Monday, July 30, 2007

You're Not Allowed to Be a Battered Husband

One of my friends was a victim of domestic violence for years, at the hands of his violent wife. The final straw came when she stabbed him and he was seriously injured. Fortunately he recoved, and he was divorced. He told me how he called a domestic violence helpline, and was told that they had nothing to offer to men. Domestic violence, apparently, is something that men do to women.

So he eventually set up his own domestic violence helpline. He published his phone number and address, and that is when the trouble really began. Every night in the small hours, a car load of women used to come to his house and scream abuse at him. He used to wake up in the morning to find that they had daubed the front of his house with graffiti reading things like 'Rapist' and 'Paedophile'. He was eventually forced to close his helpline down and retire.

Radical feminists insist that the domestic violence issue is their territory, and no-one else is allowed to intrude. Check out this video on YouTube, of radical feminists disrupting a conference about Battered Men.