Sunday, July 20, 2008

Why does Harriet Harman hate marriage?

An excellent article by Leo McKinstry:

Political ideologues live in a permanent state of denial, refusing to accept any evidence that contradicts them. A classic example of this pattern lies in family policy.

For decades, feminist zealots have told us that family structure is irrelevant, fathers are unnecessary for child-rearing and marriage is outdated.

These views have had a disastrous influence, encouraging the state to preside over the breakdown in the traditional family. The results are everywhere - in crime, in benefits dependency, poverty and the rising costs to public services.

Yet, amid all this wreckage, hardliners still cling to their dogma. And none is more hardline than the High Priestess of British Feminism, Harriet Harman.

In an extraordinary interview published yesterday, she declared marriage was 'irrelevant' to public policy and described high rates of separation as a 'positive development', as it reflected 'greater choice' for couples - never mind the children.


Davout said...

The article's title should have been: "Why is Harriet Harman in government rather than a loony bin?"

BrusselsLout said...

I think it's a very important development that someone is making an unequivocal criticism of feminism in the mass media. I do not recall seeing this any time I lived in the UK or more recently viewing British news websites.

I've seen commenters, but not journalists. This makes the message more powerful. I think this is for us a major advancement.

Anonymous said...

Harriet "I hate all men" Harmen for Prime Minister????
Yeah right, over my dead body!

Anonymous said...

If Harridan Harm-Men becomes Prime Minister, it is all mens duty and obligation to strike.

When there is no power, water, economic activity and we start to see major corporations fail due to only having female employees working. When crime runs rampant and there is no one to put out the fires, mend the broken machinery, deliver the goods to the retailers, defend the country, then when the food runs out, everyone will blame the political class and maybe vote out all the career politicians like Harridan Harm-Men.

This general strike by males will inturn reduce the governments tax revenue significantly, then maybe those useful idiots in westminister may begin to think that their social engineering project to destroy the family unit may have been a bad idea.

If Stalin came to this conclusion, and overturning Lenin's Marxist program to destroy the family. There may be hope, but society needs to fail before the idiot politicians can admit their mistakes.

Damn I hate that Feminazi piece of detritus.