Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Wolf at the Door of Fascist America

Fascist America, in 10 easy steps, by Naomi Wolf

Naomi Wolf is quite right to be concerned about the transformation of the USA into a fascist dictatorship. That process seems to be well advanced, some would say already complete. If anything she is too optimistic; she didn't mention, in this article at least, the Reichstag Fire of 9/11, or the fact that the junta rose to power through a fixed 'election', achieved by that tried and tested mixture of voter intimidation, cronyism and judicial corruption, assisted in this instance by rigged electronic voting machines. The good news is that an American Reich, like all such societies, is not going to be sustainable for long, and indeed the cracks in the neo-con junta are already highly visible. The only concerns are when exactly it will fall, how much damage - both geopolitical and human - it will do before that process is completed, and what kind of 'peace' we, and more especially, Americans, are going to get afterwards.

I do find it slightly ironic, however, to hear a committed feminist of long standing complaining about 'closing down an open society'. Ms Wolf needs to bear in mind that the Left is just as competent as the Right when it comes to trampling on democracy and civil liberties, and women of both camps have always been at the forefront of the charge. Feminists in the Anglophone world have, over the last four decades, deliberately tried to destroy families and relationships, distort the legal system, extort taxpayer's money and censor the media, all in order to gain unelected power for themselves. Now who's the fascist? Feminists such as Wolf are in no position to lecture the rest of us about protecting democracy and free speech.

In fact, in the face of a fascist America, we now need an effective Leftist opposition like we have never needed one before. But where is it? The women are too busy conducting Goddess-worshipping ceremonies, and worrying about whether or not they feel as fulfilled as the magazines tell them they should. The men, meanwhile, are skulking in the corner, too cowed to say anything, or too busy abasing themselves in front of the women in an effort to gain their approval, struggling to understand why it is that the more they abase themselves, the more the women despise them. Disorientated by the demise of Marxism, and unable to replace it with anything except Post-modernist nonsense, New Age mysticism and the Cult of the Victim, the Left is utterly useless as a political entity.

Meanwhile the Project for a New American Century rumbles forward on its quest for full spectrum dominance, substantially unchallenged.

Feminism has the effect of splitting and subverting other Leftist movements that it touches. I know from my own experience of the anti-war movement, that the women spent most of their time blaming their male peers for the existence of war, and suggesting to each other that they ought to break out on their own and start their own women's anti-war movement, free from male 'contamination'; look at Greenham Common peace-camp. This tendency to cripple and divide the Left, is, I believe, one reason why the Establishment has never challenged feminism directly. As long as feminism keeps the men and women of the Left at each other's throats, it is doing the Establishment a favour. Wolf is herself complicit in this process. She has advocated that women should take complete control of all traditional Leftist and humanitarian causes.

If the Left is ever going to experience a Rennaissance, it is going to have to sacrifice many of its sacred cows. The sickliest of them all - feminism - is fit only for the glue factory.


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Fima Fimovich said...

you did not tell here about wide experiment here in USA: creating subclass of pariah: registered sex offenders. There are 600,000 of them
and growing.
Government is trying to picture them
as public enemies, to bring public attention away from real problems.

jazzygc said...

I like how she reminded Colbert that under a Hillary administration, you might just be surveilled. Men this is just one more step, enjoy?!? NOT!!!!!