this case is a victory over the callous, politically-motivated lying of people like Wendy Murphy, professional feminist 'advocates', who have dedicated their careers to the destruction of men's lives, guilty or not, simply because they are men. Let us not forget that this kind of radical lesbian agenda harms genuine rape victims too. It serves the interests of nobody. That agenda has been dealt a blow today.

It is also a victory over the 'Tenured Vigilantes' on the academic Left, supposed educators who were quite happy to see three boys lynched for being white and middle-class, just because it happened to suit their ideological agenda. The academic Leftists at Duke have been dealt a sharp blow today, but it must be followed up with more. Their behaviour towards these students was truly disgraceful, and motivated by the strange pseudo-intellectual cult religion that these so-called academics are members of. This kind of political partisanship has no place on a university faculty. There should be an enquiry into their conduct, and they should have their tenure removed. What kind of ridiculous notion is 'tenure' anyway? That has got to change.

It is a victory over judicial corrupion, and corrupt prosecutor Mike Nifong will now be feeling the heat.

It is a victory over the epidemic of false accusations, and false accuser Crystal Gayle Magnum should now be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Today is a good day. A day of triumph for those who believe in justice and the rule of law. A good day for those who wish to see the vested interests of champagne socialists crumble. A good day for those who want to see false accusations challenged.

But in truth, the story is not over yet. I hope to see Nifong and Magnum in the dock. I hope to see the falsely accused compensated. I hope to see those campus guerillas fired. I want to see a sea-change in the ideological climate on American campuses, so that education is valued over political activism. That is probably asking too much.

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