Sunday, June 03, 2007

Can anyone help?

I received this email today:

"I'm a grandmother in TX.

I recently found your site while searching for help for my son who has been devastated by the biased, corrupt judicial and family court system for the past 4 years. I know of at least 52 men that have also been discriminated against in our area. If you can't help us, maybe you know of someplace that can, as I've not found anyplace in my 4 year search..

My son was falsely accused of domestic violence by his wife in 2003. She was mad at him for trying to stop her from spending all their money on meth and cocaine again. She rubbed her neck and made red marks, and when the officer arrived he asked, "What happened to your neck, did he try to strangle you?" She said "Yes, he tried to strangle me" which was a blatant lie.

That was the beginning of a nightmare in the justice system that seems like it will never be over.

My son was pressured to accept a guilty plea and was given a year probation and other things. He filed for divorce and his son and step-son (her son from a previous boyfriend) went with him to our home. She was too involved with drinking, doing drugs and sleeping with other men to care about them.

Things were OK until a couple of months later when she attacked him while high on drugs, trying to bash his brains in, knocking his glasses off and mangling them. He was nearly knocked out and all he saw was stars, and reflexively threw his arm up to block another blow, accidentally making contact with her while she was coming in for another attack. He connected with her totally by accident while nearly unconscious.

When the police arrived they ignored his injuries and arrested him. He tried to ask them why he was being arrested when she was the one that attacked him, and was told "It's not up for debate so be quiet." They only took her statement, which was lies, and refused to even take a statement from him, assuming he was guilty automatically because he's male.

A few months later (while my son was in jail and the children were still living with us while she continued to party) a women's violence place here told her they would give her cash and other benefits if she would claim she "feared for her life" and get a restraining order, so she did. They paid her to lie! When it was produced for my son to sign he explicitly asked if it would affect his rights to his son, and was told it would not but was only to stay away from her, which was another blatant lie.

This organization was the same one that was contacted previously by my son asking for help with the violence and drug use by his wife. They told him they don't have any help for men except as an abuser.. They told him if a male comes in there looking for help as the abused, they tell him to leave immediately, they can't help him. We soon found out there isn't a single place for males to get help with an abusive female in their lives. All programs are only for women and against men. It was surprising considering at least one-third of abuse victims are men.

The protective order took everyone from these children's lives, their father as well as us grandparents who were caring for them while she partied. She was not interested in caring for them and was not even capable of caring for them, but that didn't matter to the biased, corrupt system. When we had to deliver them to her my little 3-year-old grandson ran down the center of the street crying and screaming for us and there was nothing at all we could do. I cry still when I think of the pain he felt. His mother didn't even have the wits about her to comfort him but just walked away. We stopped of course and comforted him and then had to hand him to one of the men she was with. The system killed us all that day.

We learned a few days later that she had left them with a heroin addict. We tried to get help from CPS but were told she can leave them with whoever she wants since she's their mother. We told them of other abuse and neglect we knew of. A few weeks later we contacted them again and asked them if they were investigating. They informed us that she had moved so they could do nothing. We learned later that the women's organization had financed her move to another state, so that CPS could not investigate her. We didn't even know where they were for over a year.

The laws pertaining to domestic violence assault accusations are bizarre and confusing to say the least. There seems to be no time limitations on how many times the one charge can be brought into court, or the number of warrants and bonds issued, where the accused doesn't even know about it until he's arrested again.

My son has been through court settings 3 different times in two different courtrooms, and it has been dismissed 3 times, only to be brought back and started all over again. He didn't hear anything for nearly two years and then it was back again, right when he was making some headway in getting some rights to his son. There has now been 4 separate warrants and 4 bonds paid, and numerous court dates in different courtrooms on this one charge over the past 4 years.

He has not been allowed to have contact with his child for over 4 years, except for 5 months when he had temporary custody when the mother abandoned their son. He did great with his father and was happy, healthy and very well cared for.

The mother regained sole custody as soon as the women's organization went back to court with her claiming my son was allegedly violent. This organization took up her cause to get what she wants at any cost to my grandson and everyone else. They provide free attorneys and all expenses paid for, while my son has to pay all his own expenses. My son has fought for parental rights in family court but has none. The judge once even told him he was too obsessed with seeing his son. It has taken everything we all have, financially and emotionally, but he still has no rights at all. He's always been a loving father and there's no sane reason his child should ever have been kept from him.

We also learned the biased family court judge that refused him rights, regularly participated in fund raisers for the organization that provided her pro bono attorneys and all expenses. In return the organization donates thousands back to the judge's re-election in order to keep an anti-father ally on the bench.

We have proven there has been severe neglect, abuse and abandonment by the mother, yet my son has no rights to even protect his own child. Everything from my grandson being absent or tardy from school much of the time (she has been fined and jailed for this), to being taped up and tormented by her boyfriends, to a drunk guy staggering into their bedroom in the middle of the night and passing out in a pile of puke on their bedroom floor, to being abandoned while she spent a week with her boyfriend in the city-and there's a lot more! They just don't care!

My entire family (especially my son and grandson) have been destroyed emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually. We live in constant depression, anxiety and sorrow- terrified for my grandson's safety, praying my son can cope and not have to resort to suicide. At the very least we know all our lives have been forever shattered.

In June my son will finally get the hearing he has been requesting for 4 years. Four years of being threatened and harassed by the prosecution, told they will make sure he doesn't see his child for a long time unless he pleads guilty. The prosecutor has worked alongside his exes attorney to keep him from having any rights, all because they're pissed off that he had the nerve to ask for a trial instead of taking a guilty plea like other falsely accused men do. Like he did with the first false accusation.

He was told 4 years ago they will wait as long as possible to give him his trial. Told they know how to manipulate the jury to do what they want, and he will be found guilty even if he's not. They use my grandson as a pawn, jeopardizing his life and safety just to punish my son for not accepting a plea to something he's not guilty of.

I use to believe in our system, now I feel I've been deaf, dumb and blind to the truth all these years. There are many men in the same position, and many innocent men are jailed and have their lives destroyed by the bias and corruption in the system. Many of these men have children that are ripped forever from them, many left in the sole custody of very violent unfit mothers, as my precious grandson is. It's a horrible travesty that never should happen in America.

We've learned it's useless to hire an attorney as none want to fight for the rights of fathers/men when it's not popular to do so, thanks to laws like VAWA, and they face their own repercussions from the prosecutors and judges if they try.

It's so hard to even go on, no way to escape the terrible pain.

I hope someone reads this that may truly care what is happening to so many good men in our country (including many of our servicemen) as well as thousands of innocent children this corruption destroys. Where are the rights of the men and children in this country? It seems like there are none unless you're female. The VAWA ACT is the most biased, corrupt thing to ever happen in this country, as it eliminates the civil and human rights of an entire gender, while giving the other a license to lie and destroy with impunity.

Please let us know where we can go for help before it's too late.

Thank you,


If anyone has any advice for Cecilia, please post a comment here.


Miss Ondrya said...

I can't imagine who could help them.

What I have been wondering about lately is the question why the Americans fought communism for so long. They seem to feel so comfortable with state enforced equality.

Could this sort of thing happen in a country if the great majority of men and women didn't support the underlying philosophy?

Quote Sylvester Stallone recently: "You should see my house - all women. Even the dogs are female plus the housekeeper! I don't win one argument. Ninety-five percent of the time, women are right, though. They can be emotional but they're right."

The idea of female superiority is deeply ingrained in the American psyche it seems. It goes back a long way. I guess they like it that way, so why worry about it?

Anonymous said...

For Cecilia:
Get in touch with Glenn Sacks.
Fill in this form to get in touch

Or Dads Divorce. They have a discussion forum.

Try to find a fathers'/men's rights organization in the state.(if it exists)

Read through other MRA websites...
Daddy Blog are supporting an equal-parenting bike trek.


There are thousands of fathers and children separated from each other as a result of divorce. Anti-male bias is present everywhere. Feminism has failed society, and every following generation of children are suffering more and more.

This was a real sad story and it makes me very angry.


Message to mothers(feminist or not) with sons:
Renounce feminism or this could happen to you and your son.

Anonymous said...

Kill the mother.

Yeah yeah, I know, that SHOULD be moderated. But the truth is, until the mother is removed from the picture, the father HAS no rights. Period. That is the way the system has been created. The system doesnt care about the welfare of the children , or families, or even the mother ( if they cared about the mother they would throw her ass in rehab, if not jail) It ONLY cares about the welfare of the System. NOTHING else.

Miss Ondrya said...

"Kill the mother."

How many men are thinking the unspeakable?

If virtually all power is transferred to women (in order to subjugate us, so we can't start those pesky wars all the time), then what other recourse do men have left then the use of violence?

We shouldn't be surprised when feminist gain more power in our political bodies, if we lose the right to carry arms, or even to play violent games.

I know from comments by females on the forums that they are worried about this. Although I don't believe in violence (it's immoral, unnecessary, irresponsible, counterproductive), I think they are right.

Stephen said...

My god, that story was horrifying. As much as I think my genes are worthy to be passed on to the next generation, it won't be into a world like this.

A revolution is going to happen. Not just on the internet, in message boards. No, this will be a take-no-prisoners streetfight in the realest sense of the word.

And that terrifies me.

Mercurior said...

when men feel worthless, by laws, by societal constraints, when men have no rights but all the responsibilities.

it makes a lot more men, angry, and as the rights of man is degraded to nothing, then there will be more male violence.

since men will at some point have nothing to lose. so there will be a revolution, and it will be bad for everyone. but it is inevitable and inescapable.

for if there is a mens right revolution, then that will make the feminists and womens organisations just that bit more powerful giving them proof that all men are dangerous, and if the feminist pleasers , and politicians win, then men will be less than nothing. but if these groups dont do something to the benefit of all (men in particular) this will happen.

of course by then only the older men and older people will be able to fight due to the indoctrination of schools in the anti male way, the children will be brought up without men, and they will beleive the lies told about men.

for cecilia, i would write to your representative, and right and right and right, to newspapers, politicians, to everyone, stating this.

Anonymous said...

Well,If men and women do support the "underlying philosophy",they only do so because they were unconsciously persuaded to do so by years of media programming full of ideological propaganda,including the myth of female supremacy and myths and fake stats about DV.Thankfully,with the truth about fems being exposed all the time,support for these hate-based fake causes will diminish,especially now that the taxpayers know that its largely their money being used to fund these boondoggles(like VAWA)

BrusselsLout said...

This is another one of those harrowing stories that takes you beyond anger to extreme frustration.

Cecilia, I'm not a lawyer so I can't offer you any advice. But I wish you the best of luck in pulling your son out of that mess that he clearly does not deserve to be in.

I hope you keep us posted here on Heretic's site as to how you are progressing with your case.

BrusselsLout said...

"...Ninety-five percent of the time, women are right, though. They can be emotional but they're right."

I've always been under the impression that 95% of women are smarter than Silvester Stallone.

Cecilia said...

Hi everyone, Cecilia the TX grandma here.
I'd like to thank Heredic for posting my situation and also everyone who offered comments and advice. It is appreciated very much.

We go back to court on Monday. I'll post here as to what happens. We're praying to be able to at least be allowed to present our statement- our side of things.

It's unbelievable that they've been able to remove my grandson from his father, and destroyed my entire family the past 4 years, without ever once allowing my son to even present his side of what

I've been in contact with, and have been following, several groups fighting for equal rights for fathers/men, including Glenn Sacks who I believe does a great job.
Sadly, there doesn't seem to be much that anybody can do for us personally, but change is slowly coming about I think.

I've called and written all my representatives several times, but am told they can't interfere in legal or family court matters. The problem just grows larger because there is no recourse for the victims of the bias and corruption.
Some have even admitted they know it's a huge problem, but one they can't do anything about. Very frustrating and discouraging!

I'm trying to learn how to bring a lawsuit (pro se) against the state, county and those individuals responsible for this violation of rights. I'd also like to start a local support group for those in our situation.
I have to build up my strength and spirit again first, as at this time I'm a tired broken spirit. We're hoping to somehow save someone else from some of the terrible pain we now live with.

I'll post next week and let you know what happens. We hope this can soon be over and we can start to heal, and do what we can for others that have been denied their civil and human rights in the corrupt system.

Thanks to all,

MikeeUSA said...

The only option is violent revolution.

It is the only thing that will work.

mom who looked at the facts said...

Is it possible to hire a private investigator to get you proof that can used in court against the mother? My husband just went through being falsey accused of a crime in court. Our family was dragged through hell. We were all painted out to be evil pieces of scum. These prosecutors and womens/victims support groups think they are doing a righteous thing and saving a life. That may be true in some instances but unfortunatley it leaves them very narrow minded. They only see what they want to see in a case. It is very frustrating and it opens your eyes to the problems in our justice system. Most people will never understand our pain until they have to go through a similar situation.

This is what makes it so hard to find help out there. The public opinion is that men are evil and women are the victims. Since men are stronger then women they must be the culprits. Look at the recent case of the group of men who were accused of raping that girl in Hofstra. The media and public jumped all over these boys. They wanted them locked up and the key thrown away. Even I thought they had to be sick in the head to commit such a crime. Now we know they were innocent and the girl lied.

There is still hope out there. We hired a very good attorney and a private investigator and they worked together. We had the case thrown out. They system can be beat. Keep praying and keep the hope. Never stop fighting. Best of luck to your family and son but most of all to your grandson. I will say a prayer for your family.