Thursday, March 13, 2008

Interview: High-class Prostitute

In this video interview, a 26-year-old, college-educated prostitute describes how she charges $3000 per hour, makes half a million a year, and hopes to retire by the time she is 28. Doesn't really fit in with the feminist story, does it? Where are the evil people traffickers? Where is the destitution? Where is the exploitation? Where is the violence? I just don't see any.

The fact is this: Feminists don't want men to be able to go to prostitutes, because it undercuts them. Prostitution undermines middle-class feminists' grip on the price of sex. That is why they tell so many lies about it.


Anonymous said...

You are not educated in this, what you are saying is pure ignorance. I suggest that you do some research on human sex traffic. Humans are trafficed in every country in the world and it is a HUGE issue. I suggest you have a good think about what you have said and remove it frown the internet.
Have a read bad watch some of the educational.videos on sex slavery in the 21st century, it is real and it should nor be ignored. If you don't have the facts then shut the Hell up & either do something to help stop slavery or keep ur opinions to yourself.
ps: prostitution and sex slavery are not the same thing, you really have no idea what you are talking about & you should be embarrassed.

Heretic said...

Ooh, shaming language! You must be a feminist.