Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Here is the News

My usual source of news, Men's Activism News Network, is down for maintenance at the moment, so in the mean-time here are some of the news stories I would have submitted to it this week:

Girls set upon victim like ‘wild animals’
A girl aged 15 told yesterday how she thought that she would die during a beating from two fellow schoolgirls who fell on her like “wild animals”. Bethany lost consciousness during the assault and it took three adults two attempts to drag off her attackers. The alleged attackers have been continuing lessons. The school is accused of failing to act against the bullies.

Teachers given Conservative boost
A Tory government will give teachers accused of abusing pupils the right to anonymity until the case is settled, the party's conference has heard. Shadow education secretary Michael Gove said the move would help shift the balance of power in the classroom from the troublemakers to the teachers. Heads will be given the power to exclude "thugs" without outside bodies overturning the decision, he said.

I never expected to find myself agreeing with them...

Top lesbian tennis coach 'found in bed with girl of 13'
"A top woman tennis coach was caught in bed with a 13-year-old girl after starting a lesbian affair with the child star, a court heard yesterday."

A LESBIAN AFFAIR? The woman is a paedophile. No male sex offender would ever get this soft soap treatment in the press. The newspapers would be calling for castration, not talking wistfully of love that dare not speak its name. Adults who have sex with children are called paedophiles. End of story.

Woman yelled 'eat my pork, feel my fork' as she stabbed partner who stole her chop
Tracy Wenn became enraged after Anthony Donkin stole her dinner - and promptly turned on him with a steak knife. As she stabbed him in the leg, causing a seven-inch wound, the enraged 45-year-old bellowed "eat my pork, feel my fork," the slogan from the Quorn TV ad. But as he howled with pain, she realised the wound was serious and called police. As her partner was rushed to hospital, Miss Wenn was arrested and eventually received a two-year supervision order at Hull Crown Court yesterday. But, as she emerged from the hearing, the grandmother-of-eight remained unrepentent. "At least he won't do it again," she said.

Care home nurse 'stuffed apron in mouth of 99-year-old' for being noisy at lunch
A care home nurse stuffed a plastic apron into a 99-year-old woman's mouth as punishment for being noisy at lunch time, a hearing was told. Anne Fisk ordered the vulnerable pensioner to 'shut up' after screwing up the disposable apron into a ball and forcing it into her mouth, it is claimed. The 52-year-old nurse allegedly told shocked fellow staff "You did not see that" after the incident. Fisk later grabbed the pensioner by the wrist before smacking her because she had started banging cutlery on the table. Fisk force-fed another 91-year-old patient who had trouble swallowing her food. Fisk allegedly left the frail pensioner sobbing when she forced several mouthfuls of meat into her mouth. Fellow staff had to comfort the woman, after Fisk allegedly told her: "You are pathetic." Fisk denies the allegations of acting inappropriately to both residents. She faces being struck off.

Struck Off? This is multiple assault. She should be in prison. Oh, wait a minute:-

15 women’s jails to be shut, with offenders offered detox and help
Fifteen women’s jails in England and Wales would close and be replaced with small custodial units in the biggest prison shake-up under consideration by the Justice Ministry. Many short-term prisoners would be held in open community prisons rather than in closed jails, which would offer them detoxification treatment and help with resettlement in the community. Many short-term prisoners would be held in open community prisons rather than in closed jails, which would offer them detoxification treatment and help with resettlement in the community. The document does not say what would happen to the existing women’s prisons but some, such as Holloway in North London, could be sold for housing, while others could hold men.

Well, why not close women's prisons? The courts will never jail women anyway. No point in them standing empty...

Half of single mothers 'do not want to work', says report
"Up to half of all single mothers do not want to work and simply will not take jobs, a report has found...Four out of ten lone mothers, the report added, say they do want to take jobs 'but only at some point in the future'."

So in other words up to 90% of lone mothers don't really want to get a job right now? That's funny. I thought all women were desperate to become brain surgeons and rocket scientists, and the only thing stopping them is the rampant sexism of nasty, evil men. Is that not right?

Do you think Heretic should emigrate?


Davout said...

The article mentioned that Bill Clinton cut benefits to single mothers in the 1990s, but that was only because the Republicans left him a bigger deficit than he had originally thought. His campaign message which got him elected, however, was to increase welfare, not decrease it.

The PR strategy to dupe the public into accepting cuts to welfare works only once. When it becomes public, as it has through Adam Curtis, the same strategy can backfire (as Gordon Brown et. al. know all too well).

Although I'm no Brit. polical savant, I suspect he's playing 'hot potato' with welfare and hoping to hand off to whoever the schmuck leading the Tories will be. The key is to jump ship at the tipping point of economic instability.

BrusselsLout said...

The key is to jump ship at the tipping point of economic instability.

Davout -- You said you weren't a political savant!

Heretic -- Thanks for the news references. I'm frequently involved in political talkboards (such as the Guardian's) and references like these are invaluable.

Feminist bloggers who write for the Guardian are now becoming aware that an alternative force to feminism exists. I'm under the impression that many feminists and others are oblivious to it. This is another reflection on the state of our media.

When Katherine Rake does her next one, if you like, I'll give her a reference to your piece that analyzes her earlier one.

Blog4Justice said...

A couple of weeks ago, on R4's Sunday morning magazine programme Broadcasting House, Brian Sewell summed it up nicely:

"Britain is a shit country, run by shits."

And if it weren't for my daughter, I would be out of here like a shot.

Good stuff, Heretic. CiF could do with your input too. Like Brusselslout, I comment over there occasionally myself, but trying to engage with fembots such as Cath Elliott (aka 'MsWoman') tends to sap me of the will to live. Thankfully, there are plenty of others willing to expose their mindless propagandising for what it is.

paddybrown said...

Don't bother with CiF. They post deliberately provocative articles in order to get more comments and thereby sell more advertising. It's the only excuse I can think of for letting Julie Bindel write the same article every couple of months.

BrusselsLout said...

Cath Elliot. Now that's a name to conjure with.

I've joined her blogs on a couple of occasions.

Her pattern of argument is much the same as others of her ilk. She hates logic and tries to worm her way out with sophistry. Her standards really are double. Above all, she spews out man-hatred like it was 1979.

But what irritates me the most are the large number of grovelling men, who seem to want every other man locked up for wearing trousers.

I no longer live in the UK (I'm British), mainly because the misandric cutlure there makes me feel very uncomfortable. What's worse, most men there -- like boiled frogs -- are oblivious to it.

Blog4justice -- I did once suggest to Angry Harry that he join Cif or GUTalk, but he doesn't think it worthwhile. His own website is very popular, is still growing in popularity, and he can get the message to many more men (and women) that way.

BrusselsLout said...

Blog4 and Paddy -- just to add to what I said, I still think it worthwhile for us to involve ourselves in online scrapping.

Heretic and Harry have their own blogs that they can use. Moreover, they have sizeable audiences. But for us who don't have blogs, it's worthwhile using sites like Cif to show others out there (particularly men, but not exclusively) that there is an alternative to the tosh they see on the telly every day.

Miss Ondrya said...

Here's another nice little news item: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/235836/Ukrainian_woman_planned_to_murder_four_year_old_son_sell_organs_

Davout said...

Holy Rotten Mackerel! Cath Elliott is the ugliest woman I've ever seen! AArrggh!

Blog4Justice said...

paddybrown -- You are absolutely right about CiF, of course (especially with regard to Bindel), and these considerations are always in the back of my mind whenever I visit it. But the fact remains that it is a heavily-trafficked site which offers abundant opportunity to channel people in the direction of alternative resources - aside from challenging the orthodoxies expressed by most of the authors there. It's a trade-off (a productive one, I would venture). In mitigation, I should point out that I use Firefox with ad blocking extensions; that, and the fact that I have conscientiously boycotted the print edition of The Guardian, which used to be my regular daily read, for well over two years now.

BrusselsLout -- I am not a huge fan of AH, although I do look in there from time to time. As I inferred above, though, I do believe that having your own blog is one of the very best reasons to contribute to discussions elsewhere - if for no other reason than that most comment engines link your moniker directly to your own site. And if, by dint of sustained and reasoned comment, you establish a credible voice on high-profile sites such as CiF, then it can only benefit the propagation of your message.

Davout -- You are wrong: my ex's barrister, Joanna Wood, is beyond question the the most hideous creature ever to have crawled from the swamp (the photograph is immensely flattering: instead, think Ros from Monsters Inc). The Ugly Tree did not have enough branches...

Miss Ondrya -- Thanks for the link. Personally, I hate to waste my time tracking the misdeeds of women (because I don't believe that men are fundamentally any better or worse), but this is useful counter-fem ammo nevertheless.

paddybrown said...

blog4justice - I'm an ex-Guardianista myself. I gave up on them over the Toni Comer story, if you remember that. A policeman subdued a drunk and disorderly young black woman who'd pushed him down some stairs and was going after his eyes and his balls, by giving her a dead arm. The whole thing was caught on CCTV, and the Guardian, seeing a white man swinging several punches at a black woman, tried to turn it into Rodney King. Never mind that his punches were to deaden her arm, he acted entirely according to his training and did her no damage, and she agreed with his version of events once she'd sobered up. After getting a slating on CiF, they dropped the story, only to revive it a week later.

It was an absolutely disgusting episode, trying to manufacture racial and sexual tension for white lefties to feel righteously guilty and feminists self-righteous about. I still pop by the site occasionally just to see what Steve Bell's up to, but that's all I can stomach from them these days.

Heretic said...

Paddy, I agree with you about the Guardian. I'm also an ex-reader. It's a scurrilous tabloid rag for female middle-class Lefties. The articles it publishes by the likes of Greer, Bindel and Birchell are disgraceful, spewing hatred against men. If any other group was targeted in the same way it would result in legal action.

On the plus side, it is in circulation terms tiny, but on the negative side, it is the opinion-forming strata of society who read it.

I have noticed that a lot of the stories I want to cover here are just not mentioned in the Guardian at all. They deliberately ignore stories which do not suit their agenda.

A contemptible rag in my view.

BrusselsLout said...

On the subject of the Guardian and Cif, I just used their search engine to find what there was on "women", and then tried the same on "men". (This is an idea taken from Angry Harry.)

First women:
See the pattern? Women = victims or heroic.

Now men: Men = bastards or pathetic.

One article, titled "Masulinity is the Problem", is written by a man, Jim Wild. Julie Bindel, who posts there frequently, has the gall to add "Let's see more of this type of article - a useful counter to the blatent misogyny so often adourning these pages."

BrusselsLout said...

Cath has found us Gentlemen. Oooh!

Heretic said...

Davout: "When Katherine Rake does her next one, if you like, I'll give her a reference to your piece that analyzes her earlier one."

Thanks Davout, but when I wrote it I emailed it to the Fawcett Society so that she could read it. I doubt if she did, or that it would make any difference to her. There is no reasoning with bigots like that.

BrusselsLout said...

Heretic -- it was me who said that.

But the reason wasn't so much that Rake herself would read it, but so that others on her blog could.

Rake isn't going to change. She isn't interested in fairness or reason. She's a feminist, and as you put it, therefore a bigot. (Read my exchange with Cath Elliot and some of her followers on her blog and you'll see a pattern of argument from them that will not in the least surprise you or anyone else here, a pattern that is stereotypically common amongst feminists.)

There are, however, some posters on Comment Is Free who are showing signs of scepticism towards feminism. Although they are still very small in number, something seems to be happening. My hope is to give that move in the right direction more momentum by exposing the fallacies, weaknesses and nastiness of feminism, through well-researched and well-written websites such as this one, to the majority of the members of the public who are unaware that a men's movement even exists. (Needless to say, I argue out our case myself anyway, and I've been doing that on the Internet for about 7 years.)

Rake I think is already aware of the Men's Movement. Hence her panicked report that you recently responded to. Cath Elliot pathetically describes us as "misogynists" when she discovered this site. Something is definitely happening.

Anonymous said...

Half the Women in the UK don't want to work. My ex wife no longer wants to work. I asked her recently is she didn't appreciate all the great advice Oprah gave her. She cried and said "Oprah is a lying Bitch" who has made herself rich on the backs of Women. Finally the light bulb has come on for her.

Anonymous said...

Hey chaps, speaking of Caff, have you seen the hate over here the only reason you comfort a rape victim is so you can shag her