Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The 'Two Percent of Rape Accusations are False' Myth

'The Truth Behind Legal Dominance Feminism's "Two percent False Rape Claim" Figure', Edward Greer, Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review

In this academic paper, Edward Greer attempts to trace the origins of the claim that only two percent of rape accusations are false. Summary:

"For at least the last decade, Legal Dominance Feminism (LDF) has been the predominant voice on sexual abuse within legal academia. However, many of its claims regarding the sexual abuse of women are erroneous. This article attempts to demonstrate that the LDF discourse on rape is fundamentally flawed. At the core of LDF discourse on rape is the proposition that "women don't lie" about sexual abuse. In an attempt to shift the laws governing rape to correspond to this purported social reality, LDF advocates shifting the burden of proof from the woman complaining of the alleged sexual wrong to the man defending against it. But if, as may well be the case, as many as a quarter of the men currently accused of rape are actually innocent, then the goals of LDF are truly destructive. First, the proportion of wrongful convictions would surely rise if LDF's program were fully implemented. Second, wrongful convictions would fall disproportionately on black youths."

Thanks to Angry Harry for pointing out this excellent piece.