Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Video: Organised Criminality in Canada's DV Industry

Everybody needs to watch this video (50 minutes).

I posted it before on Mens-Links.Net, but it is worth reminding everyone one more time.

"A mother from Ontario, Canada describes her horrifying experience residing in women’s shelters in Ontario. In the shelters where she was a resident, women were beaten, robbed, intimidated and sexually exploited. Children were exposed to violence, swearing and abuse by the women and often witnessed their mothers being abused and humiliated by shelter staff."

These shelters are funded by the taxpayer with no accountability or oversight whatsoever. Almost all the staff who work there are predatory lesbians. Most of the residents are foreign immigrants, not 'battered wives'. The 'domestic violence' industry is a scam which in places borders on organised crime.


fifthflavorquark said...

I'm prepared to accept that this is at least partly true. And that if it's true in one case, that other people have experienced it.

But I'd like more evidence before I believe that Canada's (or anywhere else's) women's shelters are just cesspools of dysfunction and petty tyranny. Sometimes, yes, but I don't want to be in a hurry to demonize people.

Still, it's another good call to look closely at the ever growing Cult of the Universally Benevolent Woman.

Davout said...


If the theory behind the present DV shelters is bunk, then it follows that the shelters themselves are inherently flawed in their conception. While the concept of shelters for abused women AND MEN is a noble one, the present shelter leadership needs to be culled. Even today, radical feminists are disproportionately represented in its ranks.

There is also a very common tendency for abusive women to be presumed to have been reacting defensively to spousal violence (because women are presumed to always be acting in defense) and for these women to be housed with their children in shelters, thus exposing the kids to violence.

Some years back, a 'bible on DV' called CANPAN was released that was intended to become the underlying authority on DV. It was heavily influenced by radical feminists.

This 'bible' was categorically debunked in the following book: "Moral Panic: Biopolitics Rising". Check it out.

julie said...

It is true that you can find this sort of stuff going on at a refuge.

I remember one time a lady came in while her boyfriend/mate went to prison.

He was the leader of a BAD gang (I mean bad) and had put a gun to her head.

"Go on, shoot me", she said.

So then the gang member put the gun to the child's head and said, "Then I will shoot him."

Very bad area by the way.


These are Domestic Violence centres. You have to expect these sorts of things to happen with some clients.

Heretic said...

The standard feminsit line is that the clients are all innocent battered women fleeing violent men. The reality, as Erin Pizzey knows, and the scientific evidence shows, is that the women are as violent as the men. Consequently, I DO expect the clients to behave in this way. However, I do not expect the STAFF to behave in this way. Did you actually watch the video?

julie said...

HS, I understand where you are coming from.

But the reality is that women who work in refuges that have not been brainwashed to hate men for a past that isn't real, are more than aware of reality.

Lesbians ... well truth be told, women do turn to lesbianism in these types of situations.

And another truth to be told, .. radical lesbians are disliked by mainstream lesbians just like women working in refuges think the leaders who are radical are insane.

What you are doing here, ... is one of the greatest things I have seen because I know what goes on. And I know that no-one is speaking up against it. There are heaps of us women in there or associated with it who know.

But once the right kind of voices speak out, the masses will join in. You see, there is no other alternative being offered. And because women care, they just get on with the job at hand. There is another life out there worth saving.

Sorry I hadn't looked at the video. 50 minutes is a lot for me to give at the moment.