Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The 'Two Percent of Rape Accusations are False' Myth

'The Truth Behind Legal Dominance Feminism's "Two percent False Rape Claim" Figure', Edward Greer, Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review

In this academic paper, Edward Greer attempts to trace the origins of the claim that only two percent of rape accusations are false. Summary:

"For at least the last decade, Legal Dominance Feminism (LDF) has been the predominant voice on sexual abuse within legal academia. However, many of its claims regarding the sexual abuse of women are erroneous. This article attempts to demonstrate that the LDF discourse on rape is fundamentally flawed. At the core of LDF discourse on rape is the proposition that "women don't lie" about sexual abuse. In an attempt to shift the laws governing rape to correspond to this purported social reality, LDF advocates shifting the burden of proof from the woman complaining of the alleged sexual wrong to the man defending against it. But if, as may well be the case, as many as a quarter of the men currently accused of rape are actually innocent, then the goals of LDF are truly destructive. First, the proportion of wrongful convictions would surely rise if LDF's program were fully implemented. Second, wrongful convictions would fall disproportionately on black youths."

Thanks to Angry Harry for pointing out this excellent piece.


BrusselsLout said...

And this is now in addition to the well-known U.S. Air Force study of rape claims. (See, for example, Angry Harry's site.)

The findings there show that 60% of rape claims are false. But this really means FALSE, and not merely unproven. This is consistent with the 1970's conviction rate of 33%.

Now, since the 70's, the conviction level has remained roughly the same. It's the PROPORTION that's dropped (from 33% to 5%).

So what does this mean? For one thing, it obviously means there are burgeoning numbers of women claiming rape. But, less obviously, if the number of convictions has remained the same, then this steady year-on-year number is further evidence that the extra number are liars.

In short, it's evidence that the 95% are lying.

Of course, there's no doubt that some of these will have been telling the truth, but, by the same token, some of the accused found guilty will have also been falsely convicted. Swings and roundabouts.

Anonymous said...

Every year in the US there are close to 3 million people falsely accused of sexual crimes. Now for all just intents and purposes, these people are victims. The problem thus far is simply that no organized efforts have been make to amass this huge number of people togethe4r into a collectively conscious victims group.
Consider this, over the past 10 years, there have been roughly 30 million victims of false sexual accusations in america. This represents 1 out of every ten citizens. Moreover, over the next 10 years, even if the number of annual false accusation victims only remains constant, there will be another 30 million false accusation victims. At which point roughly 1 out of every 5 citizens will be a false accusation victim. One out of ten is a huge and very formidable army; one of every five is absolutely astounding in its social-political-legal implications and affects. At this point you can simply take over the system. Politicians will not listen to you unitl you are able to organize you movement into a large group of voters.
The easiest part of organizing and gaining political power is going to the victims of false accusations and explaining to them that they have been thoroughly victimized by vile criminals. They will not disagree with you on this essential point. Their victimization is something that they already understand and realize in their hearts, guts, and minds. They will undoubtedly go along with you once you provide the organizational structure within which they can express their long overdue demands for justice. But remember, this whole process is all about POWER. The false accusation industry understood this vital truth right from the beginning of its movement. It was and still is more than anything a political movement. They have used this power to affect adversely the lives of millions of innnocent men and women. The following strategies must be imployed by the freedom and justice movement to gain the political and social relevance that it deserves.

1) All movements in this day and age require an Internet web page and many writers eager to construct articles detailing every imagineable horror associated with false accusations.

2) You must solicit as many stories as possible from sufferers of false accusations to be posted on your web site. This must be updated regularly.

3) You must have a clear statement of purpose; A clear statement of the offense(s) which have propelled your actions and organization.

4) You must present you absolute hatred and outrage at the perpetrators and demand justice be served in the following basic ways:

i) Each victim of false accusations must receive restitution from the government, to be4 repaid in full by the false accuser.

ii)In all cases the false accuser must then have to register as a sex offender for life.

iii)Where it can be reasonably demonstrated that the falsely accused suffered physical stress and pain sufficient to cuase his/her death, the false accuser must be legally considered a murderer and be incarcerated accordingly.

iv)If the false accusation pertains to any form of sexual misconduct, the accuser and those, who it can be shown to have in any way, shape, or form, encouraged, aided, or fostered and environment conducive to the false accusation, must also be charged, incarcerated, and officially registered as a sex offender and displayed on a registry for life.

5) You must then seek out as many lawyers and politicians willing to support you cause. Now, to get lawyers, you will have to demonstrate to them how such a program will enrich and enhance their careers. To get politicians you have to demonstrate large memberships and thus large voting influence; You will also have to convince "your" politicians that government monies must be allocated to compensate the falsely accused. You must propose a False Accusation Victim's Compensation Fund be established.

6) Do not have public ralleys to gain the "public's" support. You are not looking for their agreement or support, and, you will likely never get it. Again, you need to get the support or your fellow sufferers. This is of vital importance. The public will s8imply acqriesce to whatever the politicians do provided they are given reasonable moral arguments. Thus, furnishing your political representatives with ready made arguments and answers to any resistance which they might get from anyone is essential for success. Those people in the false abuse and accuse industry will try to fight because they have derived great power, money, and prestige from this industry. Moreoever, they are just now beginning to realize what they have done to millions of innocent people, and they are starting to get scared.

7) As one of the most important planks in this whole program, you must demand that your government open all records--private and public--to that we can go back in the records and find false accusers of decades past. False accusation were against the law 50 year ago just as they are now, so we shouldn't let them go just because they are in the past.

I hope this helps because our movement is in dire need of a real political direction. I find most people who have been falsely accused to be very unknowledgeable about how power really works. This is one reason why that were such easy targets for the false accusations in the first place. Well, you are going to have to embrace power at the political level if you are ever to have success. Look at your enemies...Learn from your enemies...and if appropriate you should even try and take the rhetoric of your enemies and employ it in our movement.

Anonymous said...

We now have a new scandal. A new Duke Lacrosse case. The San Jose Mercury News revealed on monday. That the San Jose Police department created a phon lab report. Yes that's right fake technician, fake DNA evidence, no test was ever performed. The Detective Lied in the case. The DA said it was a "mistake". Yes this is in the bastion of Liberalism of the Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area.

More proof that the Duke Lacrosse case is not an isolated incident but rather business as usual for a corrupt Judicial system. One taken over by Feminists, corrupt Judges and Police who lie under oath, falsify evidence and do so with impunity.

The US Dept. of Justice refused to investigate the Duke case. The matter is closed. And so is justice in the US for Men. It is a sham and Men are at risk of false imprisonment by Law Enforcement officers who are criminals with badges.

This is a really truly bad day for anybody who values the rule of law, equity in our Courts and Justice. Its dead RIP.

Bob said...

False rape accusations are so common that it would be surprising if even 8% of rape accusations had any facutal basis at all.

Using their 2% number, the acutal percentage of real rape may be as low as 2% of rape accusations. And even among the 2%, the "victim" suffers very little harm, and only very rarely any injury. Mostly her feelings are hurt because her power to control and dominate men has evaporated. Rape is primarily a massive feminazi hate campaign against men.


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jbgood3 said...

"The US Dept. of Justice refused to investigate the Duke case. The matter is closed." Not for HBO. They have bought the film rights. Lets hope they stick to the truth!

jbgood3 said...

"Consider this, over the past 10 years, there have been roughly 30 million victims of false sexual accusations in america. This represents 1 out of every ten citizens."
What better way to control the male population? Either a skeleton in the cupboard or the fear of getting one!

Anonymous said...

You guys are so extreme, I can't imagine anyone taking you seriously. You have some good points, but they are overwhelmed by zealousness with a dash of a victim complex. Chill- and stop shouting at the choir!

Anonymous said...

I think that some of the MRA stats mentioned are exaggerated. But here's a scary one that you can rely on.

The rescidivism rate for convicted rapists in more than one third lower than for other felons. Why?

Most convicted rapists who are re-arrested and convicted again are arrested for a crime other than rape -- it is well known by criminologists that rapists almost always commit other crimes. So why is the overall rescidivism rate so low?

The obvious answer: one third of men convicted of rape were actually innocent -- explaining why they didn't commit other crimes after being released.

This may sound like an extreme claim, but remember that the vast majority of rape cases are "he said/she said," with little or no corroborating evidence. And most cases are settled by plea bargains and never go to trial.

If prosecutors are going after everything that moves, and if the number of false accusations is actually very high, then it's no surprise that such a large number of men end up being falsely convicted.

And there is also a huge gap between the rescidivism rate for "stranger rape" and for "date rape," with the latter being among the lowest for any class of crime. There are a lot of women abusing the system.