Thursday, July 03, 2008

What is to be done?

In a city which has now grown used to hearing of fatal stabbings and gang violence on an almost daily basis, this case stands out above the others for its savage ferocity. Yesterday in South London, two French students were tied up, tortured and killed in their own home, before having their bodies and apartment set on fire to destroy the evidence. For some reason I find this case particularly depressing. The situation just seems to get progressively worse.

This week, Britain's most senior female police officer stated that gang life is replacing family life in the UK.

'Barbara Wilding, the Chief Constable of South Wales, said:“In many of our larger cities, in areas of extreme deprivation, there are almost feral groups of very angry young people.

“Many have experienced family breakdown, and in place of parental and family role models, the gang culture is now established. Tribal loyalty has replaced family loyalty and gang culture based on violence and drugs is a way of life.” Disaffected young people were also a prime target for terrorist recruiters, she said.'

Of course she is right, and many people are starting to take this view. We have the feminist movement and the 1968 generation to thank for this catastrophic social breakdown. We can now also add encouraging terrorism to the feminist movement's list of social evils.

For four decades, the feminist-led anti-family movement has been on a rampage of social and cultural vandalism. They have set themselves the task of destroying marriage and the family, tearing fathers away from children, and driving men to the margins of society. All the evidence shows that fatherlessness is the single greatest indicator of delinquency and educational failure. Those two innocent French students have reaped what the feminist movement sowed.

The tragedy is that it will probably take as long to repair the damage to society as it took to create it, even if we start now. But we are very far from even starting, and we will not even begin as long as Labour remains in power. The public political agenda in Britain reflects the neuroses of the white middle-class women who now run the country. In their talcum powder tyranny, Jacqui Smith and Harriet Harman passionately pursue the post-1968 anti-family agenda, while abolishing basic principles of justice.

The concept of habeus corpus, enshrined eight hundred years ago in Magna Carta, was abolished this year by Ms. Smith. The police can now hold you without charge for up to 42 days. Our own little Guantanamo Bay in every provincial town.

The basic rules of evidence and the onus of proof are being threatened in an effort to bang up more innocent men on trumped-up charges of rape, while the clear scientific evidence that false accusations are rampant is studiously ignored, because it is not politically correct. This is being done to satisfy the demands of the radical feminist lobby groups who have the ear of the Labour wimin.

The police spend their time trying to rescue non-existent slave-prostitutes, just as they spent the 1990s pursuing non-existent devil-worshipping paedophiles.

It is easy to guess the kind of crime that haunts the dreams of Labour women, if not the actual streets.

The streets, in reality, are haunted by urban gangs, mainly black, who tool themselves up with knives and guns for personal protection against other gangs. Why do they do that? As Chief Constable Wilding was not the first to identify, the gang is a substitute family. The knife-wielding hoodie is the bastard offspring of Germaine Greer.

Since the feminist-led Left systematically dismantled the family, and robbed them of their fathers and a decent education, youths are left dangerously exposed, without guidance or direction. They gang together for mutual protection. In the social and moral vacuum which the feminist movement has created, the armed gang, the most basic of all non-familial social groupings, is the inevitable result.

Where do we go from here? How do we stop the killing and the torture on the streets of one of the world's richest countries? In the short term it seems that only some kind of authoritarian crackdown will make a difference, and I find myself thinking "So be it".

The sister of murdered teenager Ben Kinsella today called for the reintroduction of national service to combat knife crime. Former EastEnders' actress Brooke, 24, said violent boys should be made to channel their aggression productively in the armed forces because current measures such as weapon amnesties were not tough enough. Reference

Maybe she has a point. But it should not just be boys. Despite the sexist prejudice perpetrated by the feminist movement, girls are also deeply involved in this wave of gang violence. Check out this, Or this. Or this. Or these.

What does the Labour government have to say about female crime? Close down women's prisons. What does the feminist movement have to say about gang violence? It's boys' own fault for being born male.

All of these events throw into sharp relief the fact that feminists are not concerned - are unable to be concerned - with anything except their own narrow self-interest.

Putting hoodies in the Army would be a partial solution in the short-term, although the Army doesn't particularly want them. Apart from that, we need to expose the feminist agenda for the socially catastrophic hate-movement that it is, and purge its devotees from the civil service, eduction, media and charity sectors. We should maybe pass a law against incitement to sexual hatred. We could put Greer and the other feminist crones on trial for crimes against humanity while we are at it.

We need to provide incentives, both financial and cultural, to encourage the return of marriage and the family, tried and tested institutions which continue to work perfectly well in most other countries. Perhaps then we can start to see a return to common sense. But it will take decades. For those of us who can, it is probably easier just to emigrate.


fifthflavorquark said...

Where would you emigrate to? It appears that all of the West is bent on committing moral, cultural, and demographic suicide.

julie said...

This is sad. And would be serious if you could lay blame on feminism for this.

I don't know your country so I can't say much until I researched it's history.

I will be back.

Anonymous said...

Handguns are illegal in Great, the criminals know that they just have to overpower you and then they can dispense with you as they wish. So, your average English citizen has to fight for his life and cannot protect himself and his family when the crackheads coming intruding. Now, if you are the Prime Minister, you have armed guards around you all the time. You see, in England, only the super rich or the government has access to guns for protection. So, if you live in England, just scream away, and hope that someone comes to your aid before the slasher finishes his job.

In America, criminals think twice about kicking a door in, because they may get their fucking heads blown off by some grandma.

BrusselsLout said...

Boys want to grow to be men, so they are acting on the definitions of masculinity thrown at them by our popular culture. And these are not good. So boys won't be.

Further, boys are now lacking father figures in our society. Fathers, over the last 20-30 years, have evolved into mothers with penises.

Result? Boys are now suffering from "father hunger", as it is referred to by some authors. Without father figures available, 15-year-old boys act as fathers to other 15-year-old boys.

And this has been disastrous.

Professor Sapient said...

I blame it all on the child protection industry, when enable children to make enemies of our men through fear and suspicion then men rightly back off. The result, eloquently written by you, nuff said.

How we change it, god only knows.

ForeignWomenOnly said...

Great site, and great post. I hope that you'll consider checking out my blog, and adding it to your blog-list.


Anonymous said...

"Where would you emigrate to? It appears that all of the West is bent on committing moral, cultural, and demographic suicide."

You're absolutely right. I'm damned if I can think of a favourable, non-feminist destination in the West.

Remember that the United Nations is constantly pushing feminist laws and public policies on all the nations of the world, else you're not in their "good books". And if you're not on the UN's good books, things can get awkward!