Sunday, October 19, 2008

Counting the Days

The current Labour government is easily the most authoritarian, ideologically-driven government that this country has had since World War 2.

I voted for Blair in 1997, and was delighted when he won. My first doubts began to creep in when he introduced tuition fees for students. I came from a poor background, and I was only able to go to university because it was free. My parents could never have afforded to pay for my tuition. I was amazed and disgusted that the Labour Party, of all parties, had struck such a serious blow to social mobility in this country.

The second major disappointment was Jack Straw’s decision to allow Disgusto Pinochet to escape justice on the grounds that the poor old soul was feeling ill.

Then came the coup de grace. In 2003, Blair scampered after the Bush junta into two illegal invasions of sovereign countries in the middle-east, supposedly in response to the highly dubious events of 9/11, even though none of the supposed hijackers came from those countries. You do not have to be a supporter of the thug Saddam, or a crazy conspiracy theorist, to feel that this whole episode and its precursor events - the 2000 US election (remember hanging chads?), the death of Dr David Kelly - stink very badly indeed. To most European noses, it is probably the worst stink since Hitler. New Labour however, was prepared to lie to the British people in order to cosy up to the US neo-con fanatics, whom Bush Snr once labeled ‘crazies’. Then came a shop of horrors that we would never have expected to see coming from America of all places: extraordinary rendition, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, out-sourced torture.

The main consequence for us was that the country became a target for terrorists. London was attacked on 7/7/2005. The result was a progressive increase in draconian legislation designed to limit civil rights in the name of fighting terrorism. Detention without trial. Comprehensive surveillance of individuals (Hello GCHQ officers)

These policies have not even been pursued competently. Having gathered all this information about us, the government cannot even keep it safe. On successive occasions it has ‘lost’ disks or laptops containing huge amounts of sensitive information. New Labour seems to become ever more authoritarian in response to its own stupidity. Let’s not forget the accidental police shooting of an innocent Brazilian electrician.

The British Left’s response to all of this was to make common cause with Islamo-fascists. George Galloway’s Respect Party was an unholy alliance of hard-left socialists and Islamic fundamentalists.

At the same time that the government has been dabbling oafishly with Fascism Lite, a parallel attack on men and the family has been relentlessly pursued. Removing any mention of marriage from government forms. Rigging the tax and benefit system to encourage couples to separate. Allowing employers to discriminate against white men.

Hardly a week goes by without another insane-sounding proposal designed to undermine men and families, and to distort the justice system to such an extent that it can no longer be described as being anything to do with justice.

Closing down all women’s prisons.

Altering the laws on murder to allow women to murder their husbands and get away with it, but not vice versa.

Allowing female staff to know how much their male colleagues are earning, but not vice versa.

Some of these things have come to pass, and some are proposals which will never make it into law.

At the same time Labour has presided over significant levels of corruption. Apart from the cash-for-honours scandal, there has also been attempted election-rigging.

Labour attempted to fix the election at Blanau-Gwent, Labour’s safest Welsh seat, by forcing an all-woman short-list on to the constituency, effectively sacking the sitting MP, Peter Law, for no reason other than that he is a white man. The good people of Wales however, are made of sterner stuff than that. Law stood as an independent, and the voters returned him to office. Labour lost its safest seat in Wales. That was a slap in the face for Harriet Harperson, but not nearly a hard enough one.

Law enforcement – such as it is - is being directed towards salving the ideologically-driven neuroses of Labour women and their radical feminist patrons. The ridiculous police raids designed to rescue non-existent sex-slaves. The on-going witch-hunt against the imaginary paedophiles lurking outside every school and in every internet chat-room is another good excuse to clamp down on civil liberties and to monitor private internet use. Meanwhile, behaviors that used to be regarded as crime go unpunished.

What has come to pass is comprehensive social breakdown. After a decade and more of relentless meddling in the family, the police service and the education system, gang violence has become a routine feature of British life. Teenagers, mainly black, have been dying on British streets on a weekly basis. The black community, one of the Left’s favourite causes, blames the decline of the family and the decline of religion; two of the Left’s favourite targets. In other words, it is the feminist-dominated middle-class Left who have done this.

New Labour is possessed of a classic totalitarian mindset. The Polenta Politburo of Islington differs from the Soviet politburo only in its PR skills. We saw the same approach before in the Communist nations during the twentieth century. The Holy Book of Marx dictates that we must perform action X in order to improve society. Action X is performed, and the consequences are disastrous. Rather than questioning the ideological Holy Writ, the ill effects are blamed on counter-revolutionary wreckers and spies, and the witch-hunt begins. In our case, the scapegoats are white heterosexual men, paedophiles, terrorists, racists, sexists and homophobes, and the ‘forces of conservatism’, whatever they are.

The British Left is dying on its knees. The only thing we need to do is to ensure that it does not drag the whole country down with it. I am counting the days until Harman, Smith and the rest of them are kicked out of office.

Cameron has pledged to reinstate tax breaks for married couples, on the entirely sane grounds that all the empirical evidence shows that children do better with two parents, and that married parents are more likely to stay together. The Conservatives seem to recognize that the family is the building block of all human societies. Labour are clinging on to their pathetic and discredited neo-Marxist nonsense that the family is a sinister conspiracy designed to oppress women.

Cameron has stated that he intends to be as radical a social reformer as Mrs Thatcher was an economic reformer. Let’s hope he can deliver on that. Personally, I’m prepared to give him a chance. God knows, Britain certainly needs it.


Anonymous said...

You describe some proposals of the feminist as not likely to make it into law. I would not be so sure. In fact I think the way to bet is that through constant nagging they will in fact get anything they want. They are untiring and their curve is contently upwards. All progress is incremental and by small steps they will travel great distances.

So watch out for curfews for men, male taxes, drugging up men to make them compliant, forced labour.

All these things are here now and will grow and overwhelm.

jbgood3 said...

Well written and factually correct piece heretic. Hopefully they will burn themselves out but it will be our country that will have to rebuild itself, repay the massive debts incurred by the NuLiebore due to their deliberate attempt to create anarchy and destroy everything that is good here. They know you cannot build a Brave New World Marxist Nirvana run by BigMarxGovUK without destroying the old civilisation and culture. Hence what they have been up to. They are Anarchists in suits. The ideal disguise for Wolves in sheeps clothing.