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The Green Fields of France
The thing I didn't realise until very recently was that he, and the men who died in his trench, and most of the other 420,000 British casualties, couldn't even vote. Most of the men - British anyway - who fought in WWI didn't even have the right to vote. Did you know that? It doesn't seem to get mentioned very often. The only gender issue we remember from that time, a time when men were being exterminated by the million, is that women couldn't vote.

The Skimmity
All schoolchildren know about the scold’s bridle and the ducking stool used to punish women, but they are not told about the skimmity ride. In Western Europe up until the early Twentieth Century, husbands who were victims of infidelity or domestic violence by their wives would be subjected to ritual public humiliation by their entire community.

The Trouble with Being the Witch-finder General
Have you ever wondered why it is that after 40 years or so of relentless feminist campaigning, the situation with regard to domestic violence has still not improved any? Why has the DV industry apparently made no impact? Shouldn’t we be seeing substantial results by now?

Banning the Bomb
The peace camp movement was a product of the economic and political climate in Britain at that time. It could not have happened without mass unemployment, a housing shortage and a benefits system. People lived there often because they had nothing better to do.

War: One of the Bad Things that Women do to Men
The woman who sent that feather is entirely responsible for this man's death, just as surely as if she had pulled the trigger herself.

Double standards over parenting
Big Sister says that in a family, mothers and fathers are interchangeable; there is no reason to think that the mother should provide the best childcare. Mothers should have the same opportunity as fathers to pursue a career outside the home, and in order to make this possible, fathers should do more housework and childcare. Anyone who says that the mother should be the principal child-carer is a misogynist. However, if the parents divorce, all of this changes. Suddenly, the mother is the best natural parent, and she should get custody by default. The father is an unsuitable parent, and the children belong with their mother. A complete turn-around.

The Pay Gap is a Myth
The pay gap is a myth. Once you control for the fact that men work longer hours, and don't take career breaks to have children, you find that men and women earn the same amount. You disagree? Answer this simple question: If women are cheaper to employ than men, then why do employers ever hire men at all? Why don’t they just hire women, who are just as good, if not better, thus saving money?

Never Date Western Women
I have a policy of never dating Western women, and certainly never feminists. Big cities like London, New York and Sydney are jam-packed with beautiful foreign girls from Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia. They are sexy, fun, good company and they treat men like human beings. They have not had their minds poisoned by feminist hate-speech. What a contrast from those spoiled, manipulative, over-privileged, endlessly-complaining women who grew up here.

Thought experiment number 1
Let us buy an island somewhere and conduct an experiment in feminist utopianism. It would be the most addictive reality-TV show ever – lets call it ‘Big Sister’. Any woman who wanted to go and live there could do so free of charge. No men would be permitted. Would it be a socialist-feminist heaven on earth? I wonder how long it would be before the electricity stopped working, and the rubbish began piling up in the streets, and the drains were blocked, and the rats didn’t even bother to hide any more.

Thought experiment number 2
For our second thought experiment, let us imagine what would happen if Mary Daly got her way. She will exterminate all the men (and most of the women too, it seems), and then artificially breed a population of identical lesbian clones. This is the stated intention of Daly, Solanas, and other right-wing radical feminists. Would such a society be viable?

The Witch-hunt: Coming to a Town Near You.
In 1991, nine children were siezed from their beds on the remote island of South Ronaldsay in a dawn raid by police and social workers. The authorities had become convinced that an organised paedophile ring was at work in the community, and ritual child sexual abuse was being practiced.

On Conspiracy Theories
In order to survive in a troupe of chimps, you need to constantly navigate your way through a minefield of elaborate social ritual and hierarchy. Those who could not do so didn’t survive in the long-term; we are all the offspring of the socially adept. Over the course of evolutionary time, our brains have become hard-wired to understand other people’s intentions. So much so, that we cannot help but see intention even where there is none.

Where to, guv?
As I looked out at the apparently empty streets, I thought about the small armies of workers who were wide awake. Columns of orange-dressed men spend their waking hours marching along black, rat-infested tunnels beneath the streets, so that in the morning, office workers like me can ride the tube to work. These armies of faceless working men are the life-blood of this great city, its immune system. Without them the city would quickly die.

Justice for Warren Blackwell
Warren Blackwell spent three years and four months in prison for a sexual offence he didn't commit. He was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman following a party in a social club. His accuser, it turns out, was a serial liar with a long history of crying rape. However, she remains anonymous.

Traffic Noise
The government has set up a new agency to combat people trafficking. A worthy enough cause in my view, but one distorted once again by the feminist-dominated media. All we hear about is women trafficked to work as prostitutes against their will. We just love stories about female victims, don't we? We can't get enough of them. I'm not saying it never happens, but let's get some facts straight.

Legalise Prostitution
However, these problems are all easily solved. All of them. At a stroke. All you have to do is legalise prostitution, and all of these problems will substantially go away. The fact that prostitution is illegal is in fact the cause of these problems, not the solution to them.

Flying in the Face of Common Sense
British Airways, Air New Zealand and Quantas operate an outrageous anti-male policy. They will not allow an unaccompanied minor to sit next to a man. After loading, if such a situation has occurred, the cabin crew will ask the man to change seats with a woman. He has no choice in the matter.

New Move to Name and Shame the Deadbeats - Shame They are Mostly Women
What few realise is that women refuse to pay child support more often than men.

The Lessons of Ipswich
The real lessons to be learned in Ipswich are these:
(1) The War on Drugs is not working.
(2) Our prostitution laws do not work.

How much is your house worth?
There is another reason property prices are so high here, that there are so many homeless, that there is such a housing shortage. Divorce. Social breakdown. A couple are married. They have a house and a car. They get divorced. They need two houses and two cars. Divorce puts additional pressure on the housing market, and on the environment. Previously we would have lived in families. But the family is an instrument of the Patriarchy, so it is being forcibly abolished.

Female Paedophile Parade of Shame
Check out this website. It summarises the recent rash of female teachers, mainly in North America, who have been charged with sexually abusing their students. Many of the victims were autistic or special needs children. The striking thing about them is the lenient sentences they received.

Interview: Warren Blackwell
I was lucky enough to have the chance to interview Warren Blackwell, the innocent father who spent over three years in prison on trumped up charges of sexual assault as the result of a false accusation by a woman called Shannon Taylor, who has a history of mental illness and convictions for dishonesty. He spoke to me about his experiences.

False Accusations: The Scientific Evidence
A list of academic papers and articles detailing the evidence about false rape accusations.

Female Child Sexual Abuse: Some Evidence
A list of academic papers and articles detailing the evidence about child abuse committed by women.

Cleveland – 20 Years On
In Cleveland, in 1987, a local paediatrician, Dr Marietta Higgs, began to diagnose large numbers of children as having been sexually abused. Whenever a child was referred to her for an unrelated problem such as asthma, she took the opportunity to perform an ‘anal dilatation reflex’ test. This involved parting the child’s buttocks to see whether the child’s anus dilated. If it did, she took this as a sole indicator of sexual abuse – in effect, she assumed that the father was sodomising the child. She did not seek any corroborating evidence.

Of Human Bondage
It is interesting to note that the black slave trade actually ended before the white; after abolishing African slavery in 1807, the British government finally ended the white slave trade in 1816, by sending a large naval force to the city of Algiers.

Boyz n the hood
The spate of high profile killings among young people in South London continues. This is mainly black-on-black crime, involving surprisingly young people. Everyone is ignoring the root of the problem. The dog-shit on the living-room carpet that we are not allowed to talk about. Feminism.

The Wolf at the Door of Fascist America
Naomi Wolf is quite right to be concerned about the transformation of the USA into a fascist dictatorship. That process seems to be well advanced. I do find it slightly ironic, however, to hear a committed feminist of long standing complaining about 'closing down an open society'. In fact, in the face of a fascist America, we now need an effective Leftist opposition like we have never needed one before. But where is it? The women are too busy conducting Goddess-worshipping ceremonies, and worrying about whether or not they feel as fulfilled as the magazines tell them they should. The men, meanwhile, are skulking in the corner, too cowed to say anything.

The Scandal of Operation Ore
US authorities identified the credit card details of some 7200 UK citizens on the Landslide database, and passed them on to the UK authorities. Thus began Operation Ore. All over the UK, police began breaking down people’s doors at six in the morning. Among those caught in the net were teachers, police officers, a judge, The Who guitarist Pete Townshend, Robert del Naja of Massive Attack, and Ronnie Barker’s son Adam. To date, around 2300 men have been convicted of child pornography related offences. So what’s the problem?

My Favourite Feminist Quotes
I was inspired to dig out some of my favourite feminist quotes. So here, for your edification and delight, is a small selection.

Boys Pay the Price of Media Witch-hunt
The child 'protection' industry, in collusion with the tabloid media and the radical feminist lobby, have, over the last two decades and more, manufactured a climate of such paranoia that the relationship between men and children has been seriously eroded.
A Man at Greenham Common
There was what was known as 'women's magic', which aimed to deny objective reality by levitating the military base off the earth and placing it on the moon. The failure of these actions was always blamed on the negative influence of men. The magic was justified on the basis that it frightened men. It did in fact frighten me a great deal, because it was so irrational, and because the women openly claimed that rationality was a male invention that must be destroyed. To hear this was to confront pure insanity, and have no arguments against it (because they would only be 'rational male' arguments).

You're Not Allowed to Be a Battered Husband
One of my friends was a victim of domestic violence for years, at the hands of his violent wife. The final straw came when she stabbed him and he was seriously injured. Fortunately he recoved, and he was divorced. He told me how he called a domestic violence helpline, and was told that they had nothing to offer to men. Domestic violence, apparently, is something that men do to women. So he eventually set up his own domestic violence helpline. He published his phone number and address, and that is when the trouble really began.

Barbeque Dads
”What is it with the British with divorce? It’s all you ever hear in this country, divorce all the time”. I didn’t know where to begin. “Well, there is this thing called Cultural Marxism. The Patriarchy is a heterosexual dictatorship…” I anticipated the look of confusion I would receive and instead decided I was happy just to find myself in an oasis of sanity, pleased to find that there is still somewhere in the world that hasn’t been overtaken by this man-hating, heterophobic, anti-family cult. Somewhere, in another town in England, an eleven year old boy had just been shot dead by a boy on a bicycle, but here, just for a while, was civilisation.

Why Did Feminists Attack the Family?
'First-wave' feminists in the early Twentieth Century were not at all anti-family. Indeed, one of their demands was that control of hearth and home should be the domain of women. It was only as a result of second-wave feminism, in the late 1960s, that the feminist attack on the family began.

Let’s Reclaim Evidence-Based Discourse
I had to comment upon Katherine Rake’s recent piece in the Guardian, Let’s Reclaim the F-word. The good Dr Rake is the Director of the Fawcett Society. It is interesting to note that "Her recent book, co-authored with Mary Daly, is Gender and the Welfare State". Mary Daly is the feminist who was fired from her job at Boston College because she would not permit male students to attend her classes. She is one of the Nazi feminists who advocate the mass extermination of men.

IMBRA: Another Feminist Scam
Yet the US feminist lobby, in enacting IMBRA, has deployed this favourite cultural myth, not to combat prostitution, but to combat marriage. The facts show that marriages to foreign women are less likely to be abusive, and less likely to end in divorce. IMBRA has nothing whatsoever to do with protecting women; it is another weapon in the feminist war against marriage. Some of them just oppose marriage in principle; others don’t like the foreign competition.

Domestic Violence: The Scientific Evidence
The scientific evidence is extensive and conclusive, and contradicts the feminist story in every detail. Domestic violence affects only a minority of couples. Women initiate domestic violence more often than men do. Domestic violence is just as common in the homosexual communities as it is in the heterosexual community. Domestic violence often collocates very strongly with alcohol and substance abuse. Domestic violence is usually reciprocal, rather than one partner hitting the other exclusively. Where it is non-reciprocal, the evidence shows that in heterosexual relationships the perpetrator is more likely to be the woman than the man.

The Emperor's New Slaves
The abuse industry is now a grave threat to civil liberties in the UK. By constantly identifying fictional ‘slaves’ to rescue, it justifies its own existence.

Anthem for Doomed Youth
In the UK, youths in their mid-teens exist in a cultural black hole. Too old to go out to play, too young to go to the pub, they don’t want to stay inside with mum and dad in front of the TV. They need something else to do. Yet society doesn’t provide them with much. The two things which teenagers need most – a good education and strong family support – have been taken from them by Marxists and feminists.

The Industrialisation of the Family
With the Left and Right jointly responsible for undermining family and community, Mrs. Thatcher’s service-based economy has stepped in to fill the gap. In the broken society of individuals, people now have to pay for services that they once got from their family. This constitutes in effect, the industrialization of the family.

The Myth of Multi-Tasking
As far as I am aware, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever to support the claim that women are better at multi-tasking than men. Feminists who make such claims offer nothing in the way of any kind of credible psychological model, or theory in the Philosophy of Action, no appeal to evolutionary theory. Nothing. It is an example of what is called ‘folk psychology’.

The Truth Will Out
They more families it breaks up, the more money it makes. The naive taxpayer wrongly believes that the money is being used to protect neglected and abused children from harm. The opposite is the case. By taking children away from perfectly good parents and grandparents, they are exposed to much greater risk of abuse, including sexual molestation. They grow up to be disturbed and dysfunctional adults who exhibit a whole raft of additional social problems such as criminality and substance abuse, which - you've guessed it - need to be dealt with by even more 'professionals' with even more taxpayers' money.

Why Ideologies hate the family
The feminist movement, and the paedophile panic, are just the latest in a long series of instruments used by socialist and totalitarian political interests to attack the family. The family itself is what these political interest groups find threatening.


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This is an interesting piece which appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald this week. To me it demonstrates woolly logic and groundless moralising.

Time to halt the spread of the 'oriental flower'


If you decide to reproduce it on this site, it may make for a good discussion. I have taken the author to task in a letter to the editor. It has not been published.


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