Monday, December 03, 2007

Scenes from the Sex War, #1


Feminist: One in four women is battered in her own home by her male partner. Only I hold the solution. Give me power and money.
MRA: Your claims about domestic violence do not stand up to empirical examination. Your efforts over the last four decades seem to have yielded no positive results, only social collapse. On closer examination, your agenda seems to be ideological and authoritarian rather than liberal and humanitarian as you claim. It is time for a radical re-examination of the entire field.

Feminist: You hate women because you've got a small penis.

So it goes.


BrusselsLout said...

I wrote to the Guardian a couple of weeks ago suggesting that they occasionally put in a report from someone supporting men's rights -- and someone who is decisively opposed to feminism.

I suggested a few people who would write excellent reports: Warren Farrell, Rich Zubaty, Esther Vilar and Thomas Ellis. I mentioned that these were all politically liberal, which is what the Guardian also purports to be.

We shall see.

Chilerkle said...

I find feminists to be a terrible parody of women.

Annoying self-righteous and whiny victim group!

BrusselsLout said...

It has now been a month since I emailed the Guardian requesting that, just for once, they put in a report on Comment Is Free from a liberal thinker opposed to feminism.

To update so far, other than an acknowledgement of receipt of my first email, nothing. But there are always PLENTY of reports from hardcore feminists, including Beatrix Campbell, Julie Bindel and Julie Burchill.

BrusselsLout said...

This is interesting. Julie Bindel is now complaining that men hate her.

She frequently writes a blog on Comment Is Free, but is at a loss as to why so many men disagree with her. And she's describing it as hatred!

Why men hate me

"I have selected some vile, abusive comments from Cif readers to give you a tiny taste of what I and other feminists have to put up with"

BrusselsLout said...

Update. It's happened Gentlemen.

The Guardian is now running articles from opponents of feminism. Here's a good one by Sarfraz Manzoor.

ex-boyfriend said...

Kudos to Mr. Manzoor!

It's about time we demolish the myth that MRA and Anti-Feminist activism is a right-wing-only movement.

We need to see more publicity on the fight for Men's rights issues that is occuring on the left.