Thursday, May 31, 2007

Feminist Smear Campaign Against Blackwell Continues

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Justice for Warren Blackwell":

Are your readers aware the police hard aressted and interviewd warren blackwell in oct 2003 after a nother women reported to police he raped her?

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Posted by Anonymous to Heretical Sex at 8:30 PM

I just got this comment on my blog. Is it true?

Haha – no, it most certainly is not true. “Anonymous” is clearly some silly woman trying to stir up shite – email Northants police and ask them if you like??

Lol – ask anonymous if she’s really Ruth Hall or Lisa Longstaff from Women Against Rape!!!

Or maybe Anonymous is really Sophia Gotti (if that’s how it’s spelt?)… that’s another of Shannon Taylor’s alias's since I was convicted!!!



And so the pathetic feminist lies continue; becoming ever more desperate and unscrupulous.

Haven't Warren and his family suffered enough already? He spent three years and four months in prison for a sexual offence that never happened, the victim of a lying madwoman and a miscarriage of justice. Even after all that, they still will not leave him alone.

The trouble is that Warren is standing up for himself and gaining support from others. Men like him are supposed to quietly lie down and die somewhere.

By exposing the radical feminist anti-rape lobby for the politically-motivated gravy-train that it is, his case is a source of embarrassment to them. They care little about the welfare of genuine rape victims. They are engaged on a political mission to destroy men, heterosexuality, the family and something called 'The Patriarchy'. False rape accusations are one of the most powerful weapons they have in their war against men. They receive generous state funding for their activities, based upon their supposed moral authority. Warren's case risks challenging that moral authority. His reputation and credibility must be destroyed in order to protect the vested interests of the radical feminist establishment. They cannot let the word get out that false rape accusations are commonplace.

This is what we are up against. Today, it is Warren Blackwell. Tomorrow, it could be you. Or your son.


Warren Blackwell said...

I wasn't going to bother responding further, but having given it some thought - I'd like to challenge "anonymous" to step up to the plate and reveal themselves. Make the allegation again and we'll see if you can back it up with any evidence (which I know you can't) and I'll see you in court where you can have your say??

The fact is, by making such a ludicrous allegation under the vail of anonymity you have only strengthened our argument - that women who make false allegations should not be protected by law. You have used that very same law to make your allegation without having to identify yourself.

You will not come forward of course, no doubt arguing you yoursef are a 'genuine' victim of some other man's desires. You are a dog, that feeds on the injustices suffered by real victims - you spit on their feelings like you would spit in the face of any man.

Shame on you 'Anonymous' - because you will never reveal yourself means no one will really ever take any notice of you.

Teegan said...

Don't except them to reveal themselves. Feminists don't care about virtues such as courage, honor, truth, and justice. They care only about furthering their own agenda and using any means necessary. If this includes dropping a lie and running off to let it wreak havoc then so be it, and if you scream for them to reveal themselves they will simply only snicker at you from the shadows.