Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Poverty of Feminism

I have three main objections to feminism.

1 The political territory which feminism claims to occupy is already covered by classical liberalism. We already have perfectly good theories about human rights and civil rights and political equality, and we just don't need another one. Under a liberal reading, women are no different from anybody else: there isn’t really any such thing as ‘women’s rights’, any more than ‘left-handed people’s rights’.

2 The intellectual quality of the analysis offered by feminists is desperately poor. Feminists have appropriated the domain of sexual politics for themselves. 'We are the authority on this matter', they claim, 'if you want to know about sexual politics, come to us, and we will tell you what to think. Your opinions are not welcome'. Not only is this a deeply authoritarian attitude, which should arouse our hostility in itself, but having seized power in this area, they have, from society's point of view, done a spectacularly poor job. Surely the first task of any such organisation would be to produce an analysis, a model of the task domain. Yet not only is feminism's analysis of sexual relations pathetically inadequate, it is, even worse, dangerously misleading, dogmatic, self-serving and divisive.

3 They are not fulfilling their responsibilities to society. Surely, the role of any organisation which claims to address problems in sexual politics should be, first and foremost, to act as an honest broker. Feminists should be the UN peacekeepers of the sexual landscape, the impartial police who arbitrate in disputes, who identify potential sources of conflict and pour oil on troubled waters. The primary role of any such organisation should surely be to promote harmony, good relations and communication between the sexes. Yet feminists do precisely the opposite. Far from impartial, they act only in their own narrow interests, they regard men as an enemy to be defeated, they stir up hatred and moral panic at every opportunity. They are not police but vigilantes.

Forever married to the outdated Marxist and Psychoanalytic dogmas of the late 1960s, their analysis of issues can never improve. The 1960s counter-culture produced an outlook on life which is deeply anti-social and maladjusted to say the least.

The society in which we grew up, the safest, wealthiest, healthiest and most liberal society in history, is regarded as the root of all evil in the world. The whole society in which we live, our own culture, must be completely razed to the ground. Only then can we rebuild a New Jerusalem from the ashes. To say that this is an irrational belief is putting it mildly. Revolutionary politics is misleading and pessimistic, because it teaches us that social reform is impossible. We cannot change anything unless we change everything. Yet that is the political outlook, derived from the most unsavoury role models, Marx, Lenin and Mao, that the hippies of the 1960s adopted.

Feminism is the Western world’s last surviving bastion of that totalitarian thinking. Feminists have concentrated their efforts on attacking marriage, the family, heterosexuality and men in general. The fact that they think women’s interests will be served by this indicates just how deeply deluded they are.

Coupled with this destructive and irrational hatred of one’s own culture was a peculiar narcissism. Experimentation with ‘alternative lifestyles’ was probably inevitable once a sufficiently wealthy and liberal society appeared. The data is now in, and the results are deeply unedifying. What the 1968 generation – the last surviving remnant of which is the feminist movement - gave us was widespread social collapse. Divorce, fatherlessness, family breakdown, abortion, crime, drug abuse, child neglect, sexually transmitted infections, personal heartbreak, educational failure. Single-parent households living off public funds, leading to an increase in traffic, pollution, housing shortage, taxation and the intrusive power of the State.

The feminist movement has served the short-term selfish interests of middle-class white women, but its effects on the wider society have been catastrophic. They are under the delusion that they are trying to save a misguided world from its own folly. The arrogance of this position is stunning.

There are several reasons why feminist theory is so intellectually bankrupt. One cause is an inherent left-wing distrust of the establishment. Any theorizing done by the male establishment must be rejected. Thus, science and logic cannot be pursued in any honest way. Aspects of mainstream science and philosophy will be appropriated (and then arbitrarily dropped) if they happen to suit short-term political convenience, but that is all.

The second factor is that women are very socially-focused creatures. I know from my own experience that men will discuss science, economics, history and philosophy, but women only ever talk about themselves and other people. They find men’s conversation on these subjects boring and geeky. They concern themselves with the minutiae of personal relationships, almost to the exclusion of all else. This tends to militate against any kind of large-scale theorizing, which the feminist project requires.

A second outcome from this preoccupation with social issues is a desire to fit in and be accepted. This tends to mean that women will latch onto any passing fad or trend. Most of the feminists I have known in my life are interested in every kind of mysticism from astrology to reiki to homeopathy. It’s easier and more fun than reading evolutionary psychology. With a lack of intellectual rigour and a desire to be trendy and popular, every kind of nonsense is actively embraced. This tends to make for very poor theory. Post-modernism comes to the rescue by claiming that every theory is just as good as every other, a notion as intellectually bankrupt as it is possible to get.

Thirdly, there is the dogmatic moral arrogance of feminism. Anyone who dares to ask questions is pilloried as a misogynist. This is a deliberate tactic used to suppress debate and silence criticism. Naomi Wolf recommends that dissenters should be subjected to female psycho-social violence around the middle-class dinner table. At every social gathering, the unfortunate victim will be subjected to scorn, filthy looks and verbal abuse until they cave in and stop disagreeing with feminists. This is an openly totalitarian mindset. It is the middle-class equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition. This behaviour can have real and very severe consequences, including the breakup of relationships and damage to people’s mental health. For some reason, feminists seem to think that they are immune from scrutiny or criticism. Such attitudes simply cannot be accepted in a democracy.

Lastly, feminism is a modern-day religion, and its adherents act like any other religious believers. They dare not question the Holy Writ for fear of excommunication. They hold established religious ideas in sacred reverence. Anyone who does not do so is a heretic or an infidel. They create cults of personality around significant past leaders, whose wisdom cannot be questioned. This religious mindset is anathema to free intellectual enquiry, which, again, makes for very poor theory. Once a bad idea has become established, it is very difficult to displace it.

Feminists are not fulfilling their responsibilities towards the wider society because they simply do not believe that they have any; they believe only that society has responsibilities towards them. I don’t have to do anything, I’m already perfect. It is a cult mindset which strokes the ego of insecure and dysfunctional women.

It is long past the time when this bizarre cult must be openly challenged.


Anonymous said...

It is long past the time when this bizarre cult must be openly challenged.

it makes you wonder how it ever got accepted at all given that not all, perhaps a small minority of women accept these ideas, and even less propagate them. This leaves 50% of the population (men) + much less than the remainder who do not support these ideas. Same goes for things like Gay Marriage. why does it often seem on the media that these are some kind of dominant ideologies?

btw- keep an eye out for the Male Menopause thing... they are brewing up some kind of law there. All the articles on Male Menopause are by women.

Miss Ondrya said...

Dear anonymous,

keep an eye out for the Male Menopause thing... they are brewing up some kind of law there. All the articles on Male Menopause are by women.

Please visit our forum at and elaborate.

Miss Ondrya said...


Your break from blogging has done you a lot of good. Seems like you recharged your batteries. Two brilliant pieces in a row. The boys on AM are very impressed.


julie said...

Dear HS,

As a person who was a part of lobby group to fight the global utopia, do you not think it is too late to stop some sort of women's rights lobby group in the UN?

Have we not got every kind of needed lobby group almost in existence for our utopia which I would like to say, does not look to be falling anytime soon. Some say 300 people run this world while others say the number is even up to 500.

It is not that I don't believe in fairness, I do. But I think fairness may have to be something that is done in the family, in the school, in the town, in the city, in the country. And then at global level.

If you don't have women's lobby movement at all then what do you have?

You answer is in the post. You say it is liberal left wing. But what does liberal left wing lobby for?

How can it lobby for both men and women when both men and women are different?

I don't know why we are attacking the women's movement or the environmental movement or the child's movement if we (any of us) are left wing.

Wouldn't we be better to work on the issues rather than attack the whole thing?

Some say, well a lot say, that the men's movement has been in existence alongside the women's and the homosexuals but for some reason (disagreements) it has never been able to actually form.

And yet, there is men's movement having a say in education now, and in health and in birth centres and such.


This comment is coming from desire to understand what is really going on.

Why is feminism, why is the women's movement so important to take down?

Or is it a part of the women's movement named feminism that needs to come down. Please don't say because stats lie. All lobby groups stats lie.

Anyhow, I am trying to find the answer even if it is a needle in a hay stack. Maybe you could write a post on something like this.

Heretic said...

You sound like a thoughtful and sincere person, but I'm not sure if I was able to understand your post.

"there is men's movement having a say in education now, and in health and in birth centres and such."

Not to my knowledge. Female teachers outnumber male ones 12 to 1 in the UK. As for ante-natal care, forget it.

"All lobby groups stats lie."

I don't. All the statistics that I have presented here are true to the best of my knowledge, and backed up with references. I am not unusual in that regard. The men's movement, as I have experienced it, seems to be fairly responsible on this. The feminist movement in contrast, openly teaches that the truth does not exist, and that evidence-based discourse is a sisnter tool to keep women subjugated. Consequently, it feels free to lie through its teeth. One in four women a DV victim, one in two women a rape victim, etc etc. All lies. This gross irresponsibility is one of the reasons it must be taken down.

julie said...

You were trying to be nice HS. Thanx for that.

My comment to you is some sort of joke now. Just a tool to show how pathetic I am.

As much as it pisses me off how the MRM online think they are so great, I won't show you up. If you say nothing is happening then so be it. I believe you.

BTW, I didn't know you made stats. I am sorry if I offended you.

Keep up the great work.

Alvin said...

First time reader and I must say I agree with your post 95%. The part I disagree with is directly at the beginning and I quote:

"Under a liberal reading, women are no different from anybody else: there isn’t really any such thing as ‘women’s rights’, any more than ‘left-handed people’s rights’."

Women and Men are fundamentally different and it is the feminists who have falsely to their and our detriment gotten the rest of society to go along. I am not saying women should be 2nd class but they are different from us men; in the ways they act, think and function. This is a fact not a theory.

A lot of the de-masculinization of our society and culture is directly a result of this. Women, btw, have been de-feminized which is why you see young women sending porno to their male friends in effect, to prove they are feminine.

Another little bit I disagree with you on is that the Feminists are the last bastion of Marxism in this country. You obviously haven't been aware of who Obama has as mentors and the Democrats in Congress who wish to nationalize the Oil Industry. A more accurate statement would be the Democratic party is the last bastion of Marxism left in the West.

But very good post over all keep up the good writing.

BrusselsLout said...

First of all, let me also welcome Heretic back from his absence here.

It is long past the time when this bizarre cult must be openly challenged.

This is where we're up against it. We need someone in the mass media and someone in politics to take an interest in our case. There's no one.

But it's worse than that. Newspapers are willing to mask the facts in order to give a distorted impression, bent in the direction of feminist lies.

For example, it is a fact that men and women are VERY different. Not only are their bodies different, but they are chemically, biologically and psychologically different. Their brains are made differently. In short, the fact that men have made all the great scientific discoveries and all the great works of art throughout history is not a coincidence. Nor is it "social conditioning".

The Guardian had an article on this recently. But guess what? It left out the most salient points: those relating to men's historic achievements. They put a ludicrous angle on it by focusing on the fact that gay men's brains are structured like women's (which is in keeping with the facts, but hardly something that affects the great majority of people). They turned it into a gay issue!

Newspapers and other media are strategically leaving out facts to give a false impression. They are agents of the feminist propaganda machine.

Anonymous said...


i would like to say that i am not an 'alpha' male and i actually look somewhat feminine (fair hair, green eyes, somewhat feminine features and non-agressive)

id like to say that the vast majority of women like to see males humiliated. all through my life i have been the victim of female psychological abuse often through sexual means. the more i think about it, the more i remember, i cant go into more detail about certain aspects because im not ready to go into certain things, but what i did think about recently was when i was held down by up to 10 females of varing ages (between 6-16) when i was around 10, and stripped of my trousers and underpants, and how humilating that was. i also remember that happening to other boys where i lived, i wonder how often that happens to other boys? there was another occasion when i was left with a more mature women while my mother went somewhere who sat me down in her living room and made me watch pornography, while she watched me feeling uncomfortable. i feel quite angry about these things. there were other things that have happened too, because i was a shy boy, and i think they thought they could just get away with it, but what is really starting to annoy me is that society thinks women and mothers do not abuse children, when i think there could be a huge amount of abuse going on. i think the reason women as a whole are so quick to condem men as abusers is that when they accuse men of something, the spotlight is turned off themselves. attack is the best form of defense.

actually, i think a sizeable number of them are unable to control their animal instincts to do harm.

anyway, great blog :)

Heretic said...

Dear Anonymous,
The situation you describe is all too common. See the site MentalAbuse.Org

"i think the reason women as a whole are so quick to condem men as abusers is that when they accuse men of something, the spotlight is turned off themselves. attack is the best form of defense."

Definitely. There has been a concerted attempt to demonise men for the last 4 decades, with the intention of deflecting all blame and responsibility away from women.

"actually, i think a sizeable number of them are unable to control their animal instincts to do harm."

Women are not trained by society to control their emotions, as men are. They are encouraged to give free rein to their worst instincts. They harbour the belief that they are morally infallible, so most of them never stop to question themselves. Society forgives them their bad behaviour much more than it does with men. To be fair, most women behave decently enough most of the time, but feminists are women who are prepared to cynically exploit these social advantages, all the while denying that they have any advantages.

Anonymous said...

hello Heretic ,

thanks for the link to that website.

i think that sometime in the future, abuse by females is going to be really exposed, and i think the internet is going to have a major role in that. i also have a feeling that the hate and propaganda against men is going to backfire on them, and theyre going to find themselves in an even worse position than they were before. like i said in my last post im a feminine kind of guy, im fair minded and can empathise with women on certain things (again, im not an alpha male), but theres going to come a point soon in the uk, where (like myself) men say enough is enough.

Tessa said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Anonymous said...

there's an actual pamphlet called the 'poverty of feminism' which talks about the many problems of feminism in a much more intellectually satisfying and less ignorant way then yourself.

i'm the first to admit severe problems with any ideology, including feminism. however, your gross caricatures and straw-women are contrasted with 'how great everything is'.

you're basically saying that no one has any reason to complain, shut up, things are great, etc.

this might be true for you, but i just think you haven't looked long enough. it's okay not to care about the immense amount of suffering your life relies on, in many ways, everyone has to, but don't act like this is a great thing. there are worse things, sure, stalinism, maoism, yea, those are worse. does this mean no one can complain or start to think about ways things could be better? and to have pretense that we live in the most liberal society in history, well, that's just foolishness that can't be addressed seriously. perhaps, i guess, it's easy to believe that if the only history book you've ever touched was in elementary school. and you've never heard of prison or 1/3 females raped or other large groups of people living under the misery of classical Liberalism.

Slaves who tried to escape were deemed to have a mental disorder, as they were not well-adjusted to living as slaves.

the problem of feminism can be boiled down to this - it's not women who created it.

it is capitalism. capitalism, as the conservative burke points out, breaks apart traditional relationships.

capitalism already tore apart the relations of the church, of the community, and is mostly through with the family.

it is capital that forced women into the workplace. it is not surprising that once there, women don't want to be treated like shit. thus, a specific "women-only"-ism is created.

once again, like a anti-racism, a mediocre ideological response to a real problem.

you can't act like the problem for women isn't real, even if you disagree with them.

but i have a feeling that your thoughts and impotence are so tied up in a belief in an all-powerful female conspiracy against you that this post will have made no sense.