Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quote of the Day

Feminism...the belief that if you can't do squat yourself, keep anybody else from succeeding, and that way you'll look good by comparison.
Fred Reed


Anonymous said...

Fred Reed the Sage of our time, living with Conchita in Old Messico and drinking Kino Red. His wisdom and humor makes him the Mark Twain of our generation for Men. His analysis of Feminism and Gender issues should be required reading for young Men.

maria said...

Feminists are just some of the foot soldiers of Antonio Gramsci's long march through our culture. The assault on Western culture goes beyond just gender relations.

You need to get to the Marxist bottom of the myth of all egalitarians. It is a front to eliminate all competition(i.e. Capitalism and Democracy) as bad, evil, old-fashioned, sexist, racist etc then replace it with moral relativism (my values are just as good as your values, good is bad, feminine women are strong and 'independent', left is right) As Lenin said, "a lie repeated often enough becomes truth."

It is envy politics: You have something I want and am incapable of getting so I will change all the rules and get what you earned and then label it as "fair".

Orwell saw this coming.

BTW, I am a woman and you are correct. Keep up the good work :)