Friday, May 04, 2007

Teachers' Union Speaks Out On False Allegations

Most school heads and teachers have faced false allegations from pupils or parents, a head teachers' union says. The problem is under-played and incidents are less unusual than some claim, according to the National Association of Head Teachers. The union says false claims can have devastating results. It accuses the government of taking minimal action...The official view that these events are extremely rare is not borne out by the available evidence. Reference

Women now outnumber men 12 to 1 in the classroom, and this is having a serious effect on discipline Reference

One of the main reasons men don't want to be teachers is that they don't want to face the risk of false allegations. Reference

With men deserting the profession in droves, with classroom discipline at an all-time low, with youth delinquency rising, and academic achievement falling - disguised only by dumbing down examinations - our education system is already in serious crisis.

The academic Left is largely responsible for this situation. By undermining teachers' authority, decrying educational achievement as elitist, culturally and politically undermining men in general, and promoting the Cult of the Victim, they have manufactured a culture in which false allegations can flourish. To make matters worse, the Left then denies that false allegations happen at all; any allegation made by a woman or a child - but not a man - must automatically be believed, even without any corroborating evidence. They try to pass this off as a just and progressive system of thought, but I doubt if they believe that themselves, or even care. The real intention is to destroy men. False allegations are an instant silver bullet for ruining a man's life. Feminists in particular know this, and they like it that way.

Of course, female teachers are also victims of false accusations of abuse, but not in nearly such large numbers. People are much more reluctant to believe that women are capable of abusing children, so it is that much more difficult to make the allegations stick. That it is men, and not women, who are deserting the classroom, is very telling.

Nor are teachers uniquely vulnerable. The rash of false allegations against teachers is just one aspect of the wider pandemic of false allegations against men in general. Women are now using false allegations of domestic violence and child abuse on a daily basis to secure a more favourable outcome in the divorce courts.

By constantly complaining that the conviction rate for rape is too low, feminists have created a climate in which each conviction is prized for its statistical value. This creates incentives for the police and the courts to convict on the basis of flimsier and flimsier evidence.

The legal system, and the wider culture, are now biased so heavily against men that an innocent man like Warren Blackwell can be convicted merely on the say-so of a woman like Shannon Taylor, a serial false accuser with a long history of mental illness and dishonesty.

The problem of false allegations against teachers will not be solved in isolation. It will require a wider cultural change, and an end to official duplicity. The plight of teachers may be the issue that prises open the wall of silence and denial surrounding false allegations. It's not politically possible to allow the teaching profession in the UK to sink any lower, so some official notice will have to be taken sooner or later. Once that happens, we may start to see a wider recognition of the phenomenon. It's unlikely the dying Blair government will do much about it, so realistically, we need to look to the next administration to act. The men's movement should be extending its support to all falsely accused teachers, and encouraging them to join the dots. This is an issue that affects us all.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

US: Torture Used Against Falsely Accused Men

I thought this article should speak for itself:

"Among enforcement actions reported to members of Congress, the use of physical torture to coerce acquiescence to false claims of domestic violence is the most egregious. The term "torture" has sadly become all but a catch phrase in our culture. Because of this, we are required to be brutally specific in describing what we are calling torture today: genital electrocution and hypothermic shock.

Torture victims have described events during their imprisonment where they were stripped naked and doused with cold water, and then "stun-gun/tasers" were applied to their testicles by law enforcement agents. This was repeated until they confessed/agreed to the fraudulent complaint filed against them. The cold water is used to keep them awake during the process. This practice leaves permanent scaring with distinctive patterns that can be forensically verified. Indeed, the type of stun-gun/taser used in the assault can be identified. The residual scaring is the result of the testicular tissue in the current path between stun-gun's prongs being completely cooked.

Other victims report being exposed to cold so extreme it caused them to experience hypothermic shock lasting as long as two days. For some individuals, this has resulted in permanent paralysis and mental deterioration. Once fit, healthy citizens are now disabled Americans solely because they refused to agree to a lie.

In a number of cases, the hypothermic shock resulted in the destruction of the muscles in their pelvic floor. These are the muscles that control your ability to evacuate your bowel (those we "push" with during a bowel movement). These victims must use mechanical means to remove the fecal material from their bowel for the remainder of their lives, or they will die a slow, excruciating death.

Some victims with this type of disability were provided with a medical device which resembles a parfait spoon to dig the material out of their bowel manually. Others are able to use high does of fiber and laxatives and then bounce on the toilet seat, causing the fecal material to be ejected. This process is similar shaking thick ketchup out of a bottle.

Over 800 cases of the prior listed types of torture have been reported to the victim's representatives in the United States Congress. To date, only two members of Congress have made contact to inquire about these heinous acts against US citizens. One Senator and one Congressman stand alone among the entire US Congress.

Despite these atrocities, members of Congress are preparing to present the "International Violence Against Women" (I-VAWA), which will fund the international deployment of this disastrous system through programs such as the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)."