Friday, October 26, 2007

Verdict, 26th October 2007

Following my last post, I recieved this update today:

"Grandmother given 2 year suspended sentence today....Because she contacted her grandson in Care. The boy is 15 years 6 months. He is eligible to leave the Care home when he is 16.

The grandson has been informing his grandmother that he is being physically assaulted and verbally abused, in Care. His grandmother came to his aid....Now she has been sentenced in a secret court, from which the press were banned.

The grandmother now has a 2 year suspended sentence and his step grandfather is now serving a 2 year jail term....And the prisons we are told are too crowded to house serious violent criminals and sexual convicts. Convicted violent prisoners are being let out, to make way for grandparents, whose only crime has been, to keep in contact with their grandchildren!


Grandparents Apart Self Help Group Scotland are 7 years in business and we are at the stage when some of our member’s grandchildren are old enough to speak up about their experiences with social services and living in care. One of our older members was recently reconciled with his grandson that he was denied contact with all those years ago.... The boy who is 16 only had an idea how near he was living to the grandfather. The boy wanted to tell us his story..

‘The Honest Truth’

Q: How do you feel you were treated by social services in general?
A: Alright but different periods with different carers had bad experiences.

Q: Were you listened to?
A: Definitely not when I was younger, but yes now I’m older.

Q: Were social services truthful with you?
A: When I was younger No. They lied to me about my grandparents and family. Now I’m older they are more truthful.

Q: Were you told no one wanted you or loved you by your social worker?
A: When I was young one social worker did and carers told me I wasn’t wanted.

Q: Do you think you were brainwashed when you were young?
A: Yes definitely.

Q: Were you aware your grandfather was trying to get contact with you?
A: Yes. The social worker said I did not connect with my grandparents so they stopped me seeing them.

Q: Your grandfather was told you did not want to see them.
A: That was untrue I always wanted to see him.

Q: Would you have wanted to live with your grandfather?
A: Yes!

Q: How many foster homes have you been in?
A: 8 or 9 foster homes.

Q: Did you change school often?
A: 5 different schools.

Q: Why so much?
A: The social workers said I had a lot of anger and had behaviour problems.

Q: How good were your exam reports?
A: I did not do exams. I think it was because I was not good enough.

Q: How good is your behaviour at school and in care?
A: Not good, I was told I had a problem with anger and sent to special school for it.

Q: Have you ever been assaulted in care or foster homes?
A: Both, 3 or 4 times. One that really stands out was when I had soapy water poured into my mouth for swearing, I though I was going to die. Another time I fell and banged my head, it was treated as a joke but I was upset so I got beaten, I still get headaches from that fall. I was also made to stand in a corner for hours at a time. One carer was so bad I told the social worker and I was moved again.

Q: Were you ever sexually assaulted or an attempt made to sexually assault you?
A: No!

Q: Have you still got contact with your family?
A: No, I’m not sure where they live. I met one brother once but that was all.

Q: Were you aware your grandfather was living locally to you?
A: I had an idea they were, I asked my present social worker to find them and he did.

Q: What do you think about what has happened to in your life - was it a good life, were you happy, were you treated well?
A: No I was not happy being moved about from place to place and was often treated roughly.

Q: Do you have any hobbies?
A: Graffiti artistry.

Q: What are your ambitions?
A: To be a motor mechanic or join the army.

Q: What do you think about your mother and father not taking care of you?
A: I don’t think about it much, it hurts too much that they didn’t want me.

Q: Were you encouraged to take part in social activities?
A: Yes, I was taken to football matches.

Jimmy Deuchars
Grandparents Apart Self Help Group Scotland
22 Alness Crescent
Glasgow G52 1PJ
0141 882 5658"

What a testimony. "I had water poured into my mouth for swearing, I though I was going to die." This is called 'waterboarding', and is a recognised form of torture.

"I was also made to stand in a corner for hours at a time."
Holding stress positions is also a common form of torture. This is happening to children in the UK today.

This child was deliberately kept from his grandparents, even though they wanted to live with each other. He complained to his grandmother that he was being physically and verbally assaulted, and she appeared in court like a criminal simply for contacting him. His step-grandfather is now serving jail time for the same 'offence'.

The child was consistently punished and pathologised by social workers for being angry. Who the hell wouldn't be angry? You'd be crazy if you weren't angry!

This is the UK today. These are the secret family courts.