Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Blackwell wins compensation, must pay for jail time.

My regular readers will be familiar with the case of Warren Blackwell, the innocent father who served over three years in prison for a sexual offence that never happened, after being framed by a psychopathic serial false accuser called Shannon Taylor.

The good news is that Blackwell has been awarded £252,500 compensation for his lost years. Reference The bad news is that the corrupt and self-serving system which jailed him is charging him £12,500 for 'board and lodgings' for the time he spent in prison!

The really bad news is that Shannon Taylor has walked away, her anonymity still protected by law, free to accuse and accuse again. The government will take no action against her. This is sending out a clear message to women like Taylor that they can bahave in this way, and nothing will happen. The British taxpayer has to foot the bill.

I'm sure everyone will join with me in wishing Warren and his family all the best for the future.


jbgood said...

Shannon Taylor should be sent the bill for Warren Blackwells incarceration, along with bill for compensation. BigGovUK is protecting and condoning and encouraging vicious criminal like Shannon. Did she receive compo for the "rape" or is that a silly question?The British taxpayer is not here to pick up the pieces for evil psychopaths.

Heretic said...

I checked this with Warren, and he told me that Taylor received around £7500 of taxpater's money for telling lies. A nice little earner.