Sunday, March 16, 2008

Article: Sexual Utopia in Power

This article 'Sexual Utopia in Power', by F Roger Devlin, is one of the best I have read for a long time. I highly recommend it. Thanks to bola for pointing this out.


Anonymous said...

Thats from a racist journal. I've only read the first few pages, and so far the only line that really touches on it is the first "It is well known to readers of this journal that white birthrates worldwide have suffered a catastrophic decline in recent decades". Heres the wikipedia entry for the journal its published in

You should put up some kind of note about because without one it makes it look you're either a) a racist or b) have poor reading comprehension skills.

That being said it does look like an interesting article with good insights and (so far) only the first line even hints at a racist message.

Heretic said...

Thanks for letting me know. I'm not familiar with the publication in question, and I'm certainly no racist. The article does talk a lot of sense with regard to sexual politics however.

Davout said...


It is true that some articles in OQ take on a racist bent.

However, the article that Heretic has posted is not racist.

The sentence that you mention is not racist taken by itself because it is a statement of fact.

Japan is a glaring exception but there are not many others.

Almost all of the countries in which a majority of people are white have below 15 births/1000 people.

Rob Fedders said...

Quite frankly, I don't find anything racist at all about whites defending their own skin colour.

How come it is not racist when Blacks speak about their own skin color and "Black Power?"

It seems that just the mention of "white" in any context automatically piques people's minds, and they automatically begin looking for the "racist" bug.

It is in this way EXACTLY that men have been prevented from defending themselves against feminism. Any man who spoke up was drowned out by the screechings of "Misogynist!"

Why shouldn't whites talk specifically about their dwindling birthrates?

Is it racist when the Japanese talk about dwindling Japanese birthrates?

Why is "cultural diversity" only sought by white, developed, Western nations?

Why is it a strength?

If it is such an undeniable strength, then how come African nations like Nigeria aren't actively seeking whites or orientals to immigrate into their country?

Multiculturalism is explicitly linked to feminism, and that is why you see so many feminist organizations now declaring that they are actively promoting it, and that they stand for ending "racism."

What they mean by stopping "racism" however, is actually the destruction of the white race.

And THAT, is extremely racist.

Far more so than accurately discussing the TRUTH about dwindling "white birthrates."

Feminism AND Multiculturalists both hail from the same camp - they both are based on Marxism, which is intent on destroying Western Civilization, which is, btw, predominantly white.

The things what are being targeted are the EXACT things which Marxist theorists deduced had prevented Western Civilization from throwing off its chains and joining the Communist Revolution in Russia back in 1917.

Namely, they targeted Western Civilization's families, Christian religion, language, ETHNICITY, PATRIOTISM, hierarchal system and so on.

Marxists studied what "pillars" caused a culture to be strong, and then devised plans to destroy these pillars so as to make the people more open to Communist rule.

There is ZERO strength in Multiculturalism.

In fact, it is one of the MOST dangerous, MOST violent things that exists ANYWHERE in the world.

The recent riots in Kenya were due to "multiculturalism."

The never ending troubles in the Balkans are due to multiculturalism.

The riots in Paris were due to Multiculturalism.

Indeed, the entire Middle East is a horrible disaster BECAUSE of Multiculturalism.

These violent events certainly did not occur because the culture was all on the same page and agreed with eachother, did they?

There is an interesting book out there called "Civil War II."

The author is not some high faluting Ph D.

Nope. He was a mercenary who travelled all around the world to various places that were overcome by violence and war.

His contention is that most civil wars and most genocides have occured BECAUSE of multiculturalism.

He says that it appears that when a minority population reaches around 30% the size of the majority, violence and civil war nearly always breaks out.

The genocides come into play because the government has no choice, if they want to stop the violence, but to attack their own citizens.

Once you attack your own citizens, you make things far, far worse, and turn the citizens into passionate enemies of the state. There is no way to stop this hatred because each further action by the government will be viewed as a hostile attack on the people... therefore, many governments wind up trying to erase that whole subset of the population, simply to bring about law and order.

So... I wish someone could explain to me exactly WHAT are the benefits of multiculturalism?

And WHY I should be ashamed of being white and WHY I should simply accept that the White Race must be destroyed by diluting it with multiculturalism.

Would you call me racist if I proposed to dilute the "blackness" out of the Negro race?


And I would agree with you.

But why is it not racist to actively seek to destroy the white race in the same manner?

Because they are white? That makes it ok?

The attack on the White Race is in itself one of the MOST racist actions in the world today. And preventing whites from acknowledging even that their race is under attack by having everyone screach "RACISM" every time someone says the word "white," is indeed a racially degrading tactic.

I don't have to be ashamed to be white.

There is a BIG difference between acknowledging the TRUTH about your own race (that it is disappearing) and actively portraying your race as superior to all others.

Like I said before, one wonders why all of the non-white nations in the world are not actively seeking to dilute their own ethnicity and national pride with the strengths of "multiculturalism" and the glories of "diversity."

The screech of "Racism" is the EXACT same bullshit PCism that prevented men from speaking up about the horrors of feminism with the screechings of "Misogynist."

One waits in vain for the MRM to stand up and realize that we are not alone - many subsets of Western Civilization are being attacked in a manner very similar to how men have been attacked for the past forty years.

mandy said...

Amen Rob!

If promoting and wishing to preserve the tattered remnants of Western civilization and it's accompanying values, history, languages, religion and ethnic group is racist, then count me in!

All humans are tribal, that is what allows different cultures to arise and thrive (or perish.) Cultural heritage is a source of joy for many. Only those of European descent who are shamed for holding such views.

Robert Pedersen said...

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Anonymous said...

That was a flaming AWESOME ARTICLE thanks!

Heretic said...

I have listed the trek on the front page of Men's Links