Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday morning coffee.

Sunday morning. I wake up early. No milk in the fridge for coffee. I put on my shoes and go out to the local Asian-run grocery store on the corner. Will it be open so early on a Sunday? I approach it, and see that it is. I smile. It's so reliable. Always there when I need it.

The young man who serves me is the youngest son of the family. He's disabled, very slightly built with eyesight and co-ordination problems, and mild learning difficulties. He is able to help out in the shop at quiet times, or when other members of the family are not around. He's clearly very proud of his work, and is always extremely polite and helpful.

I suddenly wished Germaine Greer was with me. I wanted to say to her, "Look, Germaine. It's your class enemy. He's oppressing you. He's a member of the evil Patriarchal ruling class, and you're a member of the oppressed victim class. Quick! You need to wage warfare for your own liberation!".

Or maybe it would be better if Valerie Solanas had been there. I could have asked her, "Is this what you meant when you said that a man is 'a walking abortion'?"

Or if Marilyn French had been available I could have asked her, "When you say that 'men are rapists and that's all they are', does that include my friend here?"

Or I could have asked Mary Daly, "You know when you said that you want to reduce the male population to 10% of the overall population, and maintain it at that level? What do you have planned for people like my friend here? A bullet in the back of the neck? Or would you include him in the 10%? How would you decide?"

As I looked at the young shopkeeper's face, a face of profound innocence, for some reason it suddenly struck me just what a deeply evil and perverted ideology feminism really is. To regard this man as your enemy, you would have to be a very sick individual. And yet he is a man. He is the enemy.

He gave me my change with many polite thank yous, and I left.

Sunday morning coffee. So relaxing.

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sisyphus said...

Moral of the story? Avoid the faceless grocery giants, give all your business to the friendly local corner shop. You see, feminism does work: it makes those of us who manage to resist its doctrines more caring, responsible and human...manly even!