Saturday, February 17, 2007

Unholy Alliances

Freethinker wrote:
You wrote: "The rape and child abuse scandals which fill our newspapers, the imaginary paedophiles lurking in every kindergarten, are part of an on-going cultural and political war against men. Protecting the innocent, or serving justice, doesn't enter into it."

True to a point, but let's not exaggerate the case. Especially in re the media (news reports and fictional drama) one must always remember the truism that "if it bleeds, it leads." People are interested in sex and violence--sometimes to the point of obsession--and the media conglomerates know that all too well and exploit that commonly accepted fact of life. Thus, stories of sex scandals or perceived "immoral" behavior, or sex crimes, along with other violent crimes, take pride of place in news reoprts (sic) and in entertainment dramas, as that is what the public craves. It certainly is not evidence of a vast, feminist-inspired, misandric conspiracy among news producers, journalists, entertainment executives, and the like.

You have a valid point to argue, but you weaken it by pushing it to an extreme. Isn't that one of your oft-stated criticisms of feminists?

Dear Freethinker,
Thank you for your comment. If you have read much of my blog, and perhaps particularly my article ‘On Conspiracy Theories’, you should be aware of my scepticism on the subject. But I did also say that if the evidence points to a conspiracy, then there probably is one.

You are quite correct that the media exists to make money, and it will publish anything that will help it to that end. Sex and violence sell newspapers. All true.

However, the media are very often guilty of pouring petrol onto an existing small fire. Obviously it is in their interest to do this. What is more, their tendency to do this can be manipulated. In addition, media outlets generally promote the views of their proprietors and editors. To think that the media is unbiased, or that it always tells the truth, or that it always has society’s best interests at heart, is deeply na├»ve.

I believe that feminists, and other cultural Marxists, have made it their mission to penetrate the media (not to mention academia, government and the charity/NGO sector) in the last few decades, in order to turn these organisations to the task of promoting their agenda. They have been largely successful in this. The so-called 'liberal' media of today largely reflects this agenda, and consequently promotes a significant anti-male bias.

These issues are explored in Spin Sisters: How the Women of the Media Sell Unhappiness - and Liberalism - to the Women of America, by Myrna Blyth.

Media coverage of issues such as rape, child abuse and domestic violence also bear out my analysis. Look at The Sun’s disgraceful feature on rape, designed to provoke hatred and distrust of all men, and calls for increased taxpayer-funding for feminist causes, while saying nothing about false accusations, or of violence committed by women.

The media’s account of domestic violence is simply the radical feminist one; that domestic violence is one of the bad things that heterosexual men do to heterosexual women. The scientific evidence shows very clearly that this is a gross misrepresentation of the facts. You will simply never hear the truth about domestic violence from the mainstream media.

The Satanic Child Abuse panic of the 1990s is a good example of the symbiotic relationship between man-hating radical feminists and the media. Tales about devil-worshippers abusing children behind every suburban net curtain originated in the US among Christian fundamentalist groups. They were quickly seized upon by feminists for political ends, and taken up by the tabloid media.

“Some elements of the witch hunts of the 1600s and the red scare of the 1950s have parallels in the sex abuse hysteria… Those who oppose the hunt are then themselves accused, or those that are accused must name others involved to be given leniency. Some experts note that the anxiety over leaving young children with strangers, paired with the creation of large numbers of day care centers and more mothers taking jobs created a climate of guilt.” Reference

According to this article, middle class women assuaged their guilt and anxiety over putting their children in day care by manufacturing false allegations of child abuse.

In this climate, radical feminists in Social Services departments saw that their moment of glory had arrived. We saw police and Social Services raids on communities around the UK, seizing children from their distraught parents, so that they could be interrogated for hours by feminist social workers, who offered them food and sweets if they would make incriminating statements against their fathers. This did not just happen once. There was Shieldfield, Orkney, Lewis, Rochdale, Cleveland, to name just a few. In case after case, no evidence of any abuse was ever found. The lives of those caught up in this have been seriously affected in many cases. None of those responsible have ever been charged, or even fired. Many, many innocent men went to prison for crimes that never happened.

Two examples are the cases of Bernard Baran and Peter Ellis.

The News of the World published photos of some alleged paedophiles – all male of course – which led to public order offences and drove the offenders underground, making them more difficult to monitor. At that time Rebekkah Wade was the editor, and she took the decision not in the public interest, or in the interests of children, but to promote her own career.

It was as though the UK was in the grip of a collective madness at this time, and this situation was created by the unholy alliance between radical feminism and tabloid journalism. The sexual bias of the witch-hunt is clear. Almost all of the falsely accused were men. Although radical feminism and tabloid journalism could hardly be said to be natural allies, they sometimes find they have common interests. The Satanic Panic was one such time.

Once the game was rumbled, the Satanic Panic was over just as quickly as it had begun. The very same people who had previously had an interest in promoting the witch-hunt – tabloid editors, feminist social workers – now had a vested interest in burying it, in case any blame attached to them.

It seems that paedophiles have stopped worshipping Satan now. They prefer to hang around in internet chat-rooms instead. They are still male though. Oh yes, all paedophiles are male, everyone knows that.

An important political factor to consider is the concern of governments about an unrestricted internet. The panic about child pornography, paedophiles lurking in chat-rooms, and to a lesser extent, terrorism, have been used to justify government monitoring of private internet usage.

Before 1985, no-one outside the psychiatric profession had ever heard the word ‘paedophile’. Now, paedophiles have become the monster under everyone’s bed. How did this happen?

The paedophile panic, as I have tried to show, resulted from a complex mixture of different political and economic vested interests.

The virus that produced the Satanic Panic has not gone away. It is just in remission for now.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Petition the UK Government

Petition the Prime Minister to Deal with the issue of false allegations of sexual abuse in the following manner:

1. Substitute financial compensation for therapy for genuinely sexually abused negating primary motive of making false allegations.

2. Remove cases from conviction target rates.

3. Deter adult false accusers ensure they serve the same time as their victims did or would have done.

4. False accusers to compensate their victim(s; if funds are available in other forms pay towards the public purse cost of prosecution and if applicable, HM Prison Service.

5. Protect anonymity of accused unless convicted. If convicted and still protesting innocence Press must print this.

6. If a particular date of abuse is specified and the defendant provides an alibi for that date, the CPS or Police should not “move the goal posts” to ensure a conviction.

7. If suspect requests lie detector test he should be given one; if negative should be used at trial. Complainant should also take the test if the defendant's proves to be negative. The same applies the other way around.

False Accusers.Com

Check out this excellent website, False Accusers.Com. Lots of useful stuff, and lots of humour too.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

What False Accusations Are, and What They Are Not.

“According to this debate so far, I am someone who would be described as a 'false accuser'. I was raped and the man who raped me was let off.” Women Against Rape, Letter to the BBC (Reference)

This woman seems to have fundamentally misunderstood the debate. Making a complaint of rape, and failing to secure a guilty verdict, does not make you a false accuser, any more than making a complaint of burglary, and failing to secure a conviction, makes you an insurance fraudster. If that were true, then most people who make complaints of burglary would be insurance fraudsters. In order to charge someone with insurance fraud, there has to be some evidence that fraud actually took place.

  • Most obviously, they have to actually have insurance. Not all house-holders do.
  • There has to be evidence that the burglary was staged. For example, if the broken glass is lying on the outside, then this strongly suggests that the window was broken from the inside.
  • There should be a lack of evidence that any third party was involved. No strange glove-marks or foot-prints, no witnesses, no description.
  • If they have financial problems, that will make the case against them more compelling in terms of providing a motive.
  • If they have a previous history of fraud, this also makes the case against them more compelling.

Being a fraudster is not simply a question of ‘not getting a conviction when you make a complaint’. The world is not as simple as that.

The same logic applies to false rape accusations. Making a complaint of rape, and failing to secure a guilty verdict, does not make you a false accuser. There has to be clear evidence that your allegation was fraudulent.

In the case of Warren Blackwell, it was obviously a false accusation.

  • Forensic tests showed that no rape had taken place. There was simply no evidence against either him or anyone else.
  • The police and CPS knew that his accuser, Shannon Taylor, had a history of making false accusations, a history of mental illness, and previous convictions for dishonesty.

These facts should have been decisive in themselves. However, the police and CPS pressed ahead with the case for political reasons. They need to secure rape convictions in order to please the feminist lobby-groups. Blackwell was convicted on the say-so of a known mad-woman, assisted by official malpractice, in the complete absence of any real evidence against him.

By continuing to defend false accusers like Taylor, feminist groups like Women Against Rape are showing their true colours. They are not motivated by logic or a desire for justice; they are motivated by political vested interest, hatred of men and screaming moral outrage.

I don’t expect them to have any regard at all for the human rights of falsely accused men, but the thing they should be concerned about is that false accusations harm genuine rape victims. They have completely failed to grasp this point. Or rather, it suits them to deny it for political reasons.

Groups like Women Against Rape are members of the camp which Katie Roiphe referred to as ‘Rape Crisis Feminists’. They regard rape as the paradigm case of relations between men and women. They see all heterosexual sex as rape, and all allegations of rape as true by definition. They have open contempt for the presumption of innocence which has been enshrined in the law for centuries.

If false accusers are punished for their actions, genuine rape victims have nothing to fear. Quite the reverse: Punishing false accusers is a measure designed to defend and reinforce the credibility of genuine rape victims.

We need to start taking a long hard look at the motivations of groups like Women Against Rape.

As Cathy Young wrote in her recent excellent article on the Duke case:
“It is often said that women who make false accusations of rape cause great harm to those who really are raped, making it harder for them to be believed. Victim advocates who champion fake victims hurt the real victims too, by depriving them of effective and credible advocacy. Maybe we need rape victim advocates who are not committed to ideological myths, and who are more interested in helping victims than in gender politics.”

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