Monday, August 25, 2008

Male Dissent at the BBC

BBC news anchorman Jeremy Paxman is the latest to criticise the BBC for an increasing anti-male bias.

White middle-class men face discrimination at women-dominated BBC, says Jeremy Paxman
“White middle-class men are the most discriminated against group in television, Jeremy Paxman has claimed. The Newsnight presenter, 58, pointed to a string of women senior executives as evidence of their growing dominance in the industry.

And he even said he had advised white middle-class men not to bother going into TV because they have little chance of succeeding. 'Do I think it is a man's world? That is the most ridiculous question I have been asked all week.'

He then listed several women in senior positions, including BBC Vision director Jana Bennett and BBC1 Controller Jay Hunt, adding: 'Is this evidence of some male conspiracy keeping women down?' “

A string of high-profile male personalities has made the same complaint in recent years.

The BBC is being ruined by women, says leading astronomer Patrick Moore
Sir Patrick, 84, was asked by the Radio Times if television had got better or worse during a career spanning the medium’s life. The answer was worse – “much worse”. He said: “The trouble is that the BBC now is run by women and it shows: soap operas, cooking, quizzes, kitchen-sink plays. You wouldn’t have had that in the golden days.”

Former director general blames BBC women for 'dumb' shows
Former BBC director general Alasdair Milne has accused the corporation of producing "terrible" programmes and blamed the domination of female executives for too many "dumb, dumb, dumb" cookery and gardening shows.

"I have nothing against women - I've worked with them all my life. It just seems to me that the television service has largely been run by women for the last four to five years and they don't seem to have done a great job of work," Mr Milne told the Times.

The former director general, who ran the BBC between 1982 and 1987 during a turbulent series of clashes with Margaret Thatcher's government, claimed that a phalanx of senior female executives at the corporation had led to a decline in standards and an increasing reliance on "dumb" lifestyle and makeover shows.

Mr Milne, 74, said he had shared his concerns with BBC chairman Michael Grade at a recent lunch. "I told him I thought the programmes were terrible," he said.

It's a woman's world, moans Michael Buerk
Newsreader Michael Buerk has said "almost all the big jobs in broadcasting are held by women" who "decide what we see and hear".

The former Nine O'Clock News presenter told the Radio Times: "Life is lived in accordance with women's rules" and men are now merely "sperm donors".

Buerk added that it was time for society to admit there was a problem.

Comedian Rik Mayall made the same complaint several years ago.
It seems to me that there is obviously something in this. The BBC, which as a state-owned broadcaster is essentially a branch of the government, is scrupulously politically correct, and espouses that liberal-Left middle-class agenda. There seems little doubt that it has made efforts to promote women into senior positions over men. Furthermore, as the likes of Neil Lyndon and Erin Pizzey have commented, feminists in the early 1970s set themselves the task of 'taking over the BBC', which they did very effectively.

There is no question that dumbing down has followed. Can anyone name one current serious BBC science program? In the 1970s, Horizon was the science flagship of British television, and other great documentaries such as David Attenborough's Life on Earth were produced at that time. It is also worth mentioning Granada's multi award-winning 'The World at War' from 1973, all the more remarkable because it was made by a private company. Nothing of that quality is made any more. BBC TV now consists of dumbed-down news, soap operas and lifestyle shows about fashion, cooking and gardening, all of which reflect narrow, superficial female interests.

I hope that leading male TV personalities continue to speak out.


steve said...

only yesterday I complained to the BBC, because Ive had enough of its political correctness, and the feminisation thats going on there.

now admittedly, the reason I got frustrated enough to complain may not be such a big issue to most, but I see it as just another inconvience to me, brought about by political correctness at the BBC, this was the complaint:

'why are womens football results on the main football results page? this is just more politically correct nonsense from an overly feminised bbc. nobody is interested in, for instance, the fact that Liverpool Ladies have beaten Arsenal Ladies by 11 goals to 2. the vast majority of people using this results page are male. there are relatively few women using it. of those women it must be a tiny percentage that are interested in womens football, yet men are now expected to accomodate womens football results. give them their own results page. the BBC is just becoming rediculous now. Ive had to stop watching the 1 o clock news because of the unprofessional emotional female newscasters. I dont want to know what their feelings are about the story. ohhh, kate silverton is upset by news of an earthquake in india :( shes so contrived it makes me sick. even more sickening is that little wiggle of her head at the end of the programme, like its all about kate. it should be renamed 'the kate silverton show'. oh, and why is it that whenever there is a piece on male disease on the 1 o clock news and its read out by a female newscaster they smirk about it? like the suffering and death of a man is funny? I dont watch the bbc news now, I watch the channel 4 news. as regards the original reason for this complaint, if I see womens football results on the same page as the mens in the coming weeks, I will look for another results service. as a man Im getting bored of this. and Ill also withhold my license fee, as well as make other males aware of whats going on via the various internet forums I visit. get your act together bbc.'

If things dont change pretty quickly, Ill just move away from the bbc altogether. but what an absolute shame, such a great british institution ruined.

mike savell said...

The BBC was a great institution
and revered all over the world until
the feminists took it over lock,stock and barrel and didn't even have to pay for it.Never mind it isn't worth the license money,it should not even be allowed to have a license,as it is totally biased towards women,does not produce good programmes of the kind we used to get(ones with known experts in their field,not prissy mps
arguing the big issues of today)and
is gradually dropping all male interest from it's itinerary.I feel sorry for the male chumps on there they all look sorry to have been born.

Anonymous said...

"why is it that whenever there is a piece on male disease on the 1 o clock news and its read out by a female newscaster they smirk about it? like the suffering and death of a man is funny?"

maybe it's because they are shallow c*nts who can't think of anything except themselves.

reality2008 said...

Hey H.S.- I put all of my anti-American female posters into one location- here: they're updated & a lot of new ones on there too for every anti-feminist blogger to use on their blogs. I'm always making more so look for more to keep being added. You probably know me by my essay 'The Problem With Women Today.'

Anonymous said...

Remember the good old days with such classics, like:

Red Dwarf

To name but a few.

(Bottom was pulled off air because it was ‘anti-female’ apparently).

You won’t see these types of programmes anymore on the BBC.

I for one don’t know what crap they peddle currently on BBC, I don’t watch it, I haven’t watched the BBC for as long has I can remember.

I was going to scan a TV guide and see what was on, but I know it’s going to be full of crap anyway.

No wonder Men are turning to computer-games and other things when so much crap is put out on TV.

When I turn on my TV, within 5 minutes, after scanning the sky ‘what’s on list’, 95% its turned off again after 5mins and I have not watched one god dam thing on the BBC.

TV is completely and utterly for Women, or womyn!

I cant remember or think of ‘one’ memorable programme on the BBC that is watch-able, I can remember planning my evening around Red Dwarf e.t.c though.

The worst thing?

When you date & the relationship starts getting serious and you decide to spend time on a game, or doing something else ‘alone’, without ‘her’, you find yourself faced with the dreaded demand to; spend ‘Quality Time’. This quality time, involves sitting in-front of the TV, watching what ever crap they pump out, designed and created for womyn and you sit there like a good little slave, to keep her happy! But deep down that seed of resentment starts to build and with the help of all the fertilizer of neurotic female shit men have to put up with these days, your left with a blossoming tree of ‘bachelor hood’ where you swear to avoid women and there consistent nagging, shit TV torture and decide to do ‘your own thing’.

Hence BBC is another tool to avoid having relationship with women. 100% they always want the ‘quality time’, involving watching Ali Mcbeal, casualty, East Enders, or some other rubbish, which womyn seem to think is entertaining and worthy of the ‘quality time’ tag.

Anonymous said...

Boycott the BBC.

Anonymous said...

Heads up, Heretic

One for you pictorial archives

Anonymous said...

I haven't read such quantity of stupidity and hate toward feminism (or shall I say fear?) never. And I only read 2 of your articles. Get a clue, for your own good.

Heretic said...

I haven't read such quantity of poor English never. Get an education, for your own good.

JimmyGiro said...

Great site!!!

If you haven't seen this utility from google labs, check it out:

Useful for checking out what Harriet Harman has been saying in the media over the last month. Navigate from the US to the UK menu, then select harman from drop down list.

Miss Ondrya said...

It sure is quiet on the (anti) western front ;-)

Heretic said...

Pressure of work, sadly.

And I'm very pro-Western. Mostly.

Miss Ondrya said...

"And I'm very pro-Western. Mostly."

Yeah. I used to feel the same. But I've started to wonder how reasonable it is to associate Western culture with enlightenment.

Coffee Catholic said...

I remember the BBC back when I was in the Navy overseas. I loved it!! They had great shows! Now it sucks so bad we've put the TV in storage. We don't watch TV ever now. I always knew it was the women that ruined the BBC but I thought I was the only one of this opinion.

Male Rights Network said...

"And I'm very pro-Western. Mostly."Why be? The West fostered the feminist movement, the women's vote and other great ills.

Whatever about Western values in the past, present Western values are undoubtedly feminist.

I refuse to support the West because of that.

The West and its values needs to be confronted head-on. Like feminism. Unorthodox, unfashionable and out of touch with the intelligentia, but it's gotta be done.

"Yeah. I used to feel the same. But I've started to wonder how reasonable it is to associate Western culture with enlightenment."Enlightenment" = Liberalism = Feminism