Friday, June 01, 2007

Boys Pay the Price of Media Witch-hunt.

Troubled children are being deprived of male mentors because many men are afraid their good intentions might be misinterpreted, two charities have warned....

NCH and Chance UK have issued an appeal for men to join their mentoring scheme for children who need special support because of behavioural problems.

The charities commissioned a survey which found that 13% of men who don't volunteer with children said it was because of fears they might be perceived as a possible paedophile.

The child 'protection' industry, in collusion with the tabloid media and the radical feminist lobby, have, over the last two decades and more, manufactured a climate of such paranoia that the relationship between men and children has been seriously eroded.
Boys are being classified as having increased behavioural problems for two reasons.

Firstly, they really are exhibiting more disturbed behaviour; the social breakdown that they find themselves in the middle of is having an effect on them. Many of them will have no father in their lives, and will be living in poverty. They have no positive role-models, no discipline, boundaries or structure in their lives, and exist on nutritionally poor diets. The feminist-designed classroom is unsuitable for them, and they find themselves bored, sidelined and derided in school, so their behaviour deteriorates as a result.

Secondly, with men deserting the teaching profession in droves for fear of false allegations, the teachers are almost all female. In many cases, the female teacher is offended by what is in fact normal boyish behaviour, and tends to pathologise it. Thus the boys are more likely to be labelled as having behavioural problems, whether they do or not.

When children's charities are still sufficiently in touch with reality to recognise that there is a problem, they call for male volunteer mentors, only to be met with the same lukewarm response. Men do not want to be mentors for the same reason that they do not want to be school-teachers. A man cannot express an interest in working with children. There are, as everyone knows, devil-worshipping paedophiles lurking in every suburban street.

Although the role of the tabloid media in creating this climate of fear and mistrust cannot be ignored, their motivation is a relatively innocent one; they only want to make money. There are others whose agenda is more political and altogether more sinister, who actually seek to demonise men, to destroy marriage and the family and to separate men from children. They have been very successful at pursuing this agenda over the last two decades, largely thanks to society's naivete.

It is not only boys who are paying the price; men's lives are impoverished as well, and the whole of society will suffer in the long-term. As this generation of disturbed boys fails to receive the help it needs, and grows into a generation of disturbed men, we will see a spiral of further social decay; family breakdown, crime and fatherlessness.

The academic Left and in particular, the feminist movement, are the people responsible for this. Until we develop the political will to challenge the radical feminist lobby, the plight of boys will never improve, and the social problems we see around us will continue to worsen.


Alien Anthropologist said...

There was a newspaper story recently around where I live about an 80-something retired guy who volunteered to help out at one of the primary schools, telling stories to the kids, that kind of thing. He did that for years, but apparently he's now quit, because he decided he was no longer willing to take the risk of being called a pedophile at some point in the future.

The whole thing has been an absolute disaster for kids in this country; just look at that girl who drowned some time ago where the last man who saw her said he thought about going over and talking to her but was worried that someone would report him to the police if he did. She'd still be alive, if not for the pedophile hysteria.

No man can risk going anywhere near kids in Britain anymore. It's insane.

Nick S said...

It always amazes me how people who claim to care so much about the wellbeing of children seem to be so oblivious to the negative effects on children of their own silly orthodoxies and political agendas.

Just watch as the teaching profession, feminist academics et al shed crocodile tears over the plight of boys, and try to shift the blame elsewhere, while blithely ignoring how they themselves have contributed to the problem.

Neon said...

I very rarely see this issue brought up and never by mainstream news outlets. I have had friends that enjoyed working with children and planned on making a career out of it only to be rebuffed by the constant questioning of his motives. The want to impart knowledge upon children or take care of them in day care is an admirable thing, unless of course, you have a penis.

Anonymous said...

Having been a male teacher -including kindergarten -for decades, I weep for what the destroyers of the traditional family have done to our children.
Nothing hurts worse than when a youngster of a broken home and whacko parenting by proxy, wants a simple hug and I have to push them away.
Those of us who have a faith in God understand what is behind all this and it's far deeper than mere politics.

Anonymous said...

You don't even have to bring accusations of pedophilia into it. The simple differences in style can be reason enough for male teachers (or men in other child-supervisory roles) to come in for unfair burdens of criticism and condemnation.

With acknowledgement of exceptions, male teachers tend to choose a paternalistic, disciplinary style of teaching over the maternalistic nurturing style female teachers tend to prefer, and the simple choice to be strict, firm and intolerant of disruptive behaviour can get you more trouble than it's worth these days.

All that said, paranoia is paranoia whether it's parental or not. If I see a kid who needs help, or a kid is being friendly to me, I'll be friendly and helpful to that kid; I'm not going to let fear of a panicked accusation that is easily disproved keep me from acting like a parent and a grown-up.

Anonymous said...

Well said! I live in the United States and things are very similar here. it's heartening to hear a lucid voice on this issue. Please keep speaking out about this!

Anonymous said...

Very true for heterosexual men. But gay men seem to get a pass. Look at the uproar when the Boy Scouts of America banned gays from being Scout Leaders.

And no, there are no liberals under my bed.