Monday, June 16, 2008

Boycott Bookstart

Dear Bookstart,
I want to complain to you about your current television commercial. It is a cute cartoon in which a little boy and his father go on a day trip by bus. Due to the fact that the father has brought a book along, the little boy excitedly reads about space rockets. In the final scene however, the father delivers the boy back to his mother and says goodbye. The father is a non-resident parent.

This is a disagraceful message to send out, and it is completely irrelevant. It has nothing whatsoever to do with selling books, and is unnecessary. I wonder if you would care to explain why you chose to frame a book commercial in this way? Why do you hate men and families so much? It seems hypocritical that you are presenting yourselves as an organisation which is concerned about children's positive development, when you seem to be promoting fatherlessness, statistically the single biggest indicator of delinquency. It has been demonstrated that children who live with both parents enjoy much better educational outcomes. I can provide you with references supporting these claims should you be interested.

I cannot help but conclude that you have been ideologically motivated in this. I will be advocating through my various websites that your organisation is boycotted, unless you can come up with a convincing explanation.



Please write to Bookstart and complain.


Anonymous said...

Okay I may be under-reacting here, but that sounds like a fairly innocuous commercial.

It's at least a lot better than the usual bullshit tripe thats on. Wherein the father is a thick skulled idiot and the all-knowing wife and kids all share the "isn't dad a total twat?" look with each other...

Anonymous said...

anonymous 7.27pm: I understand your point, but I think you are underestimating the psychologic effects of commercials like these. Every time an absentee dad is portrayed as the "norm", it takes us a little step closer to acceptance of it. Every time a man is portrayed as cannon fodder in a commercial or video game, it takes us a little step closer to accepting that men really are cannon fodder in real life. It is the drip-drip of water that eventually wears a hole in the stone.

Anonymous said...

Well, whether a kid can florish with both parents depends on the mental state of them. I think it is rather unhealthy to have for example an abusive parent.
This however can of course as well
refer to women. Some women rape and kill as well. And there are a lot of men out there who are decent and have
better social skills than these women.

BrusselsLout said...

I've just sent my complaint in.

Anonymous said...

Found the video on youtube - I agree it is pretty disturbing as it suggests that fathers just pick up tthier children and then later they go home a hug their mum's.

Even worse is when you combine it with viewing a different bookstart ad regarding mothers - who are in fact some magical beings that go round putting out fires by just waving their hand - oh and with this mother you of course sit on her knee and cuddle her.

Obviously you can't sit on your dad's knee cos men are all rapists/pedos

Father bookstart ad:

Mother bookstart ad: