Monday, August 27, 2007

Times Blames Fathers for Death of Rhys Jones

The Times of London, a normally respectable newspaper, this week published an editorial discussing the epidemic of gang violence sweeping the UK, which recently resulted in the death of 11-year-old Rhys Jones, shot dead while playing football in Liverpool last week.

It is clear that politicians of all parties are now waking up to the crisis of fatherlessness and family breakdown.

The Conservative leader [David Cameron] referred to “fathers who run away from their responsibilities, who don’t stick around to give their sons the discipline they need”. Earlier this week Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, referred similarly to a crisis of fatherlessness in certain places, depriving the sons left behind not simply of figures of authority but also of adult male role models of any form to emulate.

Everyone agrees on what the consequences of fatherlessness are, and the Times puts as it succinctly as any:

Whether it be council estates at home or failed states abroad, societies dominated by teenaged boys, unrestrained by fathers, are invariably dangerous locations. Gangs rapidly take the place of the orthodox family unit. Loyalties to these institutions undermine traditional respect and values. The ability to generate fear in others becomes a prized social asset...Society loses its self-confidence and with that the ties which bind it together. There are manifestly enclaves in Britain where this has happened.

What the politicians have not done yet, is to ask themselves why the UK has experienced such family breakdown; or if they have, then they don't have the guts to admit it. Everyone is blaming fatherlessness on fathers themselves.

Attitudes to fatherhood did not change for the worse because of past political activities

This is an amazing statement. Past political activity is exactly the reason that attitudes to fatherhood changed for the worse. Since the early 1970s, the political Left has set itself the goal of destroying the family, which it sees as fundamentally oppressive to women and children. For forty years the feminist movement has been systematically underming and demonising men, and redefining the word 'family' to mean 'a woman and her children'. The divorce laws, the secretive Family courts, and the tax and benefit systems, have all been skewed to assist in this program. The evidence is clear for anyone who cares to look at it, and I have cited some of it on this blog already.

See for example, Erin Pizzey's essay The Planned Destruction of the Family I realized through reading the Women's Movement literature that those thousands of women working in all caring fields, the journalists, the television makers, were determined to destroy family life in England. 'Make the personal political,' was one of their many banners. So thousands of violent and very disturbed women attacked normal happily married women and our traditional way of life.

Pizzey knows what she is talking about. She founded the first ever battered women's shelter in West London in 1971. She describes how it was taken from her by revolutionary Marxist-feminists hell-bent on destroying the family, and she was expelled from her own shelter, her work suppressed.

Both men as a population, and the State as a political entity, failed to deal with this movement at the time. Men, at this point, took the whole movement as a joke but it was no joke, as many homeless men deprived of their children will tell you. (op. cit.)

We are now seeing the results. I speak to fathers all the time who are desperately grieving at having been forcibly separated from their children. Our politicians and the Times newspaper are blaming them for their own predicament: one has a specific policy solution for compelling or inspiring fathers either to remain with, or exercise a positive influence over, their sons. In truth, there is probably no system of either tax inducements or financial sanctions that can make fathers who have abandoned interest in sons behave in the manner that others would want them to do.

The economic laissez-faire attitudes of Conservatives should have been there when the tax and benefit system was being re-engineered to eliminate men from the family, and eliminate the family from social life. It now just sounds like an abdication of responsibility.

To an extent, fractures will heal naturally if allowed the opportunity.

This is probably true, but the family will never be allowed the opportunity to heal until the post-1960s feminist movement is challenged head-on, and the economic punishing of the traditional family is brought to an end. I would expect the Conservatives, of all parties, to be interested in that.

Fathers have not abandoned the family; the family has abandoned fathers. Ultimately, it was Cultural Marxism that killed Rhys Jones. The solution to mending the family is to confront the feminist movement head-on. As long as its influence remains, these kinds of crimes will continue to worsen.


Uncharted Thoughts said...

The sad part is that even if we fix the problem tommorow, it will take another generation to see the improvement.

We are seeing the results of the half-baked ideals of 15-20 years ago.

I agree, the family ditched the father. Let the anarchy begin, because this is just the tip of the iceberg.

the sad geek said...

Do you really expect that politicians, of all people, will admit that they were wrong?

The problem here is the hot potato. Politicians are finally waking up, but how to save face? Some scapegoat will have to be found. Much kettle-rattling will have to mask the deconstruction of feminism.

Nick Gulliford said...

During the passage of the Family Law Act in 1996 - proposed by the last Conservative Government - many politicians called for marriage preparation to be included. It wasn't, though there is an oblique reference to it in the Act. Now the Conservatives control the majority of local authorities they could bring in proposals for promoting family and social cohesion through relationship education programs and courses advertised in register offices and elsewhere. It is a hot potato. Have the Conservatives the guts to admit they funked the issue before? Will they start to tackle it now? Or will the scapegoating continue?

Anonymous said...

With an election not too far into the distant future it seems unlikely that such a hot po-totty as this issue will take the front runners.
Of course ,it should be up there -but without highlighting by the victims, who have learned to lie low by now -the winners of this little spat called 'family life UK' are hard nosed,fundamentally stupid women and lacky politicos and their side kick lawyers.
That's if they're not the same people- common enough.
Even as we speak the new co-habit laws are gestating on the table vacated by the female,legal and very politically hungry H Harm-en.
Once the fuss has died down that is!
Maybe when the sun is shining..and 'peeple' going on hols. it will sneak in.
We know the style.
Sad,slightly mad but rarely bad fathers will just shrink back another notch.
Men in general are getting the message,at long last.
Let's hope there's no need for another conscripted army to fight a protracted war, as there'll be a lot of 'monks' going on retreat- or filling those empty lorries back to EU heaven.
I can see the tax regime for the new 'puss'ified society- even when 'pass'ified by ID permits/CCTV as being very harsh.
Maybe state enrolled 'pseudo dads' will do the trick.
A male watchkeeper to keep an eye on loopy family units at some public expense.
Note: NVQ needed!
PS: Open to women too!!